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B-3 Zoning District Description Sheet Revised June, 2014 Page 1 B-3 – GENERAL BUSINESS ZONING DISTRICT ZONING DESCRIPTION SHEET According to Section IV-2 of the Zoning Ordinance, the purpose and intent of the B-3 Zoning District is as follows: "The B-3, General Business District is intended to provide areas for a range of commercial

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Plan Examination Guidelines - New York City


Zoning Analysis Full zoning analysis: use, bulk, parking, street trees and plantings if dictated by zoning Floor area calculations in tabular (box) form, including box diagrams with area totals for each floor *A Zoning Diagram (ZD1) may also be required. Refer to the Zoning Diagram Guide for more information,

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Nov 02, 2021 · 2.01.010 There is hereby created the position of Zoning Administrator, who shall be a duly appointed person charged with the administration, interpretation, and enforcement of these zoning regulations. 2.01.020 Duties of Zoning Administrator: The Zoning Administrator, his assistant, or designee shall: 1.

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Planning & Zoning Reference Guide


planning • Accessory structures may be 5 ft. from lot lines; however, shall still comply with 20 ft. separation distance Board of Adjustment • Application for a variance to the County Zoning Code or a special use exception can be made to the Board of Adjustment through the Planning and Zoning Office Planning and Zoning Department 2 The ...

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Roles & Responsibilities of Planning & Zoning Boards Part I


Overview Massachusetts is a home rule state and a vast majority of land use decisions are made at the local level. However, there are State and Federal exceptions to local control. Chapter40Ais“TheZoningAct”,nottheZoningEnabling Act. This is an important distinction. There are many other laws, rules and regulations besides zoning and subdivision that have a …

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Planning Implementation Tools Overlay Zoning


Overlay Zoning Overlay zoning is a regulatory tool that creates a special zoning district, placed over an existing base zone(s), which identifi es special provisions in addition to those in the underlying base zone. (see Figure 1). The overlay district can share common boundaries with the base zone or cut across base zone boundaries ...




Chapter 2.1 establishes zoning districts, consistent with the City of [name] Comprehensive Plan. Every unit of land (parcel, lot, tract, and right-of-way) within the City of [name] is designated with a zoning district or “zone,” and may also be designated with one or more overlay zones. The use of land is limited to the uses allowed by

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Basic Building, Planning and Zoning Rules in the State of ...


Planning and zoning in the State of New Jersey is regulated on a local level. Currently there are 566 separate municipalities in the state. Most of these have their own, locally adopted zoning regulations. The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq., is the

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Build or buy a tiny home - Premier of Ontario


a. Local zoning by-laws may not permit adding a tiny home without further municipal approval (see section on Municipal zoning and other by-laws). b. The lot may be too small to meet setbacks or other local requirements without further municipal approval (see section on Municipal zoning and other by-laws). c. The lot may not have adequate

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Land use planning is the most visible form of planning because of its potential impact on the fundamental design of a community. It is important to understand the difference between land use planning and zoning. Zoning is only one of several regulatory devices available for local governments to carry out land use planning. Need for Public Input

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Summary of Zoning Districts of the City of Fort Worth


Summary of Zoning Districts of the City of Fort Worth. Type Special Districts “AG” Agricultural Farms, ranches or nurseries for the growing of plants and raising of livestock. Also permitted are public service facilities such as churches, schools, libraries, etc.

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zoning map san francisco april 2020 0 0.25 0.5 1 mile n s a n f r a n c i s c o b a y p aci f ic oc e a n 1 1 1 1 101 101 101 101 101 101 280 280 280 280 80 35 35 city hall union square peir 39 aquatic park marina green fort mason a plaza yette ark ton square tional tion area tion area presidio lincoln park sutro heights golden gate park ...

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Wellhead Protection Program Guidance Document


State law sets requirements for wellhead protection area zones (WAC 246-290-130 and ... Local governments with zoning authority are responsible for land use planning and zoning. Local ... Groundwater is the source of drinking water for about 65 percent of Washington citizens. In some counties, dependency on groundwater approaches 100 percent. ...

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Deck Design Guide 3a - Portland, Oregon


Call Planning and Zoning at 503-823-7526 to find out what zoning requirements apply to your specific property. How Do I Get A Building Permit? See BDS handout, Brochure 1, Guide to Permits and Inspections. This handout describes the building permit process from application to final inspection. What Plans Do I Need?

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PDF Zoning Ordinance for Jacksonville, Florida


PDF Zoning Ordinance for Jacksonville, Florida Commercial Community/General-2 (CCG-2) District. (a) Permitted uses and structures. (1) Commercial Retail Sales and Service Establishments (2) Retail sales of new or used automobiles, trucks and tractors, mobile homes, boats, pawnshops, automotive vehicle parts (but not automobile


Generalized Summary of Zoning Regulations


(1)0 30 10% lot width; 3 ft. min. 15 ft. min 2,300 sq. ft. 28 ft. E-2 Adopted December 3, 2013 Los Angeles Department of City Planning Appendix e Generalized Summary of Zoning Regulations eHomeng El i us nt 2013–2021 - Appendices


Building Development Management - Johannesburg


• If zoning will be changed for new development, a new zoning certificate to be submitted. • Letters from all adjoining neighbours acknowledging and accepting the blasting. • Way-leave from Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA). • Permit from SAP Blasting Inspector. • Explosive permit. Turn around time : 5 -10 days.

