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Climate change impacts, vulnerability and …

Climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation in ZimbabweDonald Brown, Rabecca Rance Chanakira, Kudzai Chatiza, Mutuso Dhliwayo, David Dodman, Medicine Masiiwa, Davison Muchadenyika, Prisca Mugabe and Sherpard Zvigadza Climate change WORKING PAPER : DECEMBER 2012 IIED Climate change Working Paper Series The IIED Climate change Working Paper Series aims to improve and accelerate the public availability of the research undertaken by IIED and its partners. In line with the objectives of all Climate change research undertaken by IIED, the IIED Climate change Working Paper Series presents work that focuses on improving the capacity of the most vulnerable groups in developing countries to adapt to the impacts of Climate change , and on ensuring the equitable distribution of benefits presented by Climate -resilient low carbon development strategies. The series therefore covers issues of and relationships between governance, poverty, economics, equity and environment under a changing series is intended to present research in a preliminary form for feedback and discussion.

CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACTS, vULNERABILITy AND ADAPTATION IN ZIMBABWE I CLIMATE CHANGE I Contents Acronyms i List of boxes, tables and figures i Executive summary ii 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Socio-economic context 2


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Transcription of Climate change impacts, vulnerability and …

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