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Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques


5.2.5 Mining Frequent Itemsets Using Vertical Data Format 245 5.2.6 Mining Closed Frequent Itemsets 248 5.3 Mining Various Kinds of Association Rules 250 5.3.1 Mining Multilevel Association Rules 250 5.3.2 Mining Multidimensional Association Rules from Relational Databases and Data Warehouses 254 5.4 From Association Mining to Correlation ...


Data Mining - Bibliothek


9.1 Applying Data Mining 375 9.2 Learning from Massive Datasets 378 9.3 Data Stream Learning 380 9.4 Incorporating Domain Knowledge 384 9.5 Text Mining 386 9.6 Web Mining 389 9.7 Adversarial Situations 393 9.8 Ubiquitous Data Mining 395 9.9 Further Reading 397 PART III THE WEKA DATA MINING WORKBENCH CHAPTER 10 Introduction to Weka 403 10.1 What ...

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Similarity and Dissimilarity - Rhodes


Data Mining Similarity of Data Data Preprocessing 1/15/2015 COMP 465: Data Mining Spring 2015 1 Slides Adapted From : Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber & Jian Pei Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, 3rd ed. 1/15/2015 COMP 465: Data Mining Spring 2015 2 Similarity and Dissimilarity • Similarity –Numerical measure of how alike two data objects are

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Data Mining Classification: Basic Concepts and Techniques


Data Mining Classification: Basic Concepts and Techniques Lecture Notes for Chapter 3 Introduction to Data Mining, 2nd Edition by Tan, Steinbach, Karpatne, Kumar 2/1/2021 Introduction to Data Mining, 2nd Edition 1 Classification: Definition l Given a collection of records (training set ) – Each record is by characterized by a tuple

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Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques


3.5 From Data Warehousing to Data Mining 146 3.5.1 Data Warehouse Usage 146 3.5.2 From On-Line Analytical Processing to On-Line Analytical Mining 148 3.6 Summary 150 Exercises 152 Bibliographic Notes 154 Chapter 4 Data Cube Computation and Data Generalization 157 4.1 Efficient Methods for Data Cube Computation 157

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Revised Social and Labour Plan Guidelines


Mining Charter” means the broad-based socio-economic empowerment Charter for the South African Mining and Minerals Industry; “Mine Community” refers to communities where mining takes place and labour sending areas; “Social Fund” refers to a trust fund that provides financing for investments targeted at

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OECD Blockchain Primer


Mining For some blockchains, in order to add blocks to the ledger, transfers must go through a mining process. Mining is a way of adding transaction records, via blocks, onto a public ledger. Miners are nodes in the network that ensure the transactions in the …

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Financial Reporting in the Global Mining Industry


financial statements and supplementary data of twenty-one of the world’s leading mining companies. These companies listed on page thirty, ... in the case of mining enterprises and that, longer term, a joint industry group should develop a common set of reserve definitions. The committee did not develop a tentative view

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Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques - VSSUT


The goal of data mining is to unearth relationships in data that may provide useful insights. Data mining tools can sweep through databases and identify previously hidden patterns in one step. An example of pattern discovery is the analysis of retail sales data to identify seemingly unrelated products that are often purchased together.

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Methodology for the Sampling of Groundwater


Mining Management Act (MMA). Depending on the specific circumstances of the mining operation and location, other legislation such as the Water Act may apply. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure compliance with all applicable legislation for their operation. Under Part 3, Division 1 (s16 (c-e)) of the MMA, the operator of a mining ...

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sensitivities are also becoming more important; for example, in Australia, construction cannot start before a comprehensive survey of heritage sites, which can take a year or longer. Even the best prepared projects will inevitably require changes along the way, due to engineering or environmental issues, or because contractors

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Coal Mine Dust Exposures and Associated Health Outcomes


from 1970–2009, by tenure in coal mining. Figure 8. Percentage of miners examined in the NIOSH Coal Workers’ X-ray Sur - veillance Program with progressive massive fibrosis (PMF) from 1970– 2009, by tenure in mining. Figure 9. Observed and predicted prevalences (%) of CWP category 1 or greater by age group and MSHA District. Figure 10.

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A Toolbox for the Intelligence Analyst


In order to meet the challenges facing law enforcement today, it is important that intelligence professionals be ... With advancements in communications technologies—such as e-mail, instant messaging (IM), paging, Voice over Internet Protocol ... Uses: Data mining/text mining tools can assist in complex case .

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Fraud Management. How to detect frauds and act against ...


In general, the first solution adopted is Data Mining. The analysis to be carried out on company data will for sure be time-intensive and complex and require a serious computational ability in order to identify appropriate statistical models for the definition of the prevention rules based on data analysis. A data mining technology

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Against the mainstream: Nazi privatization in 1930s Germany


5 Steel and mining: In 1932, the German government bought more than 120 million marks of shares in Gelsenkirchen Bergbau (Gelsenkirchen Mining Company), the strongest firm inside the Vereinigte Stahlwerke A.G. (United Steelworks).6 At that time, the United Steel Trust was the second largest joint-stock company in Germany (the largest was Farben Industrie A.G.).


