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ZD620™ Printer Specifications - Zebra Technologies


programs to run directly on the printer. • Set-Get-Do commands to set and get printer configuration details. • ZPL II – Universal language for Zebra printers. Simplifies label formatting and enables format compatibility with existing systems that run Zebra printers • EPL2 – Eltron Programming Language

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ZQ520 RFID Mobile Printer - Zebra Technologies


The premium (104 mm) ZQ520™ printer is Zebra’s next-generation of high-performance mobile printers. The printers’ patented, military-grade design provides exceptional durability and reliability in the toughest environments. The ZQ520 RFID printer extends the capabilities of Zebra's ... and Wavelink Avalanche® ...

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LI4278 Product Reference Guide (en) - Zebra Technologies


Zebra reserves the right to make changes to any software or product to improve reliability, function, or design. Zebra does not assume any product liability arising out of, or in connection with, the application or use of any product, circuit, or application described herein.

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Data Parsing on Zebra Scanners - Zebra Technologies


11. What does a GS1 barcode that supports data parsing look like 12. How do I scan into different screens in a host application 13. What is output if I scan a data parsing enabled barcode that lacks ALL the required data fields 14. Does data parsing support both handheld (triggered) and handsfree (presentation) scanning 15.

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QLn420 Mobile Printer - Zebra Technologies


The QLn420’s over-molding and tempered-glass display — coupled with ... to solve business problems, and Zebra works closely with these ISVs ... • Problem resolution and troubleshooting local printer issues that may otherwise require the printer to be sent

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Husbandry Guidelines for the Plains Zebra (Equus burchelli)


quagga quagga, Equus quagga boehmi, Equus quagga borensis, Equus quagga crawshayi, Equus quagga chapmani, Equus quagga burchelli, the most conspicuous morphological differences that divide these are body size and width, cranial size, presence of mane and also the intensity and coverage of dark stripes on the adult pelage. Plains zebra are native

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Mobile Printer Accessory Guide - Zebra Technologies


Zebra® power adapters and chargers fully recharge a battery in just 2.5 to 5 hours, and they deliver the superior reliability and longevity you need to keep batteries in ... 15-60V DC power supply with barrel jack connector. Connects directly to ZQ600, QLn and ZQ500 Series. Open ended wires for charging the printer on a forklift.

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Mobile Printer Portfolio Guide - Zebra Technologies


3 zebra technologies PREMIUM ZQ600 Series Powerful, drop resistant and user friendly, ZQ600 Series mobile printers are ideal for warehousing, shipping and receiving, and merchandising.

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EC50 and EC55 - Zebra Technologies


Accessories Guide October 15, 2021. ... • 19-inch Rack Mountable (Mounting accessory required - BRKT-SCRD-SMRK-01) • Cradle Includes power supply (PWRBGA12V108W0WW) and DC cable (CBL-DC-381A1-01) • Requires country-specific AC Cable sold separately. Cradle System. ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES.

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MC9300 Series - Zebra Technologies



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MC9200 Configuration & Accessories Guide - Zebra


DC Output: 12V, 9A, 108W DC cable provides power from the power supply to 4 slot charge only and Ethernet cradles 23844-00-00R US AC line cord, 7.5 feet long, grounded, three wire for power supplies. CRD9000-411EES (INTERNATIONAL) Includes: 4 Slot Ethernet Cradle CRD9000-4001ER, Power Supply PWR-BGA12V108W0WW and DC Cord CBL-DC-382A1-01. …


ZE500 Quick Reference Guide - Zebra Technologies


03/08/2012 ZE500 Quick Reference Guide Use this guide to operate your print engine on a daily basis. For more detailed information, refer to the User Guide. Print Engine Orientation The ZE500 print engines are availa ble in a right-hand configuration (the print mechanism is on

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DS2208 Digital Scanner Quick Start Guide (en)


For Australia Only. This warranty is given by Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., 71 Robinson Road, #05-02/03, Singapore 068895, Singapore. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australia Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any

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RS5100 Ring Scanner - Zebra Technologies


comfort pad and nylon strap. SG-RS51-LNYD-01. RS5100 Spare Lanyard Trigger Assembly. Trigger Options for RS5100 Ring Scanner. SG-RS51-TRGDS-01. RS5100 replacement ... Retractor with Magnetic Recoil, For Use with Lanyard Trigger, Includes Adjustable Cord for Wearing Around the Neck • Allows lanyard to be worn around the neck or on the hip.

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ZC100/ZC300 User Guide (en) - Zebra Technologies


Status Indicators—The ZC100 and ZC300 Series printers are equipped with several indicators that displays printer status, ribbon status, and cleaning status. Output Hopper—The ZC100 and ZC300 Series printers are equipped with a 100-card (30-mil) hopper capacity.

