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This worksheet is for the 44 group RUG-III Version 5.12 model. There is also a 34 group model and a separate worksheet available for the 34 group model. The major difference between the 44 group model and the 34 model involves the Rehabilitation groups. In the 44 group model, there are 14 different Rehabilitation groups representing 5 different


Time Series Analysis in Python with statsmodels - SciPy


Vector Autoregression (VAR) models Widely used model for modeling multiple (K-variate) time series, especially in macroeconomics: Y t = A 1Y t 1 + :::+ A pY t p + t; t ˘N(0;) Matrices A i are K K. Y t must be a stationary process (sometimes achieved by di erencing). Related class of models (VECM) for modeling nonstationary (including ...

  Series, Python, Model, Time, Time series, Vector

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity


J Portfolio Management Maturity Model (PfM3) J Programme Management Maturity Model (PgM3) J Project Management Maturity Model (PjM3) Figure 1 – P3M3 structure Although connected, there are no interdependencies between these models, which allows for independent assessment in any of the specific disciplines. For example, an

  Model, Management, Maturity, Management maturity model, Management maturity



Safety Recall 13S12 applies to 2013 Model Year Escape models equipped with a 1.6L engine due to potential localized overheating of the engine cylinder head. The localized overheating may cause the ... with parts required to repair one vehicle. Parts in the kit are further packaged in bags and labeled for the procedures that they are used. - Oil ...

  Model, Vehicle, Year, Model year

How ‘Big Data’ is Different - Harvard Business School


fining the analytical models used on big data, once the models have been developed, they need to process continuing data streams quickly and accurately. The behavior of credit card companies offers a good illustration of this dynamic. In the past, direct marketing groups at credit card companies created models to select the

  Business, Model, School, Data, Master, Harvard business school, Harvard, Master data



19 In 1990, the American Bar Association Model Code was further revised after a lengthy 20 study. The California Judges Association again reviewed the model code and adopted a revised California Code of Judicial Conduct on October 5, 1992. 21 22 23 Proposition 190 (amending Cal. Const., art. VI, § 18, subd. (m), operative March 1, 1995)

  Code, Model, California, Conduct, Judicial, Model code, California code of judicial, California code of judicial conduct

A-EQUIP - a model of clinical midwifery supervision


improvement. The A-EQUIP model supports a continuous improvement process that aims to build personal and professional resilience of midwives, enhance quality of care for women and babies and support preparedness for appraisal and professional revalidation. The restorative function has been shown to: have a positive impact on the immediate

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Select N1500 models offer 24 or 48 ports of PoE+ to deliver clean power to network devices such as wireless access points (APs), Voice-over-IP (VoIP) handsets, video conferencing ... 3415 View-based control model 3416 SNMPv2 SNMP MIB 3577 RMON MIB 3580 802.1X with Registry of 4086 Randomness Dell Requirements UDP MIB 4251 SSHv2 Protocol 4252 SSHv2

  Model, 5413, 1364

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)


security models currently in use by leading industry vendors and academic sources. Zero Trust security models currently range between five and seven pillars. For the purposes of facilitating an acquisition-based perspective, GSA chose to represent a combination of eight (8) unique pillars. The following table provides a description of each pillar.

  Security, Architecture, Model, Security models

Logit, Probit, and Multinomial Logit models in R


= 1) = Logit-1(0.4261935 + 0.8617722*x1 + 0.3665348*x2 + 0.7512115*x3 ) Estimating the probability at the mean point of each predictor can be done by inverting the logit model. Gelman and Hill provide a function for this (p. 81), also available in the R package –arm-

  Model, Logit, Multinomial, Multinomial logit models

[TS] Time Series - Stata


[TS] arfima Autoregressive fractionally integrated moving-average models [TS] arfima postestimation Postestimation tools for arfima [TS] arima ARIMA, ARMAX, and other dynamic regression models [TS] arima postestimation Postestimation tools for arima [TS] arch Autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (ARCH) family of estimators

  Model, Autoregressive



BIJLAGE – MODEL - WERKGEVERSVERKLARING Gegevens werkgever Naam werkgever Adres werkgever Postcode en woonplaats KvK-nummer Gegevens werknemer Naam werknemer ... NHG werkgeversverklaring 2021-1, geldig vanaf 01-10-2020 . TOELICHTING WERKGEVERSVERKLARING Aan het invullen van een werkgeversverklaring zijn regels …

  Model, Bijlage, Werkgeversverklaring, Bijlage model werkgeversverklaring

Security test plan template - SaM-Solutions US


• The Comprehensive Method for Architecture Evaluation or • Independent Software Architecture Review methodology. List of metrics: • Number of flaws found 11.2.2. Create and review UML models UML models allows to look at the subject of testing from the upper level of abstraction and understand the whole picture of the application (module).

