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Ballast/Driver Compatibility Guide


PL-S/C ballasts 16 Compact fluorescent emergency ballasts 16 PL-C/T ballasts 17 LATAM T8 18 LATAM FA8 18 Footnotes 19 Ballast/Driver Compatibility Guide InstantFit LED lamps. 2 InstantFit Ballast Compatibility Guide See footnotes on Page 10. 9.5 W 1600 lm (4 ft.) 10 W 1600 lm (4 ft.) 14 W 2100 lm (4 ft.) 13 W 2100 lm

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This chart lists the compatibility of various coils with ...


This chart lists the compatibility of various coils with MSD Ignition Controls. It is impossible to list every coil combination and it is recommended to check with the coil manufacturer before installation. MSD 5/ MSD 6- 7AL-2, 7AL-3 DIGITAL-7 BLASTERSERIESSERIES SERIES MSD Blaster 2 Coil PN 8200 Chrome YES YES

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Fisher 3582 and 3582i Positioners and 582i Electro ...


Electromagnetic Compatibility for 582i electro‐pneumatic converter Meets EN 61326‐1:2013 Immunity—Industrial locations per Table 2 of the EN 61326‐1 standard. Performance is shown in table 2 below. Emissions—Class A ISM equipment rating: Group 1, Class A Note: The electromagnetic compatibility specifications also apply to the 3582i ...

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White Paper: Material Selection and Compatibility ...


Material Selection and Compatibility ... are positioned on the galvanic chart, the more likely they are to corrode when placed together in a solution. 3.0 Types of corrosion ... Care must be taken to prevent placing certain dissim ilar metals that would cause molecular hydrogen to

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CHROMA METER CR-400/410 - Konica Minolta


Full data compatibility with the CR-300/310 series To ensure data compatibility, the CR-400 Series utilizes the same illumination-viewing optical system as the conventional CR-300/310 Series. As a result, those upgrading from the preceding model can make full use of their existing data. Easy-to-understand the name on the buttons, ensure




CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY CHART . ABS . Our products can be exposed to a huge variety of chemicals. The data table below is an application guide, and indicates the . resistance of the specific thermoplastics we use in the construction of our products, to common chemicals. The data given should be used cautiously, and as a guide only.

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The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016


The Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016 Made - - - - 15th November 2016 Laid before Parliament 16th November 2016 Coming into force - - 8th December 2016 The Secretary of State is a Minister designated(a) for the purposes of section 2(2) of the European Communities ...

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GPS Plotter Cards Compatibility Guide - Navionics


GPS_Plotter_Cards_Compatibility_Guide.xlsx Author: scosta Created Date: 2/24/2022 9:26:04 AM ...

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PVDF (Kynar®) Chemical Compatibility Chart from ISM


PVDF (Kynar®) Chemical Compatibility Chart ver 06-Feb-2018 Key to General Chemical Resistance – All data is based on ambient or room temperature conditions, …

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Chemical Compatibility Chart from ISM - Industrial Spec


Chemical Compatibility Chart ... Hastelloy® -C Natural Rubber Hytrel® (TPE) Kel-F® (PCTFE) HDPE LDPE Neoprene (CR) Noryl® (PPO) Polycarbonate (PC) Polypropylene (PP) PTFE PVC PVDF (Kynar®) Silicone (VMQ) Titanium Viton® (FKM) Amines A A N/A D D B B D D D N/A D B B 1A A B C B B D D D B A D N/A B B D D Ammonia, 10% (Ammonium ...

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Dell Commercial Docking Compatibility


Oct 31, 2021 · Compatibility Supported and Recommended Docks System Name WD19 / WD19S – 130W with 90W WD19TB / WD19TBS Power Delivery This dock is not available in APJ and Brazil WD19 / WD19S – 180W with 130W Power Delivery with 130W Power Delivery WD19DC / WD19DCS with 210W Power Delivery Latitude 9410 P P P Recommended P * …


Dell WD15, TB16, TB18DC Commercial Docking Compatibility


May 29, 2020 · Commercial Docking Compatibility XPS 13 2-in-1 7390 2-in-1 O P P P O XPS 13 9300 O P P P O XPS 7590 O P P P O XPS 9360 P P P P O XPS 9360 P P P P O XPS 9365 P P P P O XPS 9370 P P P P O XPS 9380 O P P P O XPS 9560 P P P P O XPS 9570 P P P P O XPS 9575 P P P P O See the Dell Commercial Docks Family Brochure for more information on …




Compatibility with the contents Strength of container and the degree of protection required Moisture-proofness ... The physical or chemical alteration of the packaging material by the drug product is called “modification”. The content may extract the plasticizer, antioxidant or stabilizer, thus changing the ...

