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Miller Big Blue 300 Pro Specifications - One Source …

Standard features include:digital preset weld meters,output contactor control, and automatic (SMAW)MIG (GMAW)Flux-Cored (FCAW) DC TIG (GTAW) Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) Rated: 3/16-inch ( mm) carbons, Capable: 1/4-inch ( mm) carbons Air Plasma Cutting and Gouging with optional Spectrum modelsHeavy IndustrialApplicationsMechanical Contractors Structural SteelworkFabricationMaintenanceRepairRen talConstructionQuickSpecsBig blue 300 ProDiesel Engine-Driven Welder/AC GeneratorIssued September 2011 Index No. Remote Sense (ARS) detectsif a remote control is plugged intothe 14-pin receptacle and eliminatesconfusion of a remote/panel controls require noelaborate procedure just selectprocess and weld!

3 Function Guide 1. Self-Calibrating Digital Weld Meters with Fault Code Indication display preset or actual weld parameters. 2. Four Preset DIG Settings offer the best arc characteristics for different electrodes


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