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0 Hz/DC to 13 GHz, 2.5 kV HBM ESD, SP4T ... - Analog Devices


Initial On-Resistance Properties : On Resistance . R ON. 2.9 . Ω . Drain source current (I DS) = 50 mA, 0 V input bias, at 1 ms after first actuation, maximum specification from 0°C to 85°C : On-Resistance Match Between Channels . ΔR. ON CH_CH. 1 . Ω : Maximum value tested from 0°C to 85°C On-Resistance Drift . Over Time. 2, 3 ΔR ON ...

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Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for Current Sensing


The temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), sometimes referred to as resistance temperature coefficient (RTC), is a characteristic of the thermal energy component of the above imperfections. The effect of this resistance change is reversible as the temperature returns to reference temperature, assuming the grain structure was not altered

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Sample Exam #3 Electricity Physics 103 Spring 2011 1. Ω ...


A resistor of unknown resistance and a 15- Ω resistor are connected across a 20-V battery in such a way that a 2.0 A current is observed in the battery. What is the value of the unknown resistance? a. 75 Ω b. 12 Ω c. 7.5 Ω d. 30 Ω e. 5.0 Ω The equivalent resistance is 20V/2A=10Ω. If one of the known resistors is 15Ω, then


Experiment #1 - The Digital Multimeter


a. Resistance Read Appendix 1 to review the color coding of resistors. Turn the meter on and set it up to measure resistance in the manner explained above. Measure the resistance of a 1kΩ resistor. Initially have the meter set on auto ranging (i.e. the word MAN is not lit up on the bottom of the display). The value will not be

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JEDEC STANDARD - Defense Suppliers of Electronic …


6.4 Wrist strap and ESD protective footwear resistance path checks 11 6.4.1 Wrist strap resistance measurement path 11 6.4.2 Heel/toe strap and conductive shoe resistance measurement paths 11 6.4.3 Wrist strap monitor 11 6.5 Electrostatic potential measurements 11 6.6 ESD signs and labels 11 6.6.1 Sign content and posting 11

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12 Pesticide resistance - Integrated Pest Management


Pesticide resistance is an important concept to understand when attempting to manage a pest. Without taking actions to delay or minimize pest resistance now, the pesticide management tactics we currently use may someday no longer work. 1

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Professional Thin Film Leaded Resistors


12NC INFORMATION FOR HISTORICAL CODING REFERENCE • The resistors have a 12 digit numeric code starting with 2322 15. • The subsequent 2 digits indicate the resistor type and packaging; see the 12NC Ordering Code table. • The remaining 4 digits indicate the resistance value: - The first 3 digits indicate the resistance value.

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NTC Thermistors, Resistance/Temperature Conversion


Vishay Dale NTC Thermistors, Resistance/Temperature Conversion www.vishay.com For technical questions, contact: thermistor1@vishay.com Document Number: 33011 12 Revision: 18-Jun-10 CURVE 3 R/T CONVERSION TABLE Rt/R25 TEMP. °C Rt/R25 TEMP. °C Rt/R25 TEMP. °C Rt/R25 TEMP. °C Rt/R25 - 60 49.1 0 2.57 60 0.328 120 0.0733 - 59 46.3 1 2.47 61 0 ...

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Professional Metal Film Leaded Resistors


For technical questions, contact: filmresistorsleaded@vishay.com ... Resistance range 0.22 to 10 M ; 0 0.22 to 22 M ; 0 0.22 to 22 M ... support of the printed-circuit board (thermal resistance). The rated dissipation applies only if the permitted film temperature is not exceeded. Furthermore, a high level of ambient temperature or of po wer ...

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Equipment Sizing and Specification: Shell and Tube Heat ...


•Fouling resistance on tube and shell –Can be combined as a Total Equivalent Fouling Resistance (TEFR) ... –Checking of vendor design and documents Ford, Bacon & Davis, LLC 29 ... heat exchangers in networks, any fluids with skin temperature limits, applications with 2 …

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Temperature Sensor Instruction Manual


the performance of temperature sensors, please do not use insulation resistance tester. There is a possibility in causing spark on using the insulation resistance tester which applies high-voltage.

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Understanding Slip Resistance - ATFA


Product slip rating With many products the slip rating is provided and this is especially so with specific non-slip coatings. So with reference to product information it is not uncommon for them to state the likes of the following: Tested to AS4586 – 2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials Appendix

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The fire hazard investigated by CPSC occurs at connections with aluminum wire, including ... for example. There are several deterioration processes in aluminum wire connections that cause increased resistance to the flow of electric current, resulting in damage that is cumulative in effect. That increased resistance causes overheat-ing ...

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Chemical Resistance Chart


Chemical Resistance Chart ASTM Breakthrough Times in Minutes and ISEA/CE Ratings for Best Gloves Explanation of Ratings ... Amides BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating 29. Dimethylacetamide 84 3 NR 0 29 1 51 2 >480 6 NR 0 30. Dimethylformamide 100 3 NR 0 >480 6 NR 0 >480 6 NR 0 31. N-Methyl Pyrrolidone 140 4 34 2 ...