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ProTech - Woodward, Inc.


Apr 18, 2019 · Product Specification 03370 ... EMC: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Declaration of Conformity (DoC) RCM requirements for the Australian (& New Zealand) Radiocommunications Act is a separate document only created for …

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TEST REPORT - Analog Devices


- Clause 4.13 - Electromagnetic Compatibility - Not included in the scope of ISO 16750 ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS IN THE LAB Actual Temperature 22.6 - 24.2 °C Relative Humidity 30.0 - 52.0 % Atmospheric pressure 97.8 - 98.4 kPa POWER SUPPLY UTILIZED Power supply system 12 VDC STATEMENT OF MEASUREMENT UNCERTAINTY

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1794-IN038E-EN-P FLEX I/O Isolated Input Analog Module ...


there may be potential difficulties ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in other environments due to conducted as well as radiated disturbance. This equipment is supplied as open-type equipment. It must be mounted within an enclosure that is suitably designed for those specific

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SFP & Stacking Accessories - Cisco Meraki


Compatibility MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM1 62.5 μm / 125 μm Orange 220m Gigabit MX84/ MX100 MX250/ MX400 MX450/ MX600 MS120 Series MS125 Series MS210 Series MS225 Series MS250 Series MS350 Series MS355 Series MS390 Series MS410 Series MS425 Series MA-SFP-1GB-SX 1000BASE-SX 850 MMF OM2 50 μm / 125 μm Orange 550m …

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USB-to-Data Highway Plus Cable Installation Instructions


may be difficulties with electromagnetic compatibility in residential and other environments due to conducted and radiated disturbances. This equipment is supplied as enclosed equipment. It should not require additional system enclosure when used in locations consistent with the enclosure type ratings stated in the Specifications

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Pre-treatment Sealing and Bonding Chart Method Statement: Joint Sealing ... paints, compatibility and adhesion testing is essential. ... In case of an emergency, call CHEMTREC at 1-800-424-9300, International 703-527-3887. LEGAL DISCLAIMER

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iPhone/iPad Connection Manual - Yamaha Corporation


iPhone/iPad compatibility and other related system requirements vary from app to app. Be sure, ... In such a case, there is no need to follow the instructions provided in this manual. ... applies to your situation, using the following chart.

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2021 MTB Components - SRAM


Driver Body and Cassette Compatibility Cassette Driver Body Gearing Model XD XDR * 11** 10/9/8 12s 10-52 Eagle XG 1299 XG 1295 XG 1275 10-50 Eagle XG 1299 XG 1295 XG 1275 11-50 Eagle PG 1230 PG 1210 11s 10-42 XG 1199 XG 1195 XG 1180 XG 1175 XG 1150 11-42 PG 1130 * All XD cassettes are compatible to an XDR driver body by using a 1.85 mm spacer

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Hook Reveal Series Operator Manual - Amazon S3


Compatibility) standard 2017 About this manual This manual is a reference guide for operating a Hook Reveal Series unit. Because of size differences, screenshots of menus and dialogs may not match the look of your unit. These units are only capable of the sonar views and frequencies indicated in the specification included in the transducer’s




I. DSC- Differential Scanning Calorimetry II. DTA- Differential Thermal Analysis 2) Accelerated Stability Study 3) FT-IR Spectroscopy 4) DRS-Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy 5) Chromatography I. SIC-Self Interactive Chromatography II. TLC-Thin Layer Chromatography III. HPLC-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography 6) Miscellaneous

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Enabling Intel® Virtualization Technology Features and ...


