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BUILDING SIMULATION AND EVOLUTIONARY OPTIMIZATION IN THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF A HIGH-PERFORMANCE OFFICE BUILDING 1 Franca Trubiano, 2 Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari, 3Aylin Ozkan 1 University of Pennsylvania, 2 Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture, 3 Istanbul Technical University ABSTRACT This paper outlines a digital design and simulation-

  High, Building, Simulation, Optimization, Evolutionary, Building simulation and evolutionary, Building simulation and evolutionary optimization in

Radio Spectrum Monitoring simulation and Design


International Journal of Computational Engineering Research||Vol, 03||Issue, 10| ||Issn 2250-3005 || ||October||2013|| Page 15 Radio Spectrum Monitoring simulation ...

  International, Research, Journal, Design, Spectrum, Radio, Simulation, Monitoring, International journal, Radio spectrum monitoring simulation and design

Behaviorism Theory - Mercer University


A computer simulation helping prospective airplane pilots learn to fly rewards the user with ‘tokens’ for each successful simulation that, after collecting enough, they can cash in for flying a real plane. 17 Stimulus •Reward of ‘tokens’ for proper demonstration of knowledge. Response •A feeling of accomplishment of getting closer to

  Simulation, Behaviorism

Introduction to Geostatistics | Course Notes


both reservoir simulation and groundwater modeling, for example, Monte Carlo simulation is a popular technique. Note that this uncertainty re°ects our lack of knowledge about the subsurface, though the geological \groundtruth", albeit unknown, is deterministic and certain.

  Introduction, Reservoir, Simulation, Geostatistics, Reservoir simulation

Genetic Algorithms (GAs)


• (GA)s are a particular class of evolutionary algorithms that use techniques inspired by evolutionary biology such as inheritance, ... simulations from basic building blocks (bars, actuators and ... We thus achieve autonomy of design and construction using evolution in a 'limited universe' physical simulation coupled to automatic fabrication ...

  Building, Simulation, Evolutionary



Glavan, Prelec, Pavkovic: Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Small-Scale CCHP … 684 . Based on the data of the equipment manufacturer for the different components of CCHP

  Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, Simulation and optimization of

Interior Acoustic Simulation for In-Car Audio Design


10 SOUND & VIBRATION/JANUARY 2013 wwwSandVcom Interior Acoustic Simulation for In-Car Audio Design Today’s automotive audio components have to meet high quality expectations with ever-decreasing development costs.

  Simulation, Audio, Acoustic, Interior, Interior acoustic simulation for in

MSE 209: Introduction to the Science and Engineering of ...


MSE 2090: Introduction to Materials Science Chapter 1, Introduction 3 Research in Computational Materials Group: Simulation of impact resistance of carbon nanotube materials Temperature distribution in a simulation of heat transfer in a carbon nanotube material Generation of crystal defects and melting in a metal target irradiated by a short ...

  Introduction, Simulation

Cisco Packet Tracer


Cisco® Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulation program that allows students to experiment with network behavior and ask “what if” questions. As an integral part of the Networking Academy comprehensive learning experience, Packet Tracer provides simulation, visualization, authoring, assessment, and collabora-

  Cisco, Simulation, Packet, Carter, Packet tracer, Cisco packet tracer, 174 packet tracer

OrCad Capture Release 15 - Purdue University


Jan 15, 2008 · By using a computer simulation program, such as PSpice, students can obtain results before they come to lab. Hence the laboratory experiments become reinforcement to the subject matter at hand. The use of a computer simulation program allows the student to …

  Using, Simulation



VIRTUAL SIMULATION FOR RADIATIOTHERAPY TREATMENT USING CT MEDICAL DATA Dr. Stelios Zimeras (zimste@aegean.gr) University of the Aegean, Department of …

  Using, Virtual, Treatment, Simulation, Virtual simulation for radiatiotherapy, Radiatiotherapy, Virtual simulation for radiatiotherapy treatment using

presents The Inter-professional Simulation Center ...


presents The Inter-professional Simulation Center: Opportunities, Challenges, Solutions Presented by: Colleen O’Connor Grochowski, Ph.D Mary Jo Olenick, AIA

  Center, Challenges, Professional, Opportunities, Simulation, Inter, The inter professional simulation center



205 Second International Conference on CFD in the Minerals and Process Industries CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia 6-8 December 1999 A THREE DIMENSIONAL SIMULATION OF …

  Simulation, Dimensional, Three, Three dimensional simulations of

C2 Interoperability: Simulation, Architecture and ...


7th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Quebec City, QC, Canada, 16 - 20 Sep 2002 C2 Interoperability: Simulation, Architecture and Information Security

  Information, Security, Architecture, Simulation, Interoperability, Architecture and information security

Lecture 4: CMOS Gates, Capacitance, and Switch-Level ...


