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Private Funds Act - Cayman Islands dollar


(i) a person licensed under the Banks and Trust Companies Act (2021 Revision) or the Insurance Act, 2010 [Law 32 of 2010]; (ii) a person registered under the Building Societies Act (2020 Revision) or the Friendly Societies Act (1998 Revision); or (iii) any non-fund arrangements;1

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African Civilizations: From The Pre-Colonial to the Modern Day


Societies from the ancient to the modern day have changed, adapted, and evolved as time progressed. Environments and climates have altered over time, such as the Sahara desert that was once a fertile grassland but began losing rainfall around 2000 BCE, and civilizations have adapted to these changes. 2. Pre-colonial Societies

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Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956), a society registered under the Societies Regulation Act, 1860 (21 of 1860), or under any corresponding law for the time being in force in a State, being a society established or administered by Government and a co-operative society within the meaning of any law relating to co-operative societies for the time




(i) 'Act' means the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act 1960 (Amendment 2013 (ii) 'Rules' means the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961. Bye-laws’ means by-laws consistent with Act and registered under this Act for the time being in force and includes registered amendments of such bye-laws.




society under this Act. 1A. Interpretation.— In this act, unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context, the expression “Registrar” means the Registrar of Societies appointed under section 1­B and includes other officers appointed under

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The Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis ... - Diabetes Times


the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care and the UK Chemotherapy Board. The Guidelines produced by the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 Disclaimer The information contained in this guidance is a consensus of the development and consultation groups’ views on current treatment.

  Diabetes, Societies, Diabetes societies

The Management of Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State …


the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care. The Guidelines produced by the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care are licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 Disclaimer The information contained in this guidance is a consensus of the development and consultation groups’ views on current treatment. It should be used in ...

  Diabetes, Societies, Diabetes societies



Additional Registrar of Cooperative Societies w.e.f. 14.8.2007 A.N).The Additional Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Chennai Region in respect of Chennai and the Regional Joint Registrars in respect of other regions are responsible for the proper functioning of …

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The Social Contract - Early Modern Texts


2. The first societies The most ancient of all societies, and the only natural one, is the society of the family. Yet the children remain attached to the father only for as long as they need him for their preservation; as soon as this need ceases, the natural bond is dissolved. The children, released from the obedience they

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A Case Study of Amul Cooperative in India in Relation to ...


village societies have got so much profit that they have a fund from which they are able to contribute some money for the upliftment of their village like opening a school, building a hospital etc. This gives a good impact on the villagers and encourages them to become a part of the co-operative. These village societies are a link between the

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The weirdest people in the world? - University of British ...


uncommon among the traditional societies of Melanesia and Aboriginal Australia (Herdt 1984/1993), as well as in Ancient Greece and Tokugawa Japan. Such in-depth studies of seemingly “exotic” societies, historically the province of anthropology, are crucial for understanding human behavioral and psychological vari-ation.

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The National Security Strategy - United States Department ...


opening societies and building the infrastructure of democracy; • develop agendas for cooperative action with other main centers of global power; and • transform America’s national security institutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. 2 National Security Strategy

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Introduction to Economic Analysis - Kellogg School of ...


and gambling, and cooperative societies and clubs, all of which are studied by economists. Some markets involve a physical marketplace. Traders on the New York Stock Exchange get together in a trading pit. Traders on ... Other terms, such as convenience, credit terms, reliability, and trustworthiness are also valuable to the participants ...

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The Gold Registration Package adds the AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting OnDemand product to your meeting registration to gain ... 011 Industry Representative Spine Specialty Societies: Friday, March 25$475 CODE THE KNEE SOCIETY FEE 081 Non-Member Physician $350 082 Resident/Fellow$50 083 Allied Health $100 ...

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JDN 1-18, Strategy - Joint Chiefs of Staff


any area reflects the nature of the societies waging it. Grand Strategy Grand strategy aims to secure and advance a nation’s long-term, enduring, core interests over ... alignment, cooperative relations underpin the international order, enhance collective security, and deter conflict. ...

  Strategy, Cooperative, Societies, Jdn 1 18

Mexico Information on Tax Identification Numbers TIN ...


Mexican financial system as well as Cooperative Savings and Loan Societies with respect to transactions that may be subject to taxation). Additionally, entities are obliged to submit the notifications set forth by the Federal Fiscal Code regarding their legal representatives as well as partners and shareholders. Section II – TIN Structure

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MIT Application Guide


Collaborative & cooperative spirit. The core of the MIT spirit is collaboration and cooperation. You can ... cultures and societies; and historical studies. Students must also complete a four- ... credit or pay, or work as volunteers. The program is open to all students, including ...