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DeKalb County Planning and Sustainability Department-Rev ...


Planning Svcs . D: 404-371-2789 . C: 404-906-8162 chudson@dekalbcountyga.gov Brandon White D: Current Planning Zoning Manager 404 -371 4922. C: 470-464-1077 blwhite@dekalbcountyga.gov Marcus Robinson Chief Building Official . D: 404-371-2130 . C: 404 -569 1156 mlrobinson@dekalbcountyga.gov Matthew Williams Zoning Administrator . D: 404 …

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Fact Sheet - New Neighbourhood Zones and Subzones ... - …


Zoning associated with the People and Neighbourhoods policy area attracted some of the highest ... Examples of where this zone applies include areas of Coromandel Valley, Craigmore, Eden Hills, Glenalta, Hackham, Hallett Cove, Onkaparinga Hills, Seacombe Heights and Stonyfell. ... Proposed zoning changed to new Township Neighbourhood Zone

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Infinity Evolution Troubleshooting Guide Rev2


This guide covers Infinity and Evolution zoning and non-zoning systems with versions CESR131339-03, - 05, -06, -08, -10, and -12 software (versions 7, 9, and 11 were not put into production) . The model

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Charlotte County Board Of County Commissioners


Planning & Zoning: Planning-941-764-4903 / Zoning-941-743-1964 Last Name First Name Title Phone Barber Jill Customer Service Specialist 941-743-1239 Bennett Heather Senior Administrative Assistant 941-764-4909 Brickley Brent Code Compliance Officer 941-764-4171 Clement Heidi Senior Customer Service Specialist 941-764-4115

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February 2013 - San Diego County, California


use and the development of land in the unincorporated County of San Diego to provide guidance on how to design parking areas that are in compliance with the County’s regulations and procedures (Section 6750 et seq. of theCounty of San Diego Zoning Ordinance, herein referred to as the “Zoning Ordinance”).

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The Law (A) Department. ... work force of 65 lakhs and the present trends of developments, the Inner Ring Road, the Outer Ring road, radial roads and has proposed a radial-concentric structure of ... Metropolitan Region along with maps, report and draft zoning and development promotion regulations to the Government for sanction vide references ...


service directory


the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Midland, please take notice that a public hearing will be held by the City Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 8, …

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service directory


Feb 25, 2022 · Mt. Pleasant 989-773-7370 HOME IMPROVEMENT ... ORDINANCE NO. 1585 January 25, 2022 Petition No. 22-03 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The City of Midland Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing in ...

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CHAPTER 227 The Land Act, 1998. - Ministry of Lands ...


LAND ACT, 1998 (incorporating The Land (Amendment) Acts, 2004 and 2010) Page 3 of 77 PART III—CONTROL OF LAND USE. 42. Acquisition of land by the Government. 43. Utilisation of land according to various laws. 44. Control of environmentally sensitive areas. 45. Land use planning and zoning. PART IV—LAND MANAGEMENT. Uganda Land Commission. 46.

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VRV Reference Guide - Daikin AC


DESIGN OPTIMIZATION CONTROLS AND STANDARDS Common Mistake Best Practice Thinking VRV is just a “big” multi split DX system VRV is a chiller circulating refrigerant instead of water It’s a Zoning system thus an Indoor unit in EVERY room Design VRV systems using same approach as VAV or WSHP VRV is a “Ductless System”

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Planning Permit / Building Permit


5. Zoning of Land After making the site visit on the scheduled date, the Assistant Executive Engineer (AEE) shall submit the inspection report within 48 hours of site inspection online, which can be viewed by the applicant and Registered Architect / Registered Engineer. After site inspection, the documents enclosed

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Hospital Planning and Design - IRTPMS


Power – 2X15 amp & 3X5 amp at least ... ZONING IN OT Protective Zone ... Planning, BM Sakharkar Hospital Administration, CM Francis & Mario C de Souza. REFERENCES IS 10905 (Indian Hospital Standards) HTM 2025 (Ventilation in Health Care Facility) HTM 05 (Fire Safety) & HTM 06 (Electrical

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including Ordinance #2013-002R of August 20, 2013. _____ Mary Hawkins Butler, Mayor Attest:_____ Susan B. Crandall, City Clerk LEGEND Madison City Limits A-1 RE-A RE-B R-1 R-2 R-3 R-4 PUD C-PUD C-1 C-2 C-3 Depot Subdistrict OM I-1 S-1 S-2 REV 10/14/14 DRAFT - FOR VIEWING PURPOSES ONLY. Created Date ...

