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FACT SHEET: Quality of Patient Care Star Rating - CMS


in the U.S. The ratings are also updated on a quarterly basis, so it is possible that while you may not have a 4- or 5-Star Rating agency in your community now, you may have one in the future. WHEN ARE THE RATINGS UPDATED? The. Star Ratings are updated quarterly on Home Health Compare in January, April, July, and October.

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iShares MSCI Russia ETF


All data is from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings as of 07-Jan-2022, based on holdings as of 30-Nov-2021. As such, the fund’s sustainable characteristics may differ from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings from time to time. To be included in MSCI ESG Fund Ratings, 65% of the fund’s gross weight must come from securities covered by MSCI ESG Research (certain cash

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Urth iShares MSCI World ETF Fund Fact Sheet


All data is from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings as of 07-Mar-2022, based on holdings as of 31-Jan-2022. As such, the fund’s sustainable characteristics may differ from MSCI ESG Fund Ratings from time to time. To be included in MSCI ESG Fund Ratings, 65% of the fund’s gross weight must come from securities covered by MSCI ESG Research (certain cash

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Chemical Resistance Chart


Chemical Resistance Chart ASTM Breakthrough Times in Minutes and ISEA/CE Ratings for Best Gloves Explanation of Ratings ... Amides BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating BTT Rating 29. Dimethylacetamide 84 3 NR 0 29 1 51 2 >480 6 NR 0 30. Dimethylformamide 100 3 NR 0 >480 6 NR 0 >480 6 NR 0 31. N-Methyl Pyrrolidone 140 4 34 2 ...

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Fisher Vee-Ball V150, V200, and V300 Rotary Control Valves


Consistent with pressure-temperature ratings per ASME B16.34 and EN12516-1 for the body materials shown in table 1. Specific to CW2M body material, refer to the pressure-temperature ratings shown in table 7. Do not exceed the material temperature capabilities shown below or the allowable pressure drop as shown in tables 8 and 9.

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ESG Ratings Transcript - MSCI


execution services for others or manage client accounts. No MSCI ESG Research product or service supports, promotes or is int ended to support or promot e any such activity. MSCI ESG Research is an independent provider of ESG data, reports and ratings based on published methodologies and available to client s on a subscription basis.

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Switch Ratings, What's it all Mean? - AEROELECTRIC.COM


quoted for each device . . . the chart above states the ratings for each code. When one buys a toggle switch from Microswitch . . . the choices above are all inclusive. The chart cites a variety of conditions for applying switches. Variou s combinations of AC or DC voltage along with load s can have a profound effect on switch life. Induc-

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ESG Investing: Practices, Progress and Challenges - OECD


Figure 10. ESG ratings and issuer credit ratings, 2019 29 Figure 11. Fund managers’ incorporation of hedge fund strategies for ESG investing 35 Figure 12. ESG market coverage share 42 Figure 13. Market capitalisation as share of ESG by region, 2019 43 Figure 14. ESG rating shift to a different score, 2013-2018 44 Figure 15.

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The effects of plasma exchange in patients with ANCA ...


Ratings of certainty included consideration of risk of bias, inconsistency, indirectness, and imprecision. statistical analysis For each outcome, we used the random-effects model based on the DerSimonian and Laird method to estimate the average relative risk (RR) across trials ... factor of 0.05 added to each cell of that study to

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Lexile* Grade Level Conversion Chart


Conversion Chart Lexile Rating Educational Grade-Level Lexile Rating Educational Grade-Level 25 1.1 675 3.9 50 1.1 700 4.1 75 1.2 725 4.3 100 1.2 750 4.5 125 1.3 775 4.7 150 1.3 800 5.0 ... reading levels and Lexile ratings are correlated, and that regression analysis

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Learning Word Vectors for Sentiment Analysis


ratings). We evaluate the model using small, ... model shares its probabilistic foundation with LDA, but is factored in a manner designed to discover ... based approaches are extremely successful in prac-tice, but they force the researcher to make a number of design choices (weighting, normalization, dimen- ...

