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Amadeus Basic Course - Welcome to ASC Website

1. Amadeus Basic Reservation & Ticketing Manual 2. Document Control Security level Company Automated Systems Co. Department Training Services Author Shadab Kazi Reviewed by Kamran Khan 27 JUL 12. Version Date Change Comment By 01 July 2012. Amadeus Basic Reservation & Ticketing Manual 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION .. 5. AUDIENCE .. 5. Course OBJECTIVES .. 5. Course GUIDE OBJECTIVES .. 5. Amadeus SIGN .. 6. ENCODING AND DECODING .. 8. Amadeus INFORMATION PAGES .. 9. Amadeus ONLINE HELP AND E SUPPORT .. 9. Amadeus AIR .. 10. WORKING WITH A TIMETABLE DISPLAY .. 10. WORKING WITH A SCHEDULE DISPLAY .. 11. WORKING WITH AN AVAILABILITY 11. DIRECT ACCESS 13. CARRIER PREFERRED 13. SEVEN DAY SEARCH .. 13. CHANGING THE DISPLAY .. 14. TYPES OF FLIGHT .. 14. Amadeus ACCESS LEVELS .. 14. PNR PASSENGER NAME RECORD .. 15. OPTIONAL ELEMENTS IN PNR.

Amadeus uses codes to represent locations, companies and equipment in theentries that you use in Amadeus and in the displays that are returned to you.


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Transcription of Amadeus Basic Course - Welcome to ASC Website

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