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Pneumatic screwdrivers - Atlas Copco


Thread rolling screw-M Property class between 8.8 and 10.9 due to case hardening. Taptite® and Swageform are examples Thread forming screw-ST Thread forming screw-ST for plastic Self drilling screw-ST Wood screw With optional coupling-ring. With optional spring. Ordering No. 4210 1831 00 Shut-off clutch Slip clutch Direct drive Torque Nm/in lb ...

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X-Maxx® (Model 77086-4) Parts List - Traxxas


2586 Head screws, 3x15mm cap-head machine (hex drive) (6) (TRX 2.5) 4955 Pins, axle (2.5x12mm) (4) 3234 Screws, 2.5x14mm cap-head machine (hex drive) (6) 2577 Screws, 3x10mm button -head machine (hex drive) (6) 2587 Screws, 3x10mm cap-head machine (6) (no washer) 4859 Screws, 3x10mm flat-head machine (hex drive) (4) ...

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Mc Neal Tool Co - Willrich


and Gaging For Unified Inch Screw Threads”, and B1.16M “Gages And Gaging For Metric M Screw Threads”, and an active member of the following committees: B1 main committee for Screw Threads, B1.5 “Acme Screw Threads”, B1.8 “Stub Acme Screw Threads”, and gaging sub-committee member of the American Petroleum Institute.

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Hip Fractures - Stryker MedEd


Implant Selection 10 Patient Positioning 11 Fracture Reduction 12 ... Lag Screw Positioning using One Shot Device 28 Lag Screw Insertion 29 Pre-Drilling the lateral cortex 30 Lag Screw Fixation 34 Distal Screw Locking 38 Free-hand Technique 40 End Cap Insertion 42 Nail Extension End Caps 43 ... • Self retaining Set Screw to protect

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SELF-TAPPING SCREW FIXINGS Denomination: SELF-TAPPING SCREW FIXINGS Codes: T81, T82, T83, AUE, TCP, TFI. Reference: FT ROS-en Date: 15/12/15 Revision: 3 Page: 6 of 14 2. DIN-7981 HC Self-tapping screw – dome head – Square socket Properties Steel Zinc-plated coating Available in stainless Properties Square socket Dome head Self-tapping Point ...

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X-CORE - Hunter Industries


1. Secure one screw into the wall. Install screw anchors if attaching to drywall or masonry wall. 2. Slide the keyhole on top of the controller over the screw. 3. Secure the controller in place by installing screws in the holes below the terminal strip. Do not plug transformer into power source until controller is mounted and all valve wiring has

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screws. Insert the screws through each of the (8) holes on the red sub-base on your INCRA LS Positioner Base and loosely thread a #10-32 hex nut onto each screw. Slide the hex nuts on all (8) screws into the T-slots on the base support panel. See Fig. 12 and Detail 12A. Center the LS base on the support panel. (Edge of LS should

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May 30, 2019 · I. GD & T Interpretation for Bolts/Screws/Studs 3-5 II. Default Tolerance Values for Bolts/Screws/Studs 6 III. GD & T Interpretation for Nuts/Nut Plates 7-11 IV. Default Tolerance Values for Nuts/Nut Plates 12 Figures 1. 100° Flush Head Screws 14 2. Template for Protruding Head Screw 14 3. Template for Hexagon Head Bolt 15 4.

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1719 Ex I/O - Rockwell Automation


Terminal blocks can come in the form of side screw terminals, front screw terminals, or spring terminals. • Side screw terminal (1719-TB6, 1719-TB8, 1719-TB8x2)

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Oil-injected rotary screw compressors


8 Atlas Copco GA 30 -90/GA 37-110 VSD oil-injected rotary screw compressors Atlas Copco GA 30+-90/GA 37-110 VSD oil-injected rotary screw compressors 9 A step ahead in monitoring and controls The next-generation Elektronikon® operating system offers a great variety of control and monitoring features that allow you to increase your compressor’s efficiency and reliability.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet


Thread the screws into the ring 1/4" (6 mm) past the surface. ... Remove the protective cap. 1384293-2- D. 6 Kohler Co. NOTE: The weight must be installed onto the spray hose to act as a pull stop and to ... position. Use a 5/64" hex wrench to adjust the valve setscrew as needed. LED is ON when the handle is closed: Tighten the valve setscrew ...


Insert Systems - Heli-Coil


Heli-Coil screw thread inserts Heli-Coil inserts are preci-sion formed screw thread coils worked into a diamond shape. The resultant surface finish is a mirror-like 8-16 micro inches. This wire is then wound into a spiral coil which when installed into Heli-Coil tapped holes, pro-vides permanent conventional 60º internal screw threads.