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Outdoor Fabric Selection Guide 3 2021 Sailrite Enterrie Inc (800 348-2769 260 244-4647 Sailrite co AWNINGS Stay cool and shaded while at anchor with a boat awning (On a motor yacht, these are called sail shades.).


Mineral Wool Insulation Comparison Charts


STC ratings by up to 10. Fire-resistant with melting point up to 2,000˚ F (1,093˚ C). Fire-resistant with melting point up to 2,000˚ F (1,093˚ C). Fire-resistant with melting ... Use this chart to find the right product. JM MINERAL WOOL INSULATION PRODUCT COMPARISON

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HDPE Chemical Compatibility Resistance Chart


Dec 09, 2015 · Ratings of chemical behavior listed in this chart apply at a 48-hr exposure period. There exists no specific knowledge of possible effects beyond this period. There exists no warranty (neither express nor implied) that the information in this chart is accurate or complete or that any material is suitable for any purpose. DANGER

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The Alkaline Foods Chart


for pH ratings on various acid-alkaline food charts. • How long acidic problems take to correct themselves and what results you will see & feel. • Should you avoid beef and wheat foods? What about alcohol or chicken? • The symptoms you need to look for to know if you need more alkaline foods in your diet.

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Fire-Resistant Assemblies Brochure (English) - SA100


elements of buildings, the fire-resistance rating classifies the ability of an assembly to confine and isolate fire within a zone comprised of fire resistance-rated walls, ceiling and floor assemblies. The ratings relate to fire tests designed to determine how quickly fire can raise the temperature to unacceptable levels.

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Chapter 7. Permanent Disability Benefits


• If you were injured before 2013 and your permanent disability is rated using the 2005 rating schedule (described in the box “Rating Schedules), the adjustment factor is based on your reduced “future earning capacity.” A rating of 100 percent means that you have a permanent total disability. Ratings of 100 percent are very rare.

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Polyethylene Water Service - plastic pipe


Table 3: PE Water Service Pipe Pressure Rating versus Product SDR or SIDR 15 Table 4: Pressure Ratings (PR) for Elevated Temperatures 15 Table 5: Pipe Made to Standard Outside ... SDR 11 Pipe 160 psi Maximum Operating Pressure 19 Table 11: Copper Tube Sized per ASTM D 2737 SDR 9 Pipe 200 psi Maximum Operating Pressure 20

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Technical Evaluation Committee Process Instruction Guide ...


The CO decision shall be based on a comparative assessment of proposals against all source selection criteria in the solicitation. While the CO may use ... if conducted, and in any debriefing after award has been made. The Contracting Officer may not award a ... scores/ratings may be adjusted at this point, based on discussions – in doing so; ...

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Project-level Monitoring GUIDANCE FOR CONDUCTING ... - …


Independent; an assessment of results; participatory and collaborative approach, with emphasis on the accountability and learning functions of evaluation Ratings provided •Progress Towards Results (by Outcomes) • Project Implementation & Adaptive Management • Sustainability • • Monitoring and Evaluation

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Rural Road Design, Maintenance, and Rehabitation Guide


The geometric -related guidelines are adapted from the SDDOT Secondary & Off-System Road Plan and the 1990 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) man ual, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets. The geometry guidelines address design speed, ... JPCP in Fair Condition (Rating Value of 41 to 55 ...

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state regulation brief - National Association of Insurance ...


State regulators protect consumers by ensuring that insurance policy provisions comply with state law, are reasonable and fair, and do not contain major gaps in coverage that might be misunderstood by consumers and leave them unprotected. The nature of the rate review, rating rules and forms varies somewhat among the states depending on their laws

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Manual Supplement for the Clinical Report


1 Introduction The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition (BASC™–2) Teacher Rating Scales (TRS), Parent Rating Scales (PRS), and Self-Report of Personality (SRP) are three of the most widely used tools for assessing

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1 高齢者がんの特徴と評価 - 一般社団法人 ...