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Xi4/RXi4 User Guide - Zebra Technologies


About This Document Who Should Use This Document 10 P1009874-003 Xi4™/RXi4™ User Guide 4/30/13 Who Should Use This Document This User Guide is intended for use by any person who needs to perform routine maintenance,

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LI4278 Quick Start Guide - zebra.com


technical speci˚cations were met. Radio Frequency Interference Requirements - Canada This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. Radio Transmitters (Part 15) This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

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ZT600 Series Parts Catalog - Zebra Technologies


4 Pivot Bar and Toggle Assemblies ZT610 P1083320-027 1 4 Pivot Bar and Toggle Assemblies ZT620 P1083320-028 1 5 Toggle Assemblies Only (Qty of 2) ZT600 Series P1083320-029 2 ... 1 Cover with PCBA for the Cutter ZT610 P1083320-120 1 1 Cover with PCBA for the Cutter ZT620 P1083320-121 1

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Xi4 Series Parts Catalog - Zebra Technologies


3 220Xi4 Pivot Bar & Toggle Assemblies G22222M 1 4 110, 140, 170Xi4 Toggle Assembly Only 35099M 1 4 220Xi4 Toggle Assembly Only 22099M 1 ... Cutter Replacement Parts Common To All Xi4 Cutter Designs Item Number Description Part …

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Quick Start Guide - Zebra Technologies


Quick Start Guide STEP 3 - CONNECT HOST INTERFACE STEP 2 - CRADLE CABLE CONNECTION See Product Reference Guide for detailed information NOTE: Cables may vary depending on configuration For healthcare environments, use digital scanner p/n DS6878-HC2XXXBWR and cradle p/n CR0078-SC1009BWR

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MC93XX Quick Start Guide (en) - Zebra Technologies


MC93XX Quick Start Guide 8 4.Slide the keypad latches toward the bottom of the device. Figure 4 Release Keypad Latches NOTE: If the keypad latches are hard to move, use a screwdriver to gently slide them towards the bottom of the device. 5.Turn the …

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ZC100/300 Series Driver User Guide (en) - Zebra Technologies


Windows Driver User Guide ZC100/300 Series Card Printer. i ... The printer uses the K panel to print black elements on a color image (see “Profiles” on page 16), or barcodes and text. This is a resin panel, which means it cannot be used to print continuous tones of color. The K panel

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ZT600 Series Industrial Printers Spec Sheet


Title: ZT600 Series Industrial Printers Spec Sheet Author: Zebra Technologies Subject JA A%_Ó DË æw òí# Created Date: 6/27/2019 2:59:04 PM

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ZE500 Series Parts Catalog - Zebra Technologies


ZE500 Series Parts Catalog: Right Hand (RH) and Left Hand (LH) Units _ _____ Printhead dpi conversion kits ZE500 Series printers will have either a Standard Life Media Drive System installed or an Extended Life Media Drive System installed. These different types of drive systems require ordering different part numbers.

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Symbol LS3578 Product Reference Guide - Zebra Technologies


-06 Rev A 4/2018 Changed GS1 DataBar-14 to GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional (formerly GS1 DataBar-14), updated 123Scan chapter, changed MOD 10/MOD 11 to MOD 11/MOD 10, changed HID Keyboard Emulation to USB HID Keyboard, changed USB OPOS Handheld to OPOS (IBM Hand-held with Full Disable), added note in USB Interface chapter.

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TC5X Configuration & Accessories Guide - Zebra Technologies


Jul 26, 2021 · TC5X 4-slot battery charger, charges four spare batteries. Includes: Power Supply PWR - BGA12V50W0WW and DC cable CBL- DC-388A1-01. Country specific AC line cord, Rack/Wall bracket sold separately. All batteries are PowerPrecision+ Lithium Ion battery, 4.4v. Advanced new battery technology, provides a higher level of

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ZDesigner Windows Printer Driver - Zebra Technologies


Ad v a n ce N o t ice: M i c r o s o ft h as an n o u n c ed h er e t h at s u p p o r t fo r Wi n d o w s 7 i s en d i n g o n J an u ar y 1 4 , 2 0 2 0 . Zeb ra i n t en d s t o r em ove Wi n d o w s 7 s u p p o r t fo r t h i s p r o d u c t i n a fu t u r e r el eas e.

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Network Connect for Automation - Zebra Technologies


P1096306-002 Network Connection for Automation Developer Guide 1/24/20 Who Should Use This Document This Developer Guide is intended for use by any person who needs to learn more about using Ethernet/IP with the printer. How This Document Is Organized The Developer Guide is set up as follows: Section Description

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MC3300x Accessory Guide EN - Zebra Technologies


MC330X-XX3XXXXX MC330X-XX4XXXXX 2 3 4 29 Key Numeric 38 Key Function-Numeric 47 Key Alpha-Numeric Battery Option MC330X-XXXEXXXX E Extended Capacity Battery, 7000mAh Operating System Options MC330X-XXXXAXXX MC330X-XXXXGXXX A G Non-GMS (Only on China specific SKUs) GMS Memory Options MC330X-XXXXX3XX

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Z-Ultimate 3000T - Zebra Technologies


Xylene NR NR NR SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS • UL/CSA/cUL compliance product labeling • Top-side PCB labeling • Product identification • Automotive labeling Recommended Test in Your Application NR Not Recommended

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ZD410d Users Guide (en) - VisionID


11/2/2015 ZD410 User’s Guide 212288-001 Rev. A 1 Introduction This section introduces you to your new Zebra® ZD410 desktop thermal label printer. It describes what you get in your shipping box and provides an overview of printer features. It also includes procedures that describe how to open and close the printer and report any problems.