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PACKAGE TERMINAL AIR CONDITIONER/HEAT PUMP ... owner must supply one 1/2 inch long #8 sheet metal screw per unit. The screw must be removed before the front can be removed. Front Mounting Screw accessed ... aluminum grille, the architectural grille or …

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1734-IN028D-EN-P POINT I/O One-piece Terminal Bases ...


DIN rail locking screw is in horizontal, locked position. DIN rail locking screw is in vertical, unlocked position. Field power bus supply voltage 28.8V DC, 120/240V AC Terminal base screw torque 0.4 N•m (3.5 lb•in) – 1734-TOP and 1734-TOP3 only ATEX temp code T4

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Metric DIN 7985 Cross Recessed (Phillips) Pan Head


ISO equivalent for DIN 7985 cross recessed (Phillips) raised cheese head (Pan Head) machine screws is ISO 7045. 1) Mechanical properties of stainless steel for metric DIN 7985 cross recessed (Phillips) raised cheese head (Pan Head) machine screws Stainless steels can be divided into three groups of steel - austenitic. ferritic and martensitic.

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65-0090 - 7800 SERIES S7800A Keyboard Display Module


nections to allow for sufficient clearance. 3. Use the KDM or Data ControlBus ModuleŽ as a template (Fig. 19) and mark the two screw locations, interlocking ear locations and the two plug-in connector locations. 4. Drill the pilot holes for the mounting screws. 5. Cut holes in the door panel for the interlocking ears and the two plug-in ...

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Installation Guide


up with the bottom hole from the screw removed in step 3a. NOTE: The top of the hinge rail should extend approximately 3/16” beyond the top of the door frame. 2. Pre-drill 1” deep pilot holes in door frame at each hinge and fasten using 1” unpainted screws from the pink bag in the installation kit. 1. Sweep H only: Slide the sweep ˜n (I ...

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G7L - Omron


Screw Terminal Upper Bracket Mounting (with test button) Screw Terminal Note 1. When ordering, add the rated coil voltage to the model number. Example: G7L-1A-T AC12 However, the notation of the coil voltage on the product case as well …

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Fittings and accessories for lubrication systems - SKF


Straight screw-in connectors GE with metrical thread 43 Straight screw-in connectors GE with Whitworth pipe thread 44 ... Straight tube-to-tube reducing connectors GR 47 Union studs GZ 48 ... Grease pump set for pressure and function check 158 Drum plug wrench 159 ...

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If the compressor is still running and the stop valve is open during pump-down, air will be sucked in when the refrigerant piping is removed, ... Indoor unit fixing screw 3/16” × 1/2” (M4 × 12mm) 2 Screw cover 3 Choosing an Installation Site • Before choosing the installation site, obtain user approval. 1. Indoor unit

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i-mop XL Parts Manual (S/N 300000- ) - Tennant Co


STANDARD PARTS Tennant i-mop XL (02-2018) 9 HANDLE ASSEMBLY - CONT’D Ref. Part No. Serial Number Description Qty. 1 1232694 (300000- ) Hinge Kit, Lever 1 Y 2 N/A (300000- ) Count Sunk Screw N3.5x13 Philips Head 2 Y 3 N/A (300000- ) Plastic Plate For Hinge Welding Assy 1 Y 41234974 (300000- ) Screw, Flt, Soc, M6 X 12 Nl [10x, Imop] Y 5 N/A (300000- ) Hinge …

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TG4:19 - NASC


4.2 Self-tapping screws 10 4.3 Nylon plug anchors with screw-in eyes 12 4.4 Resin stud and socket anchors 13 4.5 Fixings to steel structures 14 4.6 Fixings to timber structures 14 5. Installing anchors 15 5.1 General 15 5.2 Embedment depths 16 5.3 Anchor positioning 16 6 Testing anchors 18 6.1 Preliminary tests 18 6.2 Proof tests 19 6.3 Regular ...

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Roofing Batten - Stratco


The roof is then fixed to the battens with self-drilling screws. Roofing Batten • A textured surface makes installation easy when ... with a 10x16mm hex-head self-drilling screw (minimum fixing size) through each flange as shown in figure 3. ... “Selection Use and Maintenance” brochure. * Maximum span continuous over at least two spans.

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Distal Radius System 2 - medartis


• Low plate profile (0.6 mm) and non-protruding screw heads for soft tissue protection • Self drilling 1.5 SpeedTip screws for fast and easy insertion 1.5 SpeedTip Hook plate, 4 holes Hook plate, 6 holes Hook plate, 12 holes Hook plate, 2 holes Small fracture fragments that are distal to the watershed line represent a clinical challenge.