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Fire-Resistant Assemblies Brochure (English) - SA100


elements of buildings, the fire-resistance rating classifies the ability of an assembly to confine and isolate fire within a zone comprised of fire resistance-rated walls, ceiling and floor assemblies. The ratings relate to fire tests designed to determine how quickly fire can raise the temperature to unacceptable levels.

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Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer


4.8 Contact Resistance 146 4.9 Numerical Method 147 Solved Problems 148 Objective Questions 170 Exercise Problems 172 5 TWO DIMENSIONAL STEADY HEAT CONDUCTION 176–201 5.0 Introduction 176 5.1 Solution to Differential Equation 176 5.2 Graphical Method 182 5.3 Numerical Method 184 5.4 Electrical Analogy 187

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AS 1530.4-2005 Methods for fire tests on building ...


(d) The adoption of methods based on the ISO 10294 series, Fire-resistance test—Fire dampers for air distribution systems, for testing fire dampers and performance criteria has been established in line with currently approved damper. This will also encourage the development of combined heat and smoke dampers.

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Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Training


manage airfields in 2012 when a C-17 ran 700 feet off the runway during icy conditions. A significant contributing factor was the lack of continuous runway assessments by Army airfield management personnel, resulting in more than $69 million worth of damages and months of operations being slowed or halted to conduct repairs on the airfield.

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Commentary on National Building Code (Part 4) – Fire and ...


particularly in fire resistance rating of materials, designating types of construction in a rational manner and relating the area limitations of different occupancies to different types of construction. CODE COMMENTARY Page 6 IITK-GSDMA-Fire03 - V3.0 Commentary on National Building Code (Part 4) ...

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Grounding Techniques for Tactical Equipment and Systems


Soil type and resistance .....4-4 Table A-1. Grounding checklist ..... A-1. 22 November 2017. TC 6-02.6 iii . Preface . Training Circular (TC) 6-02.6 provides various grounding techniques for tactical communications equipment and ... grounding also provides a preferred discharge path for externally generated electrical .. ...

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resistance to discharge, and in the case of the Ortur Laser Master 2, this path is through the Motherboard and the 12v rail. ... For the simplified methods of grounding, this is the final step on the wiring harness preparation. 8 Dongguan Ortur Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Person-In-Situation: History, Theory, and New Directions ...


This article explores the history of the person-in-situation concept in social work practice, identifies dif- ... defense and resistance, and interpretation into case-work practice. In the preface to the 1951 edition of ... nized as a form of psychotherapy and appeared to be more aligned with psychiatry than social work. In

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The person’s actual experience is deter-mined by the gestalt, rather than the raw pieces of ... self and resistance of aspects of the self take place, wherein the self either (a) does to oneself ... follows, then, that gestalt psychotherapy uses here-and-now (present-centered) experiments in directed awareness to increase the individual’s

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High- Performance Stainless Steels - Nickel Institute


superior corrosion resistance in a wide variety of aggressive environments when compared with the standard stainless steel grades such as Type* 304L, which contains only 18% chromium and 8% nickel (18-8), and Type 316L, which contains similar chromium and nickel and 2% molybdenum (18-10-2). Their superiority in resisting pitting and

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Compatibility of Metals & Alloys in Neat Methanol Service


The 300 series austenitic stainless steels are the workhorses in applications that require corrosion resistance. These alloys are available in regular carbon and low carbon grades. The low carbon grades are preferable for welded construction. Alloy 304 is a so-called 18-8 (18Cr-8Ni) with no Mo alloying agent.

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2018 IBC UPDATE Handout - iccsafe.org


Fire Area Separations New provisions in Section 508.4.1 and Table 508.4 clarify that the fire separations used for mixed occupancy purposes and those used for fire area purposes address different concerns, and as such the most restrictive fire-resistance-rated conditions shall apply. 510.2 Clarification 510.2 Horizontal Building Separation

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Gypsum Fire Wall - USG


Noise attenuation is also important, to ensure that ... Effective fire resistance and sound attenuation are important considerations ... and is a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Sound Transmission Class (STC) rates the effectiveness of walls and other components at blocking airborne sound. ...

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Analysis of innovation trends in packaging for power modules


Thermal resistanceThermal path – Reliability (CTE matching with die) – Size and volume reduction Al 2 O 3 Si 3 N 4 AlN AlSiC Thermal conductivity Taken as reference same Approx. 7x better Better (depending on alloy ratio) CTE matching Close to Si CTE Closest to Si CTE depending on alloy ratio TODAY • DBC is the standard – Al 2 ...

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Micro800 Family of PLCs Brochure - Rockwell Automation


• Analog Input / Output (2-channel / 4-channel, non-isolated) – Customize with an unprecedented amount of embedded Analog I/O for a micro PLC. Up to 20 Analog inputs. • Resistance Temperature Detector/Thermocouple (2-channel, non-isolated) – Makes temperature control possible when used with PID with autotuning.