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Level of Knowledge: Basic Knowledge Objective: To give orientation about different forms of organizations, functions in organizations, business ... Co-operatives, societies and trusts 41 Meaning 41 Characteristics 42 Advantages of Co-operatives 43 ... Company and Co-operative Society 55. x Page Choice of an appropriate form of business 55 Other ...

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Registrar of Co-operative Societies and the BMC. Can a member change his decision after giving his Consent in writing for Redevelopment? Consent obtained from the members is irrevocable and embossed with Rs.100/- stamp. Hence, once Consent is given by a member, it cannot be revoked. Only if a member has a

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Perioperative Care for People with Diabetes Mellitus ...


like to thank the following members of the Centre for Perioperative Care Diabetes Guideline Working Group for their valuable contribution to the drafting of this guideline. Ms Goher Ayman Patient representative Professor Ketan Dhatariya Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care Group

  Care, Group, Joint, British, Diabetes, Inpatient, Societies, Joint british diabetes societies, Care diabetes, For inpatient care group

Principles of Accounts - Caribbean Examinations Council


section 11 - accounting for co-operative societies . section 12 - accounting for non-trading (non profit) organizations section 13 - manufacturing accounts . section 14 - …

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Fact sheet Hypertension - CPPE


Joint British Societies recommendations on the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease – JBS3 risk calculator. Return to contents . Non-pharmacological treatment . Information about a healthy lifestyle should be offered to people diagnosed with hypertension. Section 1.4, Treating and monitoring hypertension, of the NICE guideline

  Joint, British, Societies, Joint british societies

Bank Audit — Opportunities and Concerns


Co-operative Banks Urban Co-operative Banks. Bank Audit — Opportunities and Concerns 43 ... This basic activity of a bank dominates the business activities of any bank. However, the ... The Co-operative Societies Act (Central and State) also prescribe

  Basics, Operative, Societies, Operative societies



USAID CHILD, EARLY, AND FORCED MARRIAGE RESOURCE GUIDE iv GLOSSARY Behavior-change communication (BCC): Context-appropriate messaging strategies to promote healthy behaviors created by working with individuals, communities, and societies. 1 Birth registration: An official record of a child’s birth that provides state recognition of a child’s …




THE ROLE OF SAVING AND CREDIT COPERATIVE SOCIETIES (SACCOS) IN POVERTY REDUCTION: EVIDENCE FROM SAME DISTRICT By Alicia Peter Mbagga A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Award of the Degree of Master of Local Government Management (MSc. LGM) of Mzumbe University 2013


What is Good Governance? - ESCAP


societies have come close to achieving good governance in its totality. However, to ensure sustainable human development, actions must be taken to work towards this ideal with the aim of making it a reality. More information Mr. Yap Kioe Sheng Chief, Poverty Reduction Section UNESCAP, UN Building, Rajdamnern Nok Ave. Bangkok 10200, Thailand

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AMFI reduces ARN Registration & Renewal Fees for MFDs by ...


the ARN Registration and Renewal Fees stand reduced by 50 per cent to INR 7,500 and INR 3,750 respectively. The Urban Co-Op. Banks, Societies, Trusts, HUFs and Partnership Firms will pay Registration and Renewal Fees at 50 per cent reduction to INR 10,000 and INR 5,000 respectively, while the One Person Company

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The impact of modern technology on the educational ...


Modern technology has experienced vast expansion in recent years, leading to its extensive use by people from all generations. For a generation of young people, technology has assumed a ... one of the most essential factors for teenagers in many societies. Due to the enormous development of technologies, this era can also be called the Age of ...

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Tanzania’s Economic Reforms— and Lessons Learned


SACCO Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies SAP Structural Adjustment Program SP sulfadoxine pyrimethamine TACAIDS Tanzania Commission on AIDS TBL Tanzania Breweries Limited TIC Tanzania Investment Center TSh Tanzanian shilling UDS University of Dar es Salaam USAID United States Agency for International Development ...

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REPRINT - sprm.gov.my


Co-operative Societies Act 1993 [Act 502]; “monetary instrument” means coin or currency of Malaysia or of any other country, travellers’ cheque, personal cheque, bank cheque, money order, investment security or negotiable instrument in bearer form or …

  Operative, Societies, Operative societies act

Act 61 - Universiti Sains Malaysia


Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 [Act 372] or such other banks registered under the Co-operative Societies Act 1993 [Act 502] or established under any writ ten law as may be approved by the Minister; “Consolidated Fund” means the Federal Consolidated Fund and the Consolidated Funds of the States as constituted by Article

  Operative, Societies, Operative societies act

Social and Emotional Skills - OECD


with what political scientist Robert Putnam calls bonding social capital, a sense of belonging to our family or other ... OECD studies such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) are ... societies, while critical thinking is gaining importance

  Code, Scientist, Studies, Societies, Oecd studies

The role and purpose of practical work in the teaching and ...