MAH, AEN EE271 Lecture 4 1 Lecture 4: CMOS Gates, Capacitance, and Switch-Level Simulation Mark Horowitz Modified by Azita Emami Computer Systems Laboratory

  Lecture, Switch, Levels, Simulation, Gate, Cmos, Capacitance, Lecture 4, Cmos gates, And switch level, And switch level simulation

Experimental and CFD Analysis Of Centrifugal Pump Impeller ...


be required to operate over a wide flow range in some special applications. Numerical simulation of centrifugal pumps is not easy due to the usual CFD difficulties: turbulence,

  Analysis, Simulation

Bridge Playing & Simulation Software Review


once recommended it as “the best program for Acol players.” (Perhaps an inferior bidding system held lue Chip back.) Blue Chip supports PBN, deals according to limited specifications, and will supposedly play all hands in a file (although I had trouble finding this in the help). It appears to have no double-dummy capability. It has tools for

  Bridge, System, Review, Software, Simulation, Playing, Bidding, Cola, Bridge playing amp simulation software review, Bidding system



improve the flow conditions simulation. ... - A small wind turbine production facility will cost less than a photovoltaic factory of the same capacity. ... - Installation in 1995 of a 1.5 kW turbine for water pumping to Assu, a re-mote village of 500 people in Brazil.

  Design, Turbine, Water, Simulation, Vertical, Pumping, Wind turbines, Wind, Axis, Photovoltaic, Water pumping, Vertical axis wind turbine design

Metrics and Performance Measurement System for the Lean ...


Oct 24, 2005 · New approaches (training and introduction of new methods) Engagement in “LAI-venue” with like-minded people Enterprise simulation, Lean Now and LAI knowledge area teams Local efforts and new capabilities Industry Government Skills, training hours, certification, lean deployment, joint assessments and efforts New local behavior

  Lean, Simulation, Approaches

Heavy Duty Vehicles' CO legislation in Europe and VECTO ...


Climate Action Heavy Duty Vehicles' CO 2 legislation in Europe and VECTO simulation tool Dr Dimitrios Savvidis European Commission DG Climate Action

  Vehicle, Simulation, Heavy, Duty, Tool, Legislation, Europe, Vecto, Heavy duty vehicles co legislation in europe and vecto, Co 2 legislation in europe and vecto simulation tool

Framework for Metals Risk Assessment - US EPA


SHEDS Stochastic Human Exposure and Dose Simulation model SPC Science Policy Council (EPA) SRWG Science and Research Working Group (SRWG) of the Non-Ferrous Metals Consultative Forum on Sustainable Development STORET Storage and Retrieval data system TCLP Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure TMDL Total Maximum Daily Load

  Policy, Assessment, Risks, Sustainable, Framework, Simulation, Metal, Framework for metals risk assessment

Installation and Service Instructions


Fixed High Limit fault simulation method #2: • Throttle the boiler valve to a point where the burner will run with as little flow as possible. • Run the boiler to high fire via relays test. • When the burner shuts down on the electronic limit, close the ball valve to stop the flow.

  Services, Installation, Instructions, Simulation, Installation and service instructions

A Lecture on Model Predictive Control


2. Conduct plant test: Vary MV’s and DV’s & record the response of CV’s 3. Derive a dynamic model from the plant test data 4. Configure the MPC controller and enter initial tuning parameters 5. Test the controller off-line using closed loop simulation 6. Download the configured controller to the destination machine and test the model

  Tests, Dynamics, Simulation

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Evaluation and Design


used a wind simulation software program, WASP, to analyze existing wind data measured on the roofs of various WPI buildings. Scale-model tests were performed in the WPI closed-circuit wind tunnel. An RPM meter and a 12 volt step generator were used to measure turbine rotation speeds and power output at different wind speeds. The project also

  Building, Software, Simulation, Simulation software

Acronyms Used - RedIRIS


Acronyms Used in the Oil & Gas Industry Acronyms Used in the oil & gas Industry Compliled & edited by jorge salgado gomes (dec 2009) ... Reservoir Characterization and Simulation Conference SOGAT – Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology ... One Dimensional 3D – Three Dimensional AAI – Absolute Acoustic Impedance AAMO – Apparent Anisotropic ...

  Simulation, Dimensional, Three, Three dimensional

European Recommendations for Surface ElectroMyoGraphy


Chapter 4 contains the results of the modelling task, at least partly. The other part of the result, being four simulation models that have been made available to SENIAM by their developers, can be found on the SENIAM CD-rom. Chapter 4 contains the guidelines for how to use the models in an adequate way.