Intel® Enhanced vMotion* Example Microarchitecture Compatibility (EVC) Setting 45nm Intel® Core™ Intel® Xeon® processor (45nm) Intel Xeon processor processor family Intel Core 2 processor 5400 or 7400 series Next-generation Intel® Intel Xeon processor Intel Xeon processor microarchitecture Intel Core i7 processor (45nm) 5500 or 7500 series

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Guidelines for Programme Design, Monitoring and


• 4.2.2 Factors ensuring compatibility and sustainability 4.3. How to plan and carry out an evaluation ... Long-term objectives of Finnish development cooperation are specified in the rolling five-year financial and action ... based on a broad assessment of sector-specific needs.

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Hand hygiene HAND HYGIENE - Infection Prevention Control


infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy. ... • Provide alcohol handrub, following a risk assessment, at the entrance to ... o Wearing short sleeved clothingor rolling sleeves up to the elbows o Removing wrist and hand jewellery. Rings with jewels, stones, ridges or

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Vitualization Overview wp eng Q206 - VMware


para-virtualization, whereby operating system compatibility is traded off against performance for certain CPU-bound applica-tions running on systems without virtualization hardware assist (see Figure 7). The para-virtualized model offers potential perfor-mance benefits when a guest operating system or application

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AT&T TVTM Device and Remote Control


(It’s not compatible with any DIRECTV set-top boxes or existing Genie ... TV Compatibility • Compatible with HD and 4K TVs with HDMI 2.0 & 1.4, HDCP 2.2, 60 Hz and capable of 4K, 1080p . 6 6. ... consult your alarm company, telephone company or a qualified installer.

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Handbook Softstarter Handbook - ABB


Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC Concerns all devices able to create elec-tro-magnetic disturbance including the level of emission and immunity. CE Marking When a product is verified according to its applicable EN standard, the product is presumed to fulfil both the ”Low Voltage Directive” and ”Electromagnetic Compa-

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IEC 60204-1 6 edition - Siemens


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). • Short-circuit current rating of electrical equipment. • Overcurrent protection and protective bonding circuit. • Control circuits and control functions. • Icons for actuators and control devices. • Requirements for the technical documentation. • National requirements, normative ...

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Protein A Affinity Column for Monoclonal Antibody (MAb ...


compatibility of this column allows automation, provides accurate and high throughput analysis. Methods Sample Preparation Monoclonal antibody harvest cell culture was a gift from a local biotech company. The HCC was filtered through a 0.22 µm membrane prior to sample injection. Columns MAbPac Protein A column, 12 µm, 4 × 35 mm Buffers


Contact Information: Instrument Tubing Selection Guide


for any application is the compatibility of the tubing material with the media to be contained. Table 1 lists common materials and their associated general application. Table 1 also lists the minimum and maximum operating temperature for the various tubing materials. In addition, Parker instrument fittings are designed to work on like materials.


ROTARY AIRLOCK VALVES - Meyer Industrial Solutions


Round or square flange assures system compatibility 8 vane open end rotor Full flow throat design permits maximum flow to rotor pocket ... including; inconel, hastelloy or cast steel Pollution Control Weighing Mixing Feeding SQUARE CFR 6X6 0.07 8X8 0.18 10X10 0.36 12X12 0.64 12X21 1.08 14X14 1.12

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Corrosion & Corrosion Resistance - Fastenal


Plating Compatibility Chart KEY: 1 The corrosion of the base metal is not increased by the fastener. 2 The corrosion of the base metal is marginally increased by the fastener. 3 The corrosion of the base metal is considerably increased by the fastener. 4 The plating on the fastener is rapidly consumed, leaving the bare fastener metal.

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Pressure Transmitters and Pressure Transducers


w ®Housing optionally made from Hastelloy and Titanium w Mathematical modelling on customer request Pressure transducers for high pressure Series 6LHP / 7LHP / 8 Series 7LHPI – Inconel™ up to 200 °C ... w Optimised electromagnetic compatibility w Ideal for industrial applications C­Line Technical Features w Ratiometric output: 0,5 to 4,5 ...

