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Formwork and finishes - final.ppt


Formwork and finishes for cast in situ concrete Elaine Toogood BA(HONS) Grad Dip Arch RIBA Senior Architect, The Concrete Centre The Concrete Centre: ... Matt non- shiny surface fi nish to the concrete –less re-use High Quality Birch faced (or other) ply – Matt finish, light timber grain expressed. Often little re- use possible

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SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION - Building and Construction


BS EN 12620: Aggregates for Concrete, on its suitability (and make modification, if necessary) for use in Singapore. The ... found in BS 8500: Concrete - Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1, particularly for the use of recycled aggregates in concrete. ... based on British Standards, PD 6682-9 will ...

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cracked concrete C 20/25 to C 50/60 - ETA Approved for seismic performance category C1, C2a) - Maximum load performance in cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete - 100 years service lifetime resistanceb) - Small edge distance and anchor spacing possible - Manual cleaning for borehole diameter up to 20mm and h ef≤10d for non-cracked ...

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Rib and In-fill - Stahlton


concrete topping is 0.23 Rm 2 °c/w. Higher ratings can be achieved by placing polystyrene on the in-fill providing a structural link and thermal bridge between rib and topping concrete for a composite floor system. This value is a guide only. If further information is required please contact Stahlton. Rib & in-fill thermal rating Concrete ...

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DIVISION II MATERIALS - Virginia Department of


Section 211.04—Asphalt Concrete Mixtures is amended by replacing (a) and (b) with the following: Asphalt concrete mixtures shall conform to the requirements of Table II-14 and the following: (a) Types SM-9.0A, SM-9.0D, SM-9.0E, SM-9.5A, SM-9.5D and SM-9.5E asphalt concrete shall consist of crushed stone,

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NORMAL WEIGHT CONCRETE (145 pcf) 3VLI GR50 ASD | AUGUST 2021 3VLI-36/3VLJ-36/3PLVLI-36 COMPOSITE DECK-SLABS Maximum Unshored Spans Composite Deck-Slab Properties Slab Depth Deck Gage Maximum Unshored Construction Clear Span Concrete + Deck Deflection Moment Shear I d = (I cr +I u)/2 M no /Ω V no /Ω Total Topping 1 2 3 (psf) …

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Texas Commission on Environmental Quality


materials or equipment storage or maintenance (e.g., fill piles, borrow area, concrete truck wash out, fueling), or other industrial stormwater directly related to the construction process (e.g., concrete or asphalt batch plants) are located. Drought-Stricken Area – For the purposes of this permit, an area in which the National




BS 5266-1 Emergency lighting. Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises BS EN 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code). BS 8000 Workmanship on building sites, codes of practice. BS 8500-1 Concrete. Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1. BS EN 14889 Fibres for Concrete. 8.5 Other Documents

  Standards, Concrete, British, Complementary, Bs en, Complementary british standard to bs en



Joist BF. Since b a = 15 ft 10 ft = 1.5 6 2, the concrete slab will behave as a two-way slab. Thus, the tributary area for the joist is the hexagonal area, as shown in Fig. a, and the maximum intensity of the distributed load is: 4@ in.@thick breinforced stone concrete slab: (0.15 k>ft3)a 4 12 ft (10 ft2 = 0.5 k>ft

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Flexural Strength of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete T ...


No guidance is given for what “sufficient ductil-ity” should be, and it is not clear in either specification what value of φ should be used for such over-reinforced members, ... • A concrete stress of 0.85fc’ is assumed to be uniformly distributed over an equivalent

  Guidance, Concrete

Schluter -DITRA Installation Handbook 2020 - Lowe's


Concrete Substrate - Structural concrete slab WATERPROOFING 13 Floors, Interior - Ceramic or Stone Tile ACCESS FLOOR PANELS 12 Floors, Interior ... 19.2" (488 mm) o.c. joist spacing, single layer OSB or plywood subfloor D-W19-T-20 Ceramic or porcelain tile

  Floor, Concrete, Slab, Concrete slab, Triads, Joists, Schulter

TM 5-809-3 Masonry Structural Design for Buildings


5-2. Equivalent Wall Thickness for Computing Compression and Shear Stress Parallel to the Wall for Hollow Concrete Masonry Units, Inches. 5-3. Area Effective in Axial Compression and in In-Plane Shear, A e, in2/ft. 5-4. Gross Moment of Inertia and Cracking Moment Strength for Various Widths of CMU Walls. Type S Mortar, f' m = 1350. 5-5.

