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CHAPTER 6 Sexual violence

CHAPTER 6 Sexual violenceBackgroundSexual violence occurs throughout the in most countries there has been littleresearch conducted on the problem, available datasuggest that in some countries nearly one in fourwomen may experience Sexual violence by anintimate partner (1 3), and up to one-third ofadolescent girls report their first Sexual experienceas being forced (4 6). Sexual violence has a profound impact onphysical and mental health. As well as causingphysical injury, it is associated with an increasedrisk of a range of Sexual and reproductive healthproblems, with both immediate and long-termconsequences (4, 7 16). Its impact on mentalhealth can be as serious as its physical impact, andmay be equally long lasting (17 24).

Background Sexual violence occurs throughout the world. Although in most countries there has been little research conducted on the problem, available data






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Transcription of CHAPTER 6 Sexual violence

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