Chapter 19. Data Warehousing and Data Mining


Data mining is a process of extracting information and patterns, which are pre-viously unknown, from large quantities of data using various techniques ranging from machine learning to statistical methods. Data could have been stored in files, Relational or OO databases, or data warehouses. In this chapter, we will

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Development of mining projects requires estimation of capital and operating costs in the early stages of the project’s life. Estimation of costs is an essential exercise that assists on deciding the future of mining projects. Despite all the investment …


Data Mining Concepts and Techniques (3rd ed.)


Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques with Java Implementations, 3rd Edition Ian Witten, Eibe Frank, Mark A. Hall Joe Celko's Data and Databases: Concepts in Practice Joe Celko Developing Time-Oriented Database Applications in …

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Data Mining with Python (Working draft)


Researchers have noted a number of reasons for using Python in the data science area (data mining, scienti c computing) [4,5,6]: 1.Programmers regard Python as a clear and simple language with a high readability.

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Challenges in the Philippine mining industry


Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Program Plan (ADSDPP). However, NCIP usually lacks the human resource and the technical knowledge to assist the community in creating the document. For non-IP communities, the stakeholders include representatives from nongovernment organizations and religious groups, and government representatives

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Recognised standard 01 - Underground electrical


Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999 . Recognised Standards may be updated from time to time. To ensure you have the latest version, check the ... 4.14 Selection, installation and use of cables..... 8 4.15 Protection of circuits on mobile diesel equipment ...

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Guidance note - Formal consultative processes at the workplace


The MSI Act sets objectives to promote and improve occupational safety and health at mines and mining operations in Western Australia. The MSI Act sets out broad duties, and is supported by regulations, together with codes of practice and guidelines. The Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995

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Millermatic 211 - Miller - Welding Equipment


Volt/Amp Curves % Duty Cycle Weld Amperes 250 200 150 100 50 0 10 5020 60 70 80 9010030 40 Duty Cycle Chart 240 V ... door is an easy-to-use guide for deter mining your voltage and wire feed speed settings. To optimize arc starts, turn wire selector ... Heavy-duty construction with 8-inch rubber rear wheels. Convenient front handles, cable

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Ethics and data protection - European Commission


as ‘sensitive data’), profiling, automated decision-making, data-mining techniques, big-data analytics and artificial intelligence, as such processing operations may pose higher risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects (see Table 1). The increasing impact of …

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The characteristics of this sludge is the direct result of the chemicals used (mineral or organic coagulants) and of course of the pollutants in the water. 1.2.6. Mineral sludge: This name is given to sludge produced during mineral processessuch as quarries or mining beneficiation processes.

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The Cooling Water Handbook - Buckman


The Cooling Water Handbook A basic guide to understanding industrial cooling water systems ... steel, mining, leather and manufacturing operations of every description depend on water for cooling . ... Chemicals used to control microbial populations

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HARBISON-WALKER Handbook of Refractory Practice 2005


Handbook of Refractory Practice Table of Contents Section 1 Introduction I ... conditions needed to manufacture metals, glass, cement, chemicals, petroleum and other essentials of contemporary life. The History of Harbison-Walker ... mining and raw materials management to manufacturing, transportation and distribution.

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Hydrochloric Acid Handbook - Occidental Petroleum


Handbook OxyChem. Dallas-based Occidental Chemical Corporation is a leading North American manufacturer of basic chemicals, vinyls and performance chemicals directly and through various affiliates (collectively, ... solution mining of borate ores, as a pH regulator in the froth flotation of potash ores, and in rare earth extraction ...

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DECEMBER P3 E3 Throws a Wrench P4 P3 P4 Into Vienna Talks


Mining, and Trade Ministry, Iranian carmakers . manufactured 651,408 vehicles in the eight-month period of this year, while the figure was 622,144 in the same time span of the previous year. During the said eight months, IKCO manu-factured 319,710 vehicles, which was 0.1 per-cent less than the output in the same time span of the previous year.


How Big Data Enables Economic Harm to Consumers ...


driven by data mining and facilitated by online services, may be an additional significant cause of this overall increase in economic inequality we have seen over the last four decades. ... other users in massive networks of computers. These companies use that analysis to

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i Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce


from mining such data. Knowing what users look at, what they click on, how much time they spend on a web page, etc. leads to better business decisions and competitive ... science, systems and algorithms incapable of scaling to massive real-world datasets run the danger of being dismissed as \toy systems" with limited utility. Large data is a fact

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FCX Conference Call 3rd Quarter 2021 Results


Prioritizing health and safety › Significant increase in COVID vaccination rates Strong financial results and cash flow generation › Reduced net debt by $5.6 billion since 9/30/20 Ongoing success with ramp-up of Grasberg underground mines › 15% increase in mining rates from 2Q21 › Annualized metals production on target to reach post

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Hydrogen Insights


A. Road transport and mining equipment 28 B. Ammonia 31 C. Steel 32 D. Sustainable shipping fuels 34 ... the industry has announced more than 200 ... driven by at-scale deployment and low financing costs. 2030 renewable costs could be

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A marketplace without boundaries - PwC South Africa


mining, banks can develop solutions to better serve their retail customers and adequately compete with new entrants. ... South African banking industry and help boost lending to the majority of the black population and businesses that have been previously excluded.