  Design, Building, Walls, Shares, Structural, Concrete, Masonry, Masonry structural design for buildings



ASTM – Acronym for American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM is a non- ... CIPCP Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe CPP Corrugated Polypropylene Pipe ... SWPVCP-PR Smooth Wall Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe - Pressure Rated SRPEP Steel Reinforced High Density Polyethylene Pipe

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HIT-RE 500 with HIT-V / HAS rods - Hilti


One anchor material, as specified in the tables Non cracked concrete f c,cyl = 32 MPa Temperate range I (min. base material temperature -40°C, max. long term/short term base material temperature: +24°C/40°C) Installation temperature range +5°C to +40°C Embedment depth and base material thickness for the basic loading data Recommended loads

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- HAS-U anchor rod with strength class 5.8 and 8.8, AM anchor rod with strength class 8.8, HIS-N internally threaded insert with screw 8.8 - Base material thickness, as specified in the table - Concrete C 20/25, f ck,cube = 25 N/mm² - Temperature range I: -40 °C to +40 °C

  Concrete, Injection, Anchor, Mortars, Hit re 500 v3 injection mortar

Hit RE-100 Adhesive Anchor Product Data - BuildSite.com


addition to the slow cure adhesive anchor portfolio and designed for solid performance in a wide range of applications. Designed to utilize the existing Hilti dispenser platform and ICC-ES approved for cracked and uncracked concrete, this anchor is the perfect complement to the portfolio for day to day jobsite needs. PERFORMANCE

  Concrete, Anchor

ATC-40 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Concrete


Council (ATC) a contract to develop a recom-mended methodology and commentary for the seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing con-crete buildings (Product 1.2). In 1995 the Commission awarded a second, related contract to ATC to expand the Product 1.2 …

  Seismic, Evaluation, Contract, Concrete, Retrofit, Seismic evaluation and retrofit of concrete, Seismic evaluation and retrofit of

Anchors: High Precision Model-Agnostic Explanations


coverage to the model’s behavior (the anchor on the right of Figure 2b is broader) and making their boundaries clear. Leaving the discussion of how to compute anchors for later, we now demonstrate their usefulness and flexibility via concrete examples in a variety of domains and models. Text Classification: We have already alluded to Figure 1,

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Concrete Form Systems under the term DAEFS (Direct Applied Exterior Finishing Systems). This system is a 2 ... system first, to give the base coat a rough surface texture to bond properly to. ... As with all finishes, NUDURA Inc. always recommends that the product specified as a finish material for the building ...

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any member country of the European Union ... any call-out or repair charges. One telephone call will bring assistance as quickly as possible. As the helpline is available 24 hours a day and seven days a ... b roofed with slate tiles concrete asphalt metal or sheets or

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A concrete with a topping filled in the center. THE RICO SUAVE Vanilla frozen custard blended with roasted pecans and Oreo® cookies, filled with hot fudge. sm: $5.99| 990 cal med: $6.99| 1,300 cal lg: $7.99 | 1,630 cal TEXAS 2-STEP Vanilla frozen custard blended with strawberries, filled with hot fudge. sm: $5.49| 770 cal med: $6.49| 1,090 cal ...