Cumulative Illness Rating Scale(CIRS)等 転倒. 過去. 6: ヶ月間の転倒回数 うつ. GDS (Geriatric Depression Scale)

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Expedited Processing of Veteran’s 100% Disability Claims ...


Veterans Affairs notification letter, which verifies your rating. How will Social Security expedite my disability claim? After Social Security identifies you as a veteran rated 100% P&T, we’ll treat your claim as a high priority workload. We’ll rush it through the application process.

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The Role of Therapy under the Home Health Patient-Driven ...


Aug 20, 2021 · • A Quality of Patient Care star rating that summarizes selected information about the . performance of each home health agency compared to other agencies • Information about each home health agency’s quality of care (quality measures) and . information from patients about experiences with the home health agency (patient survey results)


Psychological Evaluation Report


The Conners' Teacher Rating Scale – Revised: Long Form (CTRS-R:L) is a tool used to assist in evaluating children for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Teachers are asked to review a list of 59 potential problem behaviors and rate, on a scale of 0-3, how problematic each behavior has been for the target student.

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Autism Spectrum Rating - Sam Goldstein


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for children and youth aged 2 through 18 years, as reported by parents and/ or teachers or childcare providers.1 As recognition and prevalence of the ASD increase, risk of over- and under-diagnosis increase in parallel. The need for a valid, reliable, and carefully crafted tool for assessment becomes

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Assessment Tools for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


ConnersRating Scales (C. Keith Conners) – Identifies a behavioral profile of a child in six specific areas based on responses from teachers, parents, or the child themselves. Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist – (T.M. Achenbach) – Identifies a behavioral

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Islamabad Capitol Territory (Tax on Services) Ordinance, 2001


including but not limited to human resource and personnel development services; market research services and credit rating services. 9815. 0 9 81 .3 0 9 81 .2 0 Sixteen percent 14 Services provided by tour operators and travel agents including all their allied services or facilities (other than Hajj and Umrah) 9805.51 0 98 05. 98 03.

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Temperature Rating Methodology - Science Based Targets


Oct 01, 2020 · This method is an open source framework to enable the translation of corporate GHG emission reduction targets into temperature scores at a target, company, and a portfolio level. The method can be used to generate temperature scores for individual targets to translate target ambition to a common intuitive metric.

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Vanderbilt ADHD Parent Rating Scale PRS Spanish - CAP4Kids


Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Parent Rating Scale Nombre del Padre/Madre: _____ Fecha: _____ Nombre del niño/a: _____ Edad: ___ Instrucciones: Cada calificación debe ser considerada en el contexto de lo que es adecuado para la edad de su hijo/a. Por favor, cuando complete este formulario, piense sobre el comportamiento de su hjijo/a en los ...

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Soil Waste Design Installation Manual - Marley


Fire sleeves and pipe wraps, providing up to 4 hours rating. 110 and 160mm pipe support components designed specifically to meet the needs of supporting horizontal or vertical suspended PVCu pipework. 82, 110 and 160mm pipes and fittings are also suitable for use as internal and external rainwater pipes to drain flat roofs and

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Chapter 6 - Design of PE Piping Systems - plastic pipe


for a given pipe material establishes its hydrostatic design basis or HDB. The HDB is then utilized in either equation 1-3 or 1-4 to establish the pressure rating for a particular pipe profile by the application of a design factor (DF). The DF for water service is 0.50, as indicated in Table 1-2.

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For other gas systems, including Propane, Hybrid Pressure, Copper Pipe, and CSST, please consult your local code or the National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA54, ANSI Z223.1 - 2012 Edition. GAS PIPING INFORMATION ... sum of the maximum BTU rating of all the appliances in the home. If the capacity of the system is too small, the gas appliances ...

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GASES UNDER PRESSURE HAZARDS & RISK MINIMIZATION _____ (For assistance, please contact EHS at (402) 472-4925, or visit our web site at ... such as pipe dope or Teflon tape to connect a regulator to a ... health hazard rating of 3 or 4. Gases that have a NFPA health hazard rating of 2 without physiological warning properties Pyrophoric gases.