societies require a steady supply of new recruits to jobs requiring more detailed scientific knowledge and expertise; school science provides the foundations for more advanced study leading to such jobs. These two purposes may lead to different criteria for selection of curriculum content, to different emphases, and (in the

  Practical, Societies

What is ‘Development’? - SAGE Publications Inc


Post-modern approaches… see [poverty and development] as socially constructed and embedded within certain economic epistemes which value some assets over ... tions that all societies will follow approximately the same development process. All countries change over time, and generally experience economic growth and

  Development, Sage, Publication, Modern, Societies, Sage publications inc

Longer-Run Economic Consequences of Pandemics


In stagnant societies, savings are plentiful relative to investment opportunities (relatedly, see, e.g.Summers, 2014, and his revival of the secular stagnation hypothesis). Formally, in the canonicalRamsey(1928) model of neoclassical growth, it is well known that population




dustrial societies today we are still dealing with the ramifications of the food production revolution that began 10,000 years ago. 1. Although recall that the hunting band is really part of a larger society of some hundreds to thou-sands of individuals of the same linguistic/cultural group, a unit with no real parallel in the animal case.

  Chapter, Food, Production, Origin, Societies, Chapter 25, Origin of food production

Novo Nordisk Annual Report 2020


diabetes and obesity is a clear wake-up call: we must continue to do more to tackle these diseases or risk vast future damage to millions of lives, as well as to broader societies and economies. We measure our contribution to the fight against diabetes and other serious chronic diseases in our Strategic Aspirations for 2025 . Appropriately, after

  Annual, Report, 2200, Diabetes, Societies, Novo, Nordisk, Novo nordisk annual report 2020



be filed with the Registrar of Societies as per Sec. 13 of the K.S.R.Act. 1960. 8. AUDITOR:- An auditor shall be appointed annually and the remuneration shall be fixed by the members in the Annual General Body meeting. 9. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:- a. If ensure and promote the primary aim and objectives of the academy. b. To publish Annual report ...


The Hospital Management of Hypoglycaemia in ... - Diabetes


Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care, Chair: Professor Ketan Dhatariya (Norwich) Writing group Professor Stephanie Amiel, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dr Clare Crowley, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Dr Ketan Dhatariya, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation T rust ...

  Diabetes, Societies, Diabetes societies

Understanding and measuring womens economic …


Understanding and Measuring . Women’s Economic Empowerment. Definition, Framework and Indicators ... societies and national economies. It has been . shown that women invest extra income in ... The specific factors that signal progress . toward women’s economic empowerment may be different in different contexts. They

  Measuring, Progress, Societies

Document II/4 - The Impact of Globalisation on Employment


higher integration or interdependence of human societies. Globalisation can be of an economic, social, political or environmental nature, for example. In this paper we shall restrict ourselves to economic globalisation, that is to increasing flows of production factors (capital, labour), of products (goods, services), and of technology


Carbon Offsets - University of Pennsylvania


For scientific societies, where air travel to conferences plays a central role in the organization’s activities, carbon offsets offer an immediate response to the issue of climate change while longer-term, more comprehensive ... industrial and agricultural processes and to biosequestration (e.g., planting trees), to deploying

  Industrial, Societies



complex ways to tr ansf or m societies and r esha pe e xter nal r ela tions . Economists identify three types of movement or ‘flows’ within international economic e xchang es. T he f ir st is the f lo w of tr ade w hic h in the nineteenth century referred largely …


The Trajectory of the Anthropocene: the Great Acceleration


Conference on the history of the human-environment relationship (Hibbard et al. 2006). The term echoed Karl Polanyi’s phrase “The Great Transformation”, and in his book by the same name (Polanyi 1944) Polanyi put forward a holistic understanding of the nature of modern societies, including mentality, behaviour, structure and more.

  Human, Modern, Societies, Modern societies

WHA58.3 Revision of the International Health Regulations


Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Air Transport Association, International Shipping Federation, and Office International des Epizooties; 5. URGES Member States: (1) to build, strengthen and maintain the capacities required under the International Health Regulations (2005), and to mobilize the resources necessary for that purpose;

  Association, Societies



IFRC International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies ILO International Labour Office / Organization ITC/ILO International Training Centre of the ILO ... SACCO Saving and Credit Cooperative SIDA Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Agreed-upon, Realistic and Time-bound ...

  Societies, Cosca



and inclusive societies, the international community has once again emphasized the centrality of peace and ... there is a current emphasis on addressing fragility and building resilience, and on a risk-informed ... would allow for a basic understanding of changes in parliament, grievances with social-services access or ...

  Understanding, Community, Resilience, Societies

Societies Registration Act 1860 - mca.gov.in


SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1860 [Act No. 21 of Yr. 1860] An Act for the registration of literary, scientific and charitable societies Whereas it is expedient the provision should be made for improving the legal condition or societies established …

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