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Appendix D—Agriculture Pathogen Biosafety

Appendix D: agriculture Pathogen Biosafety 343 Appendix D agriculture Pathogen BiosafetyThe contents of this Appendix were provided by USDA. All questions regarding its contents should be forwarded to the IntroductionII. BSL-3-AgIII. BSL-3, EnhancedIV. pathogens of Veterinary SignificanceV. Summaries of Selected agriculture AgentsVI. Additional informationI. IntroductionRisk assessment and management guidelines for agriculture differ from human public health standards. Risk management for agriculture research is based on the potential economic impact of animal and plant morbidity, and mortality, and the trade implications of disease.

Appendix D: Agriculture Pathogen Biosafety 345. 4. Double-door autoclaves engineered with bioseals are provided to decontaminate laboratory waste passing out of the containment area.


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Transcription of Appendix D—Agriculture Pathogen Biosafety

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