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List of frequent collocations MariaMorenoJaen - UGR


LIST OF FREQUENT COLLOCATIONS María Moreno Jaén University of Granada 1 time long spend short waste take spare give present working 2 year past

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english LEARNING - BBC


RECORDING COLLOCATIONS To start your recording of collocation, listen out for the word ‘programme’ when you are listening to BBC World Service.Which adjectives are used to describe


Collocations Ise - Kho sách


32 Academic writing 1: giving opinions 33 Academic writing 2: structuring an argument key factor, challenge a theory, carry out research make reference to, argue convincingly, research

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Collocations & Set Phrases - Hellenic American Union


112 Build Up Your Vocabulary Skills - Unit 4 Assimilation Stage A LITTLE REGULAR EXERCISE EXTENDS MEN’S LIVES Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from the box. Use each once.

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