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Pipe is a pressure tight cylinder used to convey a fluid or to transmit a fluid pressure, ... material specifications, size, schedule and primary service rating of all pressure piping and fittings (e) the welding procedure registration number ... B16.22 Wrought Copper and Copper Alloy Solder Joint Pressure Fittings . B16.23 Cast Copper Alloy ...

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DD Form 2906, DoD Performance Plan and Rating, March …


Title: DD Form 2906, DoD Performance Plan and Rating, March 2016 Author: WHS/ESD/DD Created Date: 3/22/2016 9:30:34 AM

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Strategies for Problem/issue prioritization


great cost (disability or expense) Effective intervention available Unacceptable disparities among population subgroups Problem is significantly worse than benchmark or ... Prioritization Criteria #4 Rating Scale. 0 = Addressing the issue will . NOT. improve the timeliness and efficiency of providing care. 1 = Addressing the issue .

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Scoring Instructions for the SNAP-IV-C Rating Scale


Scoring Instructions for the SNAP-IV-C Rating Scale The SNAP-IV Rating Scale is a revision of the Swanson, Nolan and Pelham (SNAP) Questionnaire (Swanson et al, 1983). ... the SNAP-IV contains items from the Conners Index Questionnaire (Conners, 1968) and the IOWA ... Teacher Parent Tentative 5% Cutoffs: ADHD-In 2.56 1.78

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Applying Interrupting Rating: Circuit Breakers


open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overcurrent without damage to itself when properly applied within its rating.” In addition, under “bus bar condition” tests the circuit breaker is required to only interrupt one short-circuit current. For this one short circuit test shot, the circuit breaker is in its closed position and ...

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Moody’s Sovereign Rating Methodology - Moody's …


2 Ranking sovereigns by their relative default risks: Why does it have to be so complicated? Consider how the 100+ sovereigns we rate vary by » Form of government…from democracy to dictatorship » Financial sector development…from Yemen to the UK » Size…from Hong Kong to Russia » Gdp per capita…from under $1,000 (Bangladesh) to over $100,000

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Temperature Coefficient of Resistance for Current Sensing


total resistance is influenced by the combination of the copper terminal and the low TCR resistance alloy. For the lowest resistance values of a specific resistor construction, the copper becomes more significant in the TCR rating and performance. This influence may occur at different resistance value ranges for different parts.

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Outstanding resistance to chemical attack by most chemicals and solvents. It is a self-lubricating compound and has a temperature rating of 20ºF - 400ºF [--29ºC - 204ºC]. [www.dupont-dow.com] marine atmosphere and exhibits exceptional resistance to a . ELASTOMER. VITON® [Fluorocarbon Rubber abv. FPM]

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Understanding Slip Resistance - ATFA


Product slip rating With many products the slip rating is provided and this is especially so with specific non-slip coatings. So with reference to product information it is not uncommon for them to state the likes of the following: Tested to AS4586 – 2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials Appendix

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Motor Current Rating Chart - Sprecher + Schuh


and 550-600 volts. The full-load current values are for motors running at usual speeds and motors with normal torque characteristics. Motors built for especially low speeds or high torques may have higher full-load currents, and multi-speed …

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Title 38, Part 4 Schedule for Rating Disabilities


Record sheet (page C-8)—the date filed, name/initials of filer, and date through which the Federal Register is covered. 4. If as a result of a failure to file, or an undelivered supplement, you have more than one supplement to file at a time, be certain to file them in …

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The 0-to-10 Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) - Oxford Clinical …


Measuring Pain Intensity The 0-to-10 Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) Instructions: Please [‘interactive PDF: select the number’, interview: tell me the number] that best represents [your current pain intensity, the least intensity of your pain in the past

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LEED for Neighborhood Development Rating System


The rating system is designed to certify exemplary development projects that perform well in terms of smart growth, new urbanism, and green building. Projects may constitute whole neighborhoods, fractions ... The purpose of this letter is to assist the developer in building a case for entitlement among land use planning authorities, as well as ...

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