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Market Square


questing zoning approval to ... Rubicon Township, Parcel I.D. Number 3221-009-013-00. Agri-Valley Communica-tions also secured a thirty (30) foot wide access & utility

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CHARLOTTE-MECKLENBURG STORM WATER DESIGN MANUAL. CHAPTER 3 . OPEN CHANNEL HYDRAULICS . ... shall be defined as either full development per the current zoning of the property, the existing land use, or adopted land use planarea , whichever generates s the higher runoff ... Ordinance, the City/County Engineering Department may require that the 100+1

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Norwood RecordFREE


Norwood Planning Board, Moderna and its landlord Alexandrea Real Estate. The Planning Board is seeking to turn the old Polaroid Campus off of Route 1A near the Westwood border into a biotech hub. The Life Sci-ences Development District will allow for contiguous zoning that would be advan-tageous for life science de-velopers. It would also allow

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Government's Role in Protecting Health and Safety


Long-standing Vaccination mandates Water fluoridation Micronutrient fortification of manufactured foods Iodization of salt Clean water, air, food Elimination of lead in paint and gasoline Newer Zoning laws to promote physical activity (e.g., walking and bicycle paths) School policies (e.g., food, physical activity, safe transportation)

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IS 1893-1 (2002): Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design ...


The Sectional Committee has appreciated that there cannot bean entirely scientific basis for zoning in view of the scanty data available. Though the magnitudes of different earthquakes which have occurred in the past are known to a reasonable degree of accuracy, the intensities of the shocks caused by these earthquakes

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responsibilities as Chicago alderman and chair of the city council’s zoning committee, and thus, the legal fees were not personal in nature. The Committee asserted that the FBI would not have sought Solis’s cooperation if he had not held the official positions that provided the opportunity to communicate with other

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Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park Zoning Map


A summary of activities permitted and restrictions that apply are detailed above. Refer to theuser guide for further information or the Marine Estate Management (Management Rules) Regulation 1999 for full details. Note: All other relevant legislation continues to apply in addition to the management rules. *

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• Contact the zoning officer in the town or municipality where the potential site is located to determine if the property is zoned to include a child care center. If the site is not zoned for a child care center determine if a variance (permission to operate) is possible and if the variance requirements may be met.

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KAMM was formed in order to promote natural hazard mitigation and management in Kentucky. Our members represent local floodplain coordinators, planning and zoning officials, engineers, surveyors, GIS specialists, hydrologists, public safety and ... all of Warren County. We have two sessions from Dr. Josh Durkee, Director WKU White Squirrel ...

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Warren County Planning and Zoning


Warren County Sanitarian for guidance before planning your home addition. To determine the cost of your permit(s), see the Fee Schedule included in this packet. (Checks must be made payable to Warren County Treasurer.) All structures in unincorporated Warren County require a permit, regardless of size or use.

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for both gas and water in a home with a 200 amp service) 4.) Gas appliances/heating units cannot be installed in sleeping rooms, bathrooms or in any ... PLANNING & ZONING BUILDING SAFETY FLOODPLAIN REVIEW WASTEWATER 745 N Rose Mofford Way Globe Arizona 85501 (928)425-3231 Ext. 4224 .

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Richland County Zoning Ordinance


The use of any land or water, the size, shape, and placement of lots; the use, size, type, and location of structures on lots; the regulat ion of billboards, mobile homes, trailers, quarries, and junk yards; and the subdivision of lots shall be in full compliance with the terms of this Ordinance and other applicable regulations.

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the area, and then identify the right methods for implementing change, such as zoning and land use controls. ... finishing in the end of 2012. 2 . 3 Today’s workshop is an opportunity to work together to create a map that shows the changes and

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Planning andZoning Commission of The City of Bridgeport hereby adopts and enacts these regulations as the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations of The City of Bridgeport. Section 1-3 Purpose . The purpose of the Zoning and Subdivision …

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Zoning Board Handbook - Wisconsin Department of Natural ...


Jan 01, 2010 · Chapter 8: Application Process 51 Who completes the application to the zoning board? 52 When do applications need to be complete? Can subsequent changes be made? 52 What is included in a complete application? 53 Who reviews the applications? 56 Are zoning staff reports recommended and what do they contain? 56 Chapter 9: Site Visits 59

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Zoning Ordinance - Peabody, Massachusetts


* Editors Note: Printed herein is the zoning ordinance of the city adopted in 1975 and revised and codified by ordinance of 6-27-78 and printed in pamphlet form entitled "Peabody Zoning Ordinance--1978". Amendments have been included and are indicated in the history note immediately following the amended section or subsection.


Zoning Reference Guide 2020 - Tacoma


ZONING SUMMARY . Land-Use Diagrams. R-1 Building Envelope 35’ 35’ 25’ 25’ 25’ 20’ 5’ 5’ 5’ 5’ lley eet. R-2 Building Envelope. R-1. Single-family District Zone Description. The R-1 district is intended for a typical neighborhood with only single family dwelling . units. It is most appropriate in established areas with a ...


ZONING SUMMARY - Department of Planning


stability and desirability of residential districts. They include both single-family and general residential districts. Basically,the density increases with the number following the "R" designation. Single-family Residential Districts There are four (4) single-family residential categories.? R-1 - maximum 5.9 units per acre allowed; and?

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