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Design of an Air Compressor - University of Sussex


Rotary screw air compressor The rotary screw air compressor has become the most popular source of compressed air for industrial applications. Air enters a sealed chamber where it is trapped between two contra-rotating rotors. As the rotors intermesh, they reduce the volume of trapped air and deliver it compressed to the proper pressure level.

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solid masonry), toggle bolts (other masonry siding) or wood screws (studs, solid lumber). All screws and bolts shall be minimum #12 corrosion resistant. A minimum of four (4) fasteners shall be used to mount socket. • Minimum two inch (2”) trade size rigid metal conduit or schedule 40 PVC furnished and installed by customer.


Hi-lume 1% 2-Wire LED Driver Forward-Phase Control Overview


• Driver is grounded by a mounting screw to the grounded fixture (or by terminal connection on the K case). • Terminal blocks on the driver accept one solid wire per terminal from 18 AWG to 16 AWG (0.75 mm ( to 1.5 mm(). • Fixture must be grounded in accordance with local and national electrical codes.

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Strut fittings section - strut catalog - Eaton


Sep 27, 2021 · hex head cap screws and channel nuts pre-assembled. These fittings and finishes will be flagged using the following symbol. Metric Metric dimensions are shown in parentheses. Unless noted, all metric dimensions are in millimeters. Finish Code Finish Specification Plain ASTM A1018 33,000 PSI min. yield

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Series VA/VG20, VA/VG35 and VG80 Mobile Control Valves


4 Back Cap Screws 2 391-1433-020 391-1433-009 (4) 391-1402-068 4A Lock Washers 8 – – 391-3783-039 5 Back Cap 1 341-6000-100 342-6000-100 341-0585-099 ... bank, requiring washers and hex nuts to be fastened at both ends of the bolt. Step 3 - Section Seals The inlet, mid-inlet and each parallel work section have ...

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SELF DEFENSE PISTOL FIRESIGHTS TARGET PISTOL FIRESIGHTS ... Taurus PT111, PT140, PT145, PT132, PT138 (Screw-on style sights) Taurus Pro w/ Dovetail PT111, PT140, PT145, PT745, 24-7’s (Excludes G2) 70947 70268 ... SAVINGS & SELECTION Steel front dovetail sight beads machined to accept Firesight

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Installation Guide - Windows -- 400 Series - Complementary …


Drill/Driver • #2 Phillips Bit • Caulk Gun • / 16" Drill Bit • Staple Gun Parts Included ... • Size of rough opening should allow minimum ¼" clearance around entire unit, between unit frame and rough opening. Width of rough opening ... using a #10 x 1 ½" screw. For rectangular and

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for exact on-size sizing. All panels should have about 1/8" ... drill bits, and belt sanders. Fine to medium tooth finish blades work best for cutting. Make faucet holes with an electric drill and a normal hole saw bit or by using a jigsaw or circular saw. ... clearance hole in the Onyx and never screw directly into the Onyx. Always secure ...

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S. L. ten Cate 08-2015 - University of Florida


Most threads are oriented so that the threaded item when seen from a point of view on the axis through the center of the helix, moves away from the viewer when it is turned in a clockwise direction, and moves towards the viewer when it is turned counter clockwise. By common convention, right-handedness is the default handedness for screw threads.

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ISO metric screw threads


BRITISH STANDARD BS 3643-1: 1981 (Reprinted, incorporating Amendments No. 1 and No. 2) ... Figure 1 — Basic profile of ISO metric thread 1 Figure 2 — Basic dimensions 6 Figure 3 — Tolerance positions with respect to zero line ... Table 1 — Basic profile dimensions 2 Table 2 — Maximum diameters 3

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Flaming the neck of bottles and test tubes 10 Streak plate 12 ... Activities involving micro-organisms are controlled by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ... plastic screw cap prevents contamination and reduces evaporation during long storage) Bijou bottle Very small volumes (up to ca 3 cm3) of sterile solutions ...

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USB-6212 Specifications - National Instruments


Screw Terminal 32 total, 16 (P0.<0..15>), 16 (PFI <0..7>/P1.<0..7>, PFI <8..15>/P2.<0..7>) Ground reference D GND Pull-down resistor 50 kΩ typical, 20 kΩ minimum Input voltage protection ±20 V on up to 8 pins1 PFI Functionality Functionality Static digital input, static digital output, timing input, timing output

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Valve terminal 2 Design The valve terminal VTUG- has the ...