  Surfaces, Modelling, Simulation

An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics


terms of the numerical values that have to be set or in terms of the physical type of the boundary condition. For steady state problems there are three types of spatial boundary ... In many simulations there is a need to have fluid flow out of one or more boundaries …

  Computational, Fluid, Dynamics, Simulation, Numerical, Computational fluid dynamics

Qucs - A Tutorial


in the dataset after simulation the user need to label the wire. This is done by double clicking the wire and given an appropriate name. Wire labelling can also be issued using the icon in the toolbar, by pressing the Ctrl + L shortcut or by choosing the Insert !Wire Label menu entry. Figure 9: …

  Using, Simulation, Qucs

Air Pollution Modeling – An Overview


Air pollution modeling is a numerical tool used to describe the causal relationship between emissions, meteorology, atmospheric concentrations, deposition, and ... simulation of non-reactive chemicals (e.g., SO2): ... o Inorganic and organic PM2.5/PM10 o Mercury and toxics Provide source-receptor, sensitivity, and process analyses ...

  Overview, Modeling, Simulation, Numerical, Pollution, Organic, Air pollution modeling an overview

Predictive Models of Li-ion Battery Lifetime


Example simulation: 1 cycle/day at 25°C . 50% DOD: Graceful fade controlled by Li loss ~ t. 1/2 80% DOD: Transitions to electrode site loss, N ~ 2300 cycles . Life over-predicted by 25% without accounting for transition from Li loss (~chemical) to site loss (~mechanical) NCA Time (Days)


CE 311: Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering


Course objectives: To develop technical skills for modelling and quantifying hydrological processes. ... Simulation-optimization based model to find obtain cost effective combination of river training works Applied on River Brahmaputra. Impact of climate change

  Modelling, Simulation, Optimization

Virtual Reality: Past, Present, and Future


simulation to users as an interface metaphor to a synthesized world, has become the research agenda for a growing community of researchers and industries. The motivation for such a research direction is twofold. From an evolutionary perspective, virtual reality is seen as a way to overcome limita-

  Virtual, Future, Simulation, Past, Present, Reality, Evolutionary, Virtual reality, And future

Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution ...


The chapters are written primarily for the electric power engineering professional who seeks ... He has served the institute in 30 different offices at the chapter, section, regional, and inter-national levels. For this service, he has received seven distinguished service awards, such as the IEEE ... simulation, optimization, and control

  Electric, Professional, Power, Simulation, Inter, Electric power

ARINC 429 Bus Interface - Actel


VHDL and Verilog Development System † Complete ARINC 429 Rx/Tx † Implementation – Implemented in an APA600 Device – Controlled Via an External Terminal Using Core8051 and RS232 Links † Includes Line Driver and Receiver Components Synthesis and Simulation Support † Directly Supported within the Actel Libero IDE † Synthesis ...

  Simulation, Arinc, Arinc 429, Vhdl

Electrical and Optical Simulation of Organic Light ...


2 Contents Contents Treating organic semiconductor with quantum drift-diffusion model. Light extraction using 3D ray-tracing (non- microcavity model). Electroluminescent spectra modeling with Frenkel exciton. Inclusion of microcavity effects. Application for AMOLED. Triplet diffusion and WOLED Low-voltage PIN structures Tandem OLED Treating organic semiconductor with

  Simulation, Light, Organic, Organic light

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering (L.P. Dake)


fundamentals of numerical reservoir simulation 7 g.v. chilingarian and t.f. yen (editors) bitumens, asphalts and tar sands 8 l.p. dake fundamentals of reservoir engineering 9 k. magara compaction and fluid migration 10 m.t. silvia and e.a. robinson deconvolution of geophysical time series in the exploration for oil and natural gas

  Reservoir, Simulation, Reservoir simulation

Numerical Methods for Differential Equations


simulations and numerical methods are useful. The techniques for solving differential equations based on numerical approximations were developed before programmable computers existed. During World War II, it was common to find rooms of people (usually women)

  Methods, Simulation, Differential, Equations, Numerical, Numerical methods for differential equations

An Introduction to Density Functional Theory


Theory N. M. Harrison Department of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, SW7 2AY, London and CLRC, Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4AD For the past 30 years density functional theory has been the dominant method for the quantum mechanical simulation of periodic systems. In recent years it has also

  Simulation, Theory, Functional, Density, Density functional theory

Analyse de risque incendie sur un ERP - Accueil | www.unit.eu


Vous pouvez télécharger la version polycopiée de ce module. 7. I - Analyse de risque incendie sur un ERP I Les concepts de l'analyse de risques 9 Le système 13 L'approche réglementaire 24 Méthode d'analyse du risque incendie 39 ... Définition : Simulation de Monte-Carlo

  Simulation, Module, Analyses, Risque, Incendie, Analyse de risque incendie sur un erp



of Simulation Stations required and the number of years in the program contract. This information will be gathered by a program representative during a site assessment. When compared with Instructor-led training and conventional eLearning methods, the RQI Program may be more cost effective.

  Programs, Question, Frequently, Asked, Simulation, Program frequently asked questions

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