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Annual Reports: Presenting Your Successes


Annual Re p o r ts: Presenting Your Successes g i v es you the tools to make yo u r voice heard by organization supporters and stakeholders. It is designed to help the staff of nonprofit community development organizations c r eate effective annual re p o r ts and make the process less intimidating.

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IM P R O V E Y O U R B O T T O M L IN E - socalgas.com


A s a sm a ll b u sin e ss o w n e r, th e re s th a t m o m e n t w h e n yo u kn ew a ll o f yo u r e ffo rts w e re w o rth it. A n d w h e n yo u g e t m o n ey b a ck fro m S o C a lG a s ® \R X

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