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【仕 様】


※EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) 機器が電磁波(ノイズ)を出しにくく、また電磁波(ノイズ)の影響を受けにくい機器 【仕 様】 【別売交換部品】 静かに 強く 安心と 安らぎを トクソー技研株式会社

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durability, compatibility & minimise film cracking •Fungicides, Biocides and Insecticides prevent growth and attack of fungi, bacteria and insects. (protect the paint in storage from spoilage due to bacterial growth) •Flow control agents improve flow properties. •Defoamers prevent formation of air bubbles entrapped in the coatings.


VLT® Micro Drive FC 51 - Danfoss


EMC Electro magnetic compatibility ETR Electronic thermal relay FC Frequency converter fM,N Nominal motor frequency g Gram Hz Hertz IINV Rated inverter output current ILIM Current limit IM,N Nominal motor current IVLT,MAX The maximum output current IVLT,N The rated output current supplied by the frequency converter kHz Kilohertz LCP Local ...

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EUCLID UNIVERSAL COLOR CHART STANDARD COLORS FOR TINTABLE EUCLID CHEMICAL PRODUCTS AND EUCLID UNIVERSAL COLOR PACKS (EUCO PACKS) ... technical data sheet of the product to be pigmented with Euco Universal Color Packs to verify compatibility and proper usage. The most current technical data sheet for each product ...

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Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority Strategy


Oct 29, 2020 · cyberspace, and the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is challenged by peer and near peer adversaries. These challenges have exposed the cross-cutting reliance of U.S. Forces on the EMS, and are driving a change in ... maximize spectrum compatibility, andensure EMS superiority. The shift

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マルチメディア機器の電磁両立性 -イミュニティ要求事項-


Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Immunity requirements - はじめに この度,平成30年12月12日付情報通信審議会一部答申(諮問第3号「国際無線障害特別委員 …

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GO7 Installation Manual - Navico


Radiocommunications (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standard 2008 ... equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by ... The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface,

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Leachables are Chemical compounds, typically a subset of extractables that migrate into a drug formulation from any product contact material as a result of direct contact under normal process conditions or accelerated storage conditions. These are likely to be found in the

  Development, Compatibility, Pharmaceutical, Extractable, Leachables, Pharmaceutical development and compatibility

Guidelines for Syringe Driver Management in Palliative Care


of Evidence1 chart (Appendix A). All abstracts identified during the search were ... care nurses, physicians and a pharmacist with expertise in palliative care medications. The Multidisciplinary Review Panel was asked to review the ... • If compatibility is an issue, the use of two syringe driver devices3 or

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154-2010: Using PROC SGPLOT for Quick High-Quality Graphs


Care must be taken to make sure that the subsequent plots do not obscure the first. ... chart of the variable REGION. The chart shows the number of countries in each region that participated in the 2008 Olympics. ... Compatibility of SGPLOT procedure statements and selected options. If a check mark appears in the box

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MHRA Software flowchart - GOV.UK


flow chart Introduction Medical purpose flow chart Medical devices In vitro diagnostic medical devices ... To determine the safety and compatibility with potential recipients 16 To monitor therapeutic measures 17. ... the role of apps used as part of fitness regimes and for social care situations is also expanding. However, in the UK ...

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EI Risk Assessment - European Medicines Agency


• Approach to products during clinical development. ... equipment compatibility . www.efpia.eu . 13. Identify • Any risk assessment needs to be supported by an appropriate overall quality system. Key aspects of this would typically ... • Pharmaceutical excipient handbook suggests that a catalyst can be used

  Development, Compatibility, Pharmaceutical

TJA1021 - NXP


optimum ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance due to wave shaping of the LIN output. The LIN physical layer is independent of higher OSI model layers (e.g., the LIN protocol). Consequently, nodes containing an ISO 17987-compliant physical layer can be combined,

  Compatibility, Electromagnetic, Electromagnetic compatibility

High-speed CAN transceiver - NXP


devices such as the TJA1050. It offers improved ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) performance, and also features: • Ideal passive behavior to the CAN bus when the supply voltage is off • TJA1051T/3 and TJA1051TK/3 can be interfaced directly to microcontrollers with suppyl voatlges from 3Vto5V

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