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Building essentials for a better tomorrow MEETS AWWA C905 big blue big blue Pressure Rated 80, 100, 125, 165, 200 & 235 psi Ring-Tite Joints 14"- 48"PVC Transmission PipeDR 51 / DR 41 / DR / DR 25 / DR 21 / DR 18 big blue CONTENTS0102030405060708 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ..2 SURGE DESIGN ..5 SHORT FORM SPECIFICATION .. 6 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS .. 8 FLOW/FRICTION CHARTS .. 10 DEFLECTION CHART ..19 SHORT FORM INSTALLATION GUIDE/WARNING .. 20 WARRANTY ..212 big blue PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAWWA C905 big blue FOR USE IN TRANSMISSION, MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEMS AND OTHER SERVICES DESCRIPTIONJM Eagle s big blue pipe conforms to AWWA C905 specification with gaskets meeting ASTM F477 and joints in compliance with ASTM D3139. big blue water pipe has the long-term hydrostatic strength to meet the accepted high safety requirements of municipal water systems.

2. big blue ™ product description. awwa c905 big blue ™ for use in transmission, municipal water systems and other services . description. jm eagle’s big blue


  Blue, Big blue




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Transcription of BIG BLUE - JM Eagle

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