  Security, Architecture, Model, Tests, Plan, Template, Security test plan template

Russell Parts 01-2018 (4)


Note: The Heater voltage will line up with the voltage code in the model number. Each unit will get 3 heaters (2 on the face of the coil & 1 in the drain pan). 460V units include (2) 230V face heaters wired in series. The drain pan contains a single 460V heater. RL6E244, RL4E195, RL6E281, RL4E230 REPLACEMENT PARTS - LISTING BY PRODUCT MODEL NUMBER


Detecting Rumors from Microblogs with Recurrent Neural


Existing rumor detection models use learning algorithms that incorporate a wide variety of features manually crafted from the content, user characteristics, and diffusion pat- ... ploit deep data representations for efficient rumor detection. We posit that given the sequential nature of text streams in social media, recurrent neural networks ...

  Form, With, Model, Data, Master, Detecting, Algorithm, Neural, Recurrent, Rumors, Detecting rumors from microblogs with recurrent neural, Microblogs

1 arXiv:2203.04971v1 [astro-ph.HE] 9 Mar 2022


the high energy power law segment in the GRB spectra requires non-thermal radiative processes to be present. Moreover, the exact regime of the radiation does not di-Corresponding author: Alessio Mei alessio.mei@gssi.it rectly correspond to the unique dissipation model. For instance, single-shot accelerated electrons in low mag-

  Model, Power, Accelerated, Power law



must be used as presented in the Model Subordinate Mortgage Form without any change. If change is needed to meet requirements of state or local law, written approval from HUD is needed before the change is made. Mortgagees may obtain written approval by sending the proposed modifications in writing to HUD’s loan servicing contractor.


Roofline: An Insightful Visual Performance Model for …


To reduce memory bottlenecks, three optimizations can help: 3. Restructure loops for unit stride accesses. Optimizing for unit stride memory accesses engages hardware prefetching, which significantly increases memory bandwidth. 4. Ensure memory affinity. Most microprocessors today include a memory controller on the same chip with the processors.

  Performance, Memory, Model, Visual, Roofline, An insightful visual performance model, Insightful

6 Delivery Services - USPS


lock system or a key keeper box located within convenient reach of the door is used. Both devices must incorporate an Arrow lock to access the key or ... privacy, the hooded part must not be below the bottom line of the slot in the ... current listing of approved manufacturers and models can be obtained from the office listed in section 632.511 ...

  Model, Privacy, Usps, Keeper

Tools & Techniques for Process Improvement


we can construct a “dynamic” model - a picture of the activities that take place in a process. Process maps are useful communication tools that help improvement teams understand the process and identify opportunities for improvement. ICOR (inputs, outputs, controls and resources) is an internationally accepted process analysis methodology

  Model, Process, Improvement, Process improvement

Memorizing Normality to Detect Anomaly: Memory


Figure 2. Diagram of the proposed MemAE. The memory addressing unit takes the encoding zas query to obtain the soft addressing weights. The memory slots can be used to model the whole encoding or the features on one pixel of the encoding (as shown in the figure). Note that wb is normalized after the hard shrinkage operation. 3.

  Memory, Model

Levels of Processing: A Framework for Memory Research 1


Jun 03, 1972 · the modal model (Murdock, 1967), it is now 671 . 672 CRAIK AND LOCKHART widely accepted that memory can be classified into three levels of storage: sensory stores, ... memory span (which have been said to reflect the limited capacity of the STM box) are typically between five and nine items, depend- ing on whether the items in question are ...

  Memory, Model

Chainsaw Spark Plug Application Chart - JThomas Parts


All other Stihl models 0.020 RCJ6Y/130-073 BPMR7A/130-898 L6RTC/131-051 WS-R6F/130-124 TANAKA Chainsaws ECS-290, ECS-300, ECS307, ECS-320, ECS-330, ECS-350, ECS-351, ECS3301, ECS-351, ECS-3301, ECS3351, ECS-35, ECS-35B, ECS-35E, ECS3500B, -- --


Documenting suicide risk assessment and management: …


evidence to facilitate decision making Lisa A. Brenner, PhD, ABPP VISN 19 Mental Illness Research Education and ... • Range of normative data available . Basic Considerations • Context specific – schools, military, clinical settings ... • Developing models to explain suicide • Distal to suicidal behavior

