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2013 School Effectiveness Framework - Ontario

2013. School Effectiveness Framework A support for School improvement and student success K 12. The School Effectiveness Framework K 12. i Ministry of Education Minist re de l' ducation Mowat Block difice Mowat Queen's Park Queen's Park Toronto ON M7A 1L2 Toronto ( Ontario ) M7A 1L2. August, 2013. Dear Colleagues, At the time of the release of the K-12 School Effectiveness Framework , 2010, we promised that the resource would be reviewed and refined, following a two year implementation period and based on feedback from educators across the province. We have been listening to you. You will find that this revised version supports a clear focus on implementation in schools and boards. During the updating of the resource, many voices and effective practices have been incorporated into the content. As you know, the 2010 resource was intended to identify evidence-based indicators of successful practices in effective schools. The K-12 SEF, 2013. provides opportunities for schools to continue to examine their practices, to engage in deep and purposeful conversations and to take collaborative action for the benefit of our students and educators.

T iectivenes amew –12. 4. Design of the Framework. The School Effectiveness Framework (SEF K-12) graphic outlines interdependent relationships . that need to be considered if improvement for students is to happen in and through schools.


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Transcription of 2013 School Effectiveness Framework - Ontario

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