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air ducts [see NFPA 90A(12), Sec.]. CAUTION: Care must be taken to ensure that any access panels or drop-in ceiling tiles used to provide this access do not reduce the fire resistance rating of your floorceiling or roofceiling - - assemblies. New installations

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Motor Calculations - University of Alabama


Measure the resistance by contacting the motor terminals. Then spin the motor shaft and take another measurement. The measurements should be very close in value. Continue to spin the shaft and take at least three measurements. This will ensure that the measurements were not taken at a point of minimum contact on the commutator.

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Antimicrobial Resistance in Ireland - Health Service Executive


A.3 Epidemiology of MRSA in hospitals in Ireland 8 A.4 MRSA in the community 9 A.5 The clinical and financial impact of MRSA 9 A.6 Glycopeptide-resistant MRSA 10 A.7 Role of antibiotic stewardship 10 A.8 Infection control measures 10 A.9 Isolation and cohorting of patients with MRSA 11 A.10 Eradication of MRSA carriage (decolonisation) 13

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NTC Thermistors, Radial Leaded, Standard Precision


Resistance value at 25 °C 3.3 to 470K Ω ... for short periods ≤ 150 Response time (in oil) ≈ 1.2 s Thermal time constant τ (for information only) 15 s Dissipation factor δ (for information only) 7 8.5 mW/K (for R25 Maximum power dissipation at 55 °C ... For technical questions, contact: nlr@vishay.com

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J1939 Data Link Troubleshooting Page 1 17


6.When you are checking the data link, if the problem is not present, the data link will show good. ... •Making checks at each module connector can help isolate a voltage drop / increase in resistance / short to power or gound ... solder and heat shrink after making this inspection.

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2.Make sure of proper color coding of resistors 3.The terminal of the resistance should be properly connected. 1.7 RESULT: 8 | P a g e (B)VERIFICATION OF KVL AND KCL USING DIGITAL SIMULATION. ... Measure the voltages and currents in each resistor. 3. Verify the KVL and KCL. 1.12 OBSERVATIONS: For KVL Applied Voltage V (volts)

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Checking Pushrod Length Part No. (Retro-Fit Rollers are linked pairs Part No. 66330-16 66331-16 66331-16 66325-16 ... CNC machined, heat-treated body for best possible wear resistance. Unique orbit formed pin eliminates snap rings that could come loose.

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An Introduction to Flow Analysis Applications ... - SolidWorks


Thermal studies offer tools for the analysis of the heat transfer by means of conduction, convection, and radiation. ... Checking the SolidWorks Flow Simulation Menu ... The standard engineering defini tion of a hydraulic resistance of an obstacle in a pipe is the

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Stolit Acrylic Textured Finish - Sto Corp.


Abrasion resistance Coverages may vary depending on application technique and surface conditions. Packaging 5 gal pail (19L). Shelf Life 18 months, if properly sealed and stored. Storage Protect from extreme heat [90ºF (32ºC)], freezing, and direct sunlight. REPORT TEST METHOD TEST CRITERIA TEST RESULTS Surface Burning ASTM E-84 < 25 Flame Spread

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nVent ERICO Cadweld Welded Electrical Connections


Metric to Imperial Conversion Chart F.1 - Metric Cable Sizes and Code, in Square Millimeters (MM2), abbrev. (QMM) METRIC CABLES US EQUIVALENT ... 16 Solid 4.5 0.177 #4 Solid 1K 0.204 5.2 ... resistance • Consistently performs the best in ...

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10" Combined Service with 10" Meter --- 512 4" Domestic Service with 3" Meter --- 513 ... Pin Brazing Wiring-To-Structure Weld Detail --- 650 ... 2-Cable Test Station With ER Probe Detail --- 653 Low Profile ER Probe (Electrical Resistance) Probe Detail --- 655 Copper Sulfate Reference Electrode Cell --- 657

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AF/ArmaFlex - Armacell


Flexible closed-cell thermal insulation with high resistance to water vapour diffusion, low thermal conductivity and built-in ... Property Value/Assessment Test Ref Standards & Remarks Temperature Range Max service temperature +110˚C (+85˚C if sheet or tape is glued to a flat object) EU 5709 Tested acc to EN 14706,

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Building Regulations 2010 The Building Regulations 2010 ...


Limitation on requirements 5 Materials and workmanship 5 Interaction with other legislation 6 General introduction 8 ... Ventilation ducts, flues, etc. 86 Fire-stopping 87 B3 Section 11: Special provisions for car parks and shopping complexes 89 ... Fire resistance 117 Roofs 118 Reaction to fire 119 Non-combustible materials 119

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ACI 302.1R-15: Guide to Concrete Floor and Slab Construction


Proper use of this document includes periodically checking for errata for the most ... low resistance to wear, dusting, scaling, high or low spots, poor drainage, and ... water, heat, or both, is being released to the surroundings. More-over, because the drying and cooling rates at …

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