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PAIRING THE DS6878 TO A TABLET - Zebra Technologies


EBRA TECHNOLOGIES 7 INSTRUCTION GUIDE PAIRIN THE DS6878 TO A TABLET Under Settings, select Wireless Networks. Turn Bluetooth on. 2 Select Search for Devices. From Available Devices, select the DS6878. The serial number of the scanner assists in identifying the correct device. 3 DS6878 2D IMAGER PAIRING THE DS6878 TO ANDROID

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2022 HOSPITAL VISION STUDY - Zebra Technologies


Specimen collection labeling errors 52% Patient care issues related to communication breakdowns 46% Preventable medical errors 61% 46% BEDSIDE NURSE 65% 97% EMERGENCY ROOM NURSE 53% 94% OPERATING ROOM / CATH LAB NURSE 36% 91% PHYSICIAN 51% 98% PHARMACIST, PHARMACY TECHNICIAN 42% 96% LAB …

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LS2208 Product Reference Guide (en) - Zebra Technologies


ii LS2208 Product Reference Guide No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form, or by any electrical or mechanical means, without permission in writing.

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Zebra GX420t™ / GX430t™


Technical Support For questions on the operation of Zebra equipment and software, please call your distributor. For additional assistance, contact us. Please have your model and serial numbers available. T: +1 877 ASK ZEBRA (275 9327) F: +1 847 913 2578 Hardware: ts1@zebra.com Software: ts3@zebra.com T: +44 (0) 1628 556039 F: +44 (0) 1628 556003

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Zebra ZP 505 - Zebra Technologies


Zebra ® ZP 505™ FedEx® Labels Printed with Simplicity and Speed Zebra’s ZP 505 thermal printer was designed exclusively for parcel/post labeling. The economical, compact ZP 505 offers unparalleled ease of use, and, at 5 inches per second, is one of the fastest direct thermal desktop printers in its class.

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Zebra GC420™ Desktop Printer


Asia-Pacific Headquarters +65 6858 0722 apacchannelmarketing@zebra.com EMEA Headquarters +44 (0)1628 556000 mseurope@zebra.com Latin America Headquarters +1 847 955 2283 inquiry4@zebra.com P1054369 (7/12)

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Zebra Supplies ZEBRA® SUPPLIES ... - Zebra Technologies


Stock - ships within one business day. Made to order (MTO) - see product category for specic lead time information. Products purchased in less than full inner carton uantities are subect to a 75 broken carton charge, per destination. Prices effective June 14, 2021. Prices/stocking locations subect to change w/o notice. Refer to www.zebra.com. 3

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Zebra TLP 2824 Plus™


This product may contain ZPL®, ZPL II®, and ZebraLink™ programs; Element Energy Equalizer™ Circuit; E3®; and Monotype Imaging fonts. Software ©ZIH corp. All rights ... Bourne End Buckinghamshire, SL8 5XF United Kingdom T: +44 (0) 1628 556000 F: +44 (0) 1628 556001 Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. 120 Robinson Road

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Zebra ZD410 Printer Field Troubleshooting Guide


Zebra ZD410 Printer Field Troubleshooting Guide REV.2020.09 Client Services 800.800.5655 www.aclab.com 1400 Industrial Way Redwood City, CA 94063

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Zebra ZD410 Technical Specifications


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ZD410 DIRECT THERMAL DESKTOP PRINTER 2 Zebra technologies. Agency Approvals •EC 60950-1, EN55022 Class B, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, FCC Class B, I ... 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg) Operating Environment •perating Temperature: 40ºF to 105ºF; (5ºC to 41ºC) O • Storage Temperature: -40ºF to 140ºF; (-40ºC to 60ºC ...

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Zebra GK420d Label Printer Troubleshooting Guide


Label Printer Troubleshooting Guide p.2 . PRINT QUALITY PROBLEMS . No print on the label • Check to make sure the label roll is loaded correctly. The printed barcode and information does not look right • Clean the printhead using an alcohol wipe. The label is misaligned • Check to make sure the label roll is loaded correctly

  Guide, Label, Troubleshooting, Printer, Zebra, Label printer troubleshooting guide, Zebra gk420d label printer troubleshooting guide, Gk420d

Zebra GK420t User Guide - COBISS


(e.g. printing an extra blank label), the factory settings should be sent to the printer via original drivers. The procedure is as follows: Go to Control Panel and click the Devices and Printers icon. Find the printer, that is the Designer GK420t icon and right-click on it. Select Printer properties).

  Guide, User, Testing, Printer, Zebra, Gk420t, Zebra gk420t user guide

Zebra LP 2824 Plus™


980644-001 Rev. A LP 2824 Plus™ User Guide 4/1/09 Document Conventions The following conventions are used throughout this document to convey certain information. Alternate Color (online only) Cross-references contain hot links to other sections in this guide. If you are viewing this guide online in .pdf format, you can click the cross-reference

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