2 Earth terminal (hole for the earthing screw) Fig. 2 2.1 Valve terminal VTUG-…-M The valve terminal VTUG-...-M (multi-pin node) has the following additional con­ necting component. 1 1 Electrical multi-pin plug connection (Sub-D or ribbon cable) Fig. 3 2.2 Valve terminal VTUG-…-V

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Bussmann series Quik-Spec Power Module switch data sheet …


Terminal block data: Catalog no. Wire range (Cu) Torque lb-in (N•m) Screw head/style All #22-#10 5.3-7 (0.6-0.8) Slot Switch maximum horsepower ratings: Ratings are based on three-phase, motor type and time-delay fuses. Voltage (Vac) Switch amp rating 30A (PS3) 60A (PS6) 100A (PS1) 200A (PS2) 400A (PS4) 208 5 10 15 40 75 240 5 10 20 40 75 480 ...

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PUMP AND SAND FILTER. To reduce the risk of injury, service ... (or a wire connector marked “G”, “GR”, “Ground” or “Grounding”) is provided within the terminal compartment in the ... Screw terminal (RS-485) (connect to EasyTouch and IntelliTouch Control Systems Attach incoming AC …

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1734-IN028 POINT I/O One-piece Terminal Bases


The use of other DIN rail materials (such as aluminum, plastic) that can corrode, oxidize, or are poor conductors, can ... shock hazard exists if power is applied to the terminal base. DIN-rail locking screw is in horizontal, locked position. vertical, unlocked position. POINT I/O One-piece Terminal Bases 7 Specifications

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AC Compressor Product Guide - Emerson Electric


Product Variations 1. 130/135/160 - Molded Plug 2. 230/235/260 - Quick Terminals T-box 3. 250/265 - Screw Terminals T-box 4. 7xx/9xx - T-box Service 5. 8xx - Molded Plug Service Compressor Motor Types Phase Description Code 1 Capacitor Run – Permanent Split Capaci- tor P 3 General 3 Lead Single Voltage 6 Lead Part Winding (575 Volt) T

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lamp specification catalog - 1000Bulbs.com


Screw Terminal S14S Med. Side Prong Base Types shapes Bulb THE FILAMENT Incandescent lamp filaments are made of tungsten. Tungsten is a metal that can operate at very high temperatures without evaporating too quickly and resulting in early lamp failure. Incandescent filaments only convert about 10 percent of the energy used into visible light ...

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of 1.2 times the Insert length is recommended. For other Inserts, the recommended minimum depth is the Insert length plus two (2) Insert thread pitches. The assembly screw should never bottom out in the hole, as jack-out would result. l Counterbores are not recommended for any Insert types except Self-Tapping and Headed Inserts.

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KEENSERTS Threaded inserts - KVT-Fastening


Manually screw the KEENSEERTS ... Thread inserts Special processes 2) Installation technology Blind rivet nuts Lock nuts Adhesives and sealants 1) Self-clinching fasteners Quick fastening elements and clips Plugs Pressure intensifiers3) Stud …

  Screw, Thread, Insert, Thread inserts

Miniature Circuit Breakers - Siemens


23 5ST2 distribution blocks 26 SIKclip wiring system 28 Configuration and dimensioning 29 Characteristic curves ... connection for manual insertion of conductors, which considerably reduces mounting times. ... Terminals ± screw (Pozidriv) 2 † Terminal tightening torque Nm 2.5 ... 3 Mounting position Any Service life, ...

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Nominal cooling capacity 30HXC: 286-1300 kW 50 Hz


Screw Compressor Water-Cooled Liquid Chillers and Air-Cooled Liquid Chillers Nominal cooling capacity 30HXC: 286-1300 kW Nominal cooling capacity 30GX: 282-1203 kW 50 Hz Installation, operation and maintenance instructions GLOBAL CHILLER

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use a flat screw driver as shown to loosen the drain. ... check the condition and connection of the relays ... ensure that they are clean and connected. make sure that wire terminal ends have not been pushed out of the relay block. on most models, the red wire coming out of the engine is the charging wire from the alternator. check for

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Approved Meter Equipment Enclosure List


C. Aluminum enclosures are recommended in salt spray areas. D. Sealing rings (ring-type sockets) along with all lugs/connectors (line and load side) are considered ... sealing ring must be a captive-screw type equivalent to ABB #01L0028G02, Milbank MR-4/A3068, Landis & Gyr #9738-8002, or Ekstrom 10-9090. ... 5 Terminal Socket, Network, 3 Wire 3 ...

  Screw, Aluminum, Terminal

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