  Model, Making, Decision, Decision making, Normative

Emotion and Decision Making - Harvard University


economics’ rational decision models focused primarily on understanding cognitive processes. ... EMOTIONAL IMPACT ON JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING: EIGHT MAJOR THEMES ... from a normative perspective, be unrelated to that emotion (for selective reviews, Han et al 2007, Keltner & Lerner 2010, Lerner & Keltner

  Model, Making, Decision, Judgments, Normative, And decision making, Decision models, Judgment and decision making

FLUID SIMULATION - University of British Columbia


3:45 Reduced dimension models (30 minutes) 4:15 3D Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (30 minutes) 4:45 Bridson: Advanced topics (45 minutes) ... He has published papers on particle-based water simulation, Finite Element-based soft bodies, deformable object collision detection and fracture simulation. In 2002 he co-founded NovodeX, which develops ...

  Model, Fluid, Simulation, Elements, Finite, Finite element, Fluid simulation



Finite element method being a flexible tool is used in various industries to solve several practical engineering problems. In nite element method it is feasible to generate the relative results. V. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS: Models of aircraft wing using ribs and spars done in pro-e Fig4: wing ribs and spars

  Model, Elements, Finite, Finite element

FINITE VOLUME METHODS - University of California, Irvine


FINITE VOLUME METHODS LONG CHEN The finite volume method (FVM) is a discretization technique for partial differential ... When the equilibrium is reached, numerous physical models are based on conservation and constitutive laws. The balance equation for the conservation law: (3) Z @b ... linear finite element spaces of H1 0 based on T: V

  Model, Methods, Volume, Elements, Finite, Finite volume methods

Measuring Geopolitical Risk - Federal Reserve


vector autoregressive (VAR) models estimated on U.S. data, we nd that an increase in geopolitical risk induces persistent declines in industrial production, employment, and international trade, and that both economic policy uncertainty and consumer con dence enhance the transmission of geopo-litical risk shocks.

  Federal, Reserve, Model, Vector, Federal reserve, Autoregressive, Vector autoregressive

Gold Certified - ford.com


Ford cars, SUVs and trucks (up to 350-Series) that are current or five previous model years and have fewer than 80,000 miles can qualify • A full tank of fuel, fresh oil and filter, and new wiper blades • Service available at any Ford Dealer in the 50 states 1See dealer for limited-warranty details. 2Roadside Assistance is included for

  Model, Ford

The next phase: Opportunities in China's pharmaceuticals …


7 2.1.1 China has the largest elderly population in the world 8 2.1.2 Healthcare expenditures expected to grow rapidly over the next five years ... The prospect of greater protection for intellectual property is also a factor in the broader context of ... business model. Improve the medicine distribution, reduce the healthcare cost and ...

  Model, Protection, Elderly

Guidance for Commanders’ Risk-Based Responses and


May 04, 2021 · Changing of Health Protection Condition Levels During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic," May 19, 2020 (hereby rescinded) (d) Office of Management and Budget Memorandum, "COVID-19 Safe Federal Workplace: Agency Model Safety Principles," January 24, 2021 (e) DOD Instruction 6200.03, "Public Health Emergency Management Within the

  Based, Model, Protection, Risks, Response, Risk based responses and

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide


Most Dynamics 365 full user licensing follows the base plus attach model which provides a cost-effective way for a single user to be licensed for multiple applications. To license a core business Dynamics 365 application, customers may purchase either a base or, in many cases, an attach license(s). Every full user must have a base license.




MODEL XD234 XD1034 VIDEO ENGINE DECODER Native 4K@60p Dolby Vision and HDR10 video decoding X X Single video decoding: 4K or 1080p60 X X Dual video decoding: 1080p60 X X MEDIA FORMATS Video Codecs for 4K content: H.265/H.264 Video Containers for 4K H.265/H.264 content: .ts, .mov, .mp4, .mkv X X Video Codecs for Full HD: H.265, H.264 …

  Model, Brightsign, Brightsign xd

Detailed Project Report (DPR) :Model template - NHB


3. Propagation methods. 4. Accredited / Good Nurseries in the area 5. Planting material-source, quality and suitability 5.4.3.Orchard / Site planning, Lay out and management 1. Planning, establishment and layout systems 2. Land preparation 3. Planting Season / time and density and transplanting 4. Water and Nutrientmanagement 5.