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South Africa Hydrogen Valley Final Report


Hydrogen is a key priority for South Africa. In his last State of the Nation address, President Ramaphosa cited that hydrogen fuels cells are a national priority as an alternative energy ... Driven by mining trucks fuel for diamond, copper, titanium, and platinum and some demand from heavy- and medium-duty trucks via N1

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Business impact survey of the COVID-19 pandemic in South ...


Many South African industries are experiencing an adverse impact from the pandemic, which is consistent with other countries ... selected mining activities due to a decrease in demand for minerals, accommodation and tourism due to travel bans, construction, transport, and …

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Process mining and its impact on BPM - EY


produces a process model without using any prior information. Analysts use the process discovery capability to gather event data from source software systems and create visualizations of workflow through the systems. They explore the process patterns to uncover situations that cause errors and inefficiencies or aggravate risks.

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Leakage in Data Mining: Formulation, Detection, and


to each page-view record at the end of the session. A solution is to replace this attribute with "page number in session" which de-scribes the session length up to the current page, where prediction is required. Subsequent work by Kohavi . et al. [3] presents the common busi-ness analysis problem of characterizing big spenders among cus-tomers.

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Safety management systems in mines


Western Australia’ and forms part of the mining safety legislative framework for these states. Under this agreement, tri-state model legislation was developed that is to be structured and customised differently in each of these states. This code was also developed in consultation with the Non-Core (tri-state) Legislative Working ...

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mining, turf/recreation, and residential drainage markets. The hydraulic capabilities of N-12, which is available in diameters 4”-60” (100-1500 mm), were significantly improved in 1987 when ADS introduced the first HDPE drainage pipe to combine an annular corrugated exterior for strength with a smooth interior wall for maximum flow capacity.

  Mining, Drainage

*c Front/Chapter 01pdf


when 3M was founded as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, the formula for business success was the same. But for 3M, perseverance mattered even more. The multiple crises that rocked 3M a century ago could have easily destroy ed a young company in the st century. Imagine, for example, that 1 Early Struggles Plant the Seeds of Innovation




anthropogenic means, especially mining and industrial activities, and automobile exhausts. They leach into the underground waters, moving along water pathways and eventually depositing in the aquifer, or are washed away by run-off into surface waters thereby resulting in water and subsequently soil pollution.

  Mining, Underground

Customer Relationship Management - Kenyatta University


tify Continuous Relationship Marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship ... data mining, or segmentation and targeting research, made possible from the centralization of cus- ... quired for improvement are the establishment of clearly stated objectives, the establishment of organ- ...

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Nozala Coal is a joint venture between Nozala and the NAB Mining Group. Nozala Coal currently has two prospecting rights, one in the Witbank coalfield and the other in the Waterberg basin. The latter project exploration is still work-in-progress and has a resource of 1.4Bt.

  Mining, Exploration, Prospecting



processing, wireless co mmunication and also data mining kept in new premises in the field of personal health care. Cristina Elena Turcua studied Health care applications a solution based on the Internet ... op amp to help obtain a clear s ignal from the PR and QT Intervals easily.

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Data privacy as a strategic priority - Deloitte US


Companies are seeking competitive advantages in the marketplace by better mining existing information and taking advantage of non-traditional sources and uses of data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and new ways of interacting with customers, such as digitization.

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Data Analytics in Cloud Computing - TechnologyAdvice


Data Analytics in Cloud Computing technologyadvice The Opportunities Much of the benefit from data analysis comes from its ability to recognize patterns in a set and make predictions regarding past experiences. Usually the process is referred to as data mining, which simply means discovering patterns in data sets to better understand trends.

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Blockchain For Health Data and Its Potential Use in Health ...


Combining these advancements in health ... Blockchain technology has the potential to address the interoperability challenges currently ... Data lakes support interactive queries, text mining, text analytics and machine learning. All information …

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Globalization and Neoliberalism - UMass


power in the manufacturing, mining, transportation, and communication sectors. US industry settled down to a more restrained form of oligopolistic rivalry. At the same time, many of the new monopoly capitalists began to criticize the old Laissez Faire ideas and support a …

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Newcrest agrees to acquire Pretium Resources


Newcrest Mining Limited – www.newcrest.com.au 1 Market Release 9 November 2021 Newcrest agrees to acquire Pretium Resources1 Adds a Tier 1 large scale, long life, low cost mine to Newcrest’s portfolio of Tier 1 assets Immediately increases Newcrest’s gold production by >300koz pa (~15%) to well above 2Moz 2,3,4 Accretive to Newcrest’s EBITDA and cash flow

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