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Oil and Gas Pipeline Design, Maintenance and Repair


PE 607: Oil & Gas Pipeline Design, Maintenance & Repair 6 MEASURES TO ALLOW PIPELINE EXPANSION • Places affected by thermal expansion, earthquake, soil settlement, etc., allow pipelines to expand (elongate) freely in order to prevent development of large stresses in the pipe. • This is especially true for PVC pipes and concrete pipes,

  Repair, Concrete

High risk construction work Safe Work method statement ...


insufficient concrete strength. Structural collapse due to overloading incomplete formwork decks. • A structural inspection and formwork sign off will be undertaken by a competent person prior to materials being loaded onto formwork deck. • Supervisor will consult with the crane crew prior to any materials being loaded onto the formwork deck.

  Inspection, Concrete

1. Stage of the building work - Department of Housing and ...


Form 16 Inspection certificate ... after the placement of formwork and reinforcement for the slab but before the concrete. for the slab is poured • the final stage of the work. Nothing prevents a competent person (inspection) who is not a building certifier from giving inspection help for an aspect of a stage .

  Inspection, Concrete



the OE Inspection Performance as witnessed by the TxDOT observer. Signature of TxDOT Observer Observation Date Material Inspection MD X NA Documentation Attached 1. Pre-cast units must be from an approved source and an invoice received when delivered to the project. Cast in place units assure concrete is the specified class

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26 00 02 Electrical Scope of Work (012914)


Housekeeping pads[, concrete ductbank encasement] and other supports as required for electrical equipment and components.] 13. [Access doors for access to concealed electrical equipment and devices.] 14. Connections to equipment furnished by the General Contractor or other Divisions. 15.




European Gate Valves, Resilient Seated for Pressure Applications – Water Supply . WSA PS – 290 ... Repair and Off-Take Clamps for Pressure Applications – Water Supply . WSA PS – 314 ... 367 Steel Reinforcing Materials for Concrete WSA …

  European, Repair, Concrete

The Environmental Impact of Asphalt Plants


word asphalt (or its European name bitumen) is used for multiple products that are produced and used in different ways. Asphalt pavement material (sometimes called asphalt concrete) is not the same thing as roof-ing asphalt, and it is unrelated to coal tar. …

  European, Concrete

Aluminium for Climate: Exploring pathways to decarbonize ...


Nigel Topping, UK High-Level Climate Action Champion, COP26 Although the sense of urgency varies across the different heavy industries, the direction of sustainability ... and concrete structures.12 13 As a significant emitter, it is the aluminium sector’s time to present an industry action plan on the

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Precast Concrete Manhole Installation


appropriately rated handling equipment from the safe lift points designated by the manufacturer of the precast manhole sections. Manhole ladders, steps or appurtenances are not to be used as lifting points. •8.2.2: When lifting manhole bases and risers, make sure the chain or cable lengths are long enough to prevent

  Safe, Concrete, Precast, Handling, Precast concrete

Precast Concrete Floors in Steel Framed Buildings


BS EN 1992-1-1 [3]. Consequently, the reinforcement in the structural topping must be designed for both bending and diaphragm actions. Clause 10.9.3 of BS EN 1992-1-1 explains the principles of how a precast floor can be designed to act as a diaphragm. 2.1 …

  Concrete, Bs en

National Structural Concrete Specifi cation - Home


introduction of this term in BS EN 13670 and the numbering of the specifi cation sections follows that of the standard. BS EN 13670 requires the use of an execution specifi cation, consisting of documents and drawings to communicate additional and project-specifi c construction requirements between Client, Designer and Constructor.

  Standards, National, Structural, Concrete, Action, Specifi, Bs en, National structural concrete specifi cation

Garages and the 2020 Minnesota Residential Code


A "floating slab" may be used for the foundation support of detached garages on all soils except peat and muck. The slab perimeter must be sized and/or reinforced to carry all design loads. Slabs must be at least 3 1/2 inches thick and reinforcing is recommended. The minimum concrete strength is 3,500-pounds-per-square-inch.

  Code, Residential, Concrete, 2200, Minnesota, Slab, And the