  Model, Report, Project, Template, Detailed, Planting, Detailed project report, Model template

Enterprise Security Architecture for Cyber Security


that serves all possible models ... Enterprise Security Architecture » shaping the security of ICT service provisioning « deliver assurance to customers and provide directions for production . From Requirements to ICT Services. Standardisation is Key The Open Group EA Practitioners Conference - Johannesburg 2013 32

  Security, Architecture, Model, Enterprise, Enterprise security architecture



n The Employee Experience Maturity Model Our study idenified four levels of EX maturity. According to analysis of responses, only 20% of companies represented in our survey are at Level 4. n Moving Up the Maturity Curve Business, people, and innovaion outcomes all improve as organizaions mature. There is a lot of value in moving up the ...

  Model, Maturity, Maturity model

Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP): Integrating …


offering a practical model of how SSNs can be designed to meet the social protection needs of the most vulnerable, while simultaneously reducing the risks from disaster and climate-related impacts. The PSNP incorporates a number of interesting features, such …

  Model, Protection

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) - Deloitte


Jul 29, 2020 · maturity model Our tool helps organisations identify our where they are across four levels of maturity (1.Compliance, 2.programmatic, 3.leader-led and 4.integrated), and what level they aspire to achieve. * Influences such as our background, experiences and environmental conditions can all play a part in shaping our choices whether

  Model, Maturity, Maturity model

The Danish Energy Model - Energistyrelsen


the goal of a low carbon energy system by 2050. This analysis shows that it is possible to cost-efficiently design different energy systems which all meet the target of a low carbon energy system by 2050. All scenar-ios assume vast energy savings as part of the strategy to reach a low carbon energy system. A business as usual based scenario

  System, Model, Energy, Danish, The danish energy model

Euro NCAP 2025 Roadmap


Whiplash/Rear-end Crash Protection (2020) 11 Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety (2022) 11 ... of new model sales in these segments are covered by a rating, so it is probably fair to say that Euro NCAP has ... road users and many are elderly, an age group that is growing in importance.

  Model, Protection, Euro, Euro ncap, Ncap, Elderly

Arkansas Mathematics Standards Grades 6-8


the possible examples. Likewise, these examples do not mandate curriculum or problem types. Local districts are free to select the curriculum and ... Create a story context for (2/3) ÷ (3/4) and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient; use the relationship between multiplication and division to explain that (2/3) ÷ (3/4) = 8/9 ...

  Model, Standards, Mathematics, Arkansas, Curriculum, Arkansas mathematics standards

revised K-4 Science Standards Topic Arrangement


model of that system—provides tools for understanding and testing ideas that are applicable throughout science and engineering. ... The Arkansas K-12 Science Standards for Grades K-4 is a curriculum framework of grade level student performance expectations based on the core ideas of the physical sciences (PS), life sciences (LS), earth and ...

  Model, Standards, Sciences, Grade, Topics, Curriculum, Arrangement, 4 science standards topic arrangement

Section GG & PDPM (Patient-Driven Payment Model): A …


1. PT and OT will receive a 2% reduction in per diem rate starting on day 21 of the stay and reducing an additional 2% every 7 days thereafter. 2. NTA has in increased rate of 300% for the first 3 days of the stay. 3. PT and OT will always have the same RUG score, though the actual per diem rates for each will differ. 4.

  Patients, Model, Section, Rates, Payments, Driven, Medi, Per diem, Per diem rate, Pdmp, Patient driven payment model, Section gg amp pdpm

Model Selection: General Techniques - Stanford University


Model selection: goals Model selection: general Model selection: strategies Possible criteria Mallow’s Cp AIC & BIC Maximum likelihood estimation AIC for a linear model Search strategies Implementations in R Caveats - p. 3/16 Crude outlier detection test If the studentized residuals are large: observation may be an outlier.


Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of …


Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning for Fast Adaptation of Deep Networks large improvements in the task loss. The primary contribution of this work is a simple model-and task-agnostic algorithm for meta-learning that trains a model’s parameters such that a small number of gradi-ent updates will lead to fast learning on a new task. We

  Model, Team, Learning, Fast, Adaptation, Agnostics, Model agnostic meta learning for fast adaptation, Fast learning

Modeling a SABSA based Security Architecture using ...


Integration with Existing Architecture Models The SABSA Security Architecture extension integrates seamlessly into existing architectural models, be they based on TOGAF®, UPDM™, Zachman, or a homegrown methodology, by adding an extra dimension to the framework. The security architecturecan be modeled one perspectiveas (with its own set of

  Security, Architecture, Model, Security architecture, Architecture models

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