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Code of Practice

Code of Practice for Structural Use of glass 2018. FOREWORD. This Code of Practice for the Structural Use of glass (the Code) provides guidelines on the design, construction, testing and quality assurance of structural glass in buildings. Although the Code is not a statutory document, compliance with the requirements of the Code is deemed to satisfy the relevant provisions of the Buildings Ordinance and related regulations. The Code was prepared by the Buildings Department on the basis of a consultancy study on the structural use of glass commissioned by the Buildings Department and overseen by a Steering Committee with members from the academia, professional institutions and relevant government departments. The contribution and effort given by the members of the Steering Committee are sincerely acknowledged. The Code will be reviewed regularly.

C2 Beams with Intermediate Buckling Restraints 57 C3 Beams with No Intermediate Buckling Restraints 59 C4 Continuously Restrained Beams 60 C5 Buckling Restraints 62 ANNEX D INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR D1 General 64 D2 Deterioration and Failure of Glazing Systems 64 D2.1 Typical forms of deterioration 64 D2.2 Glass failure 64 D3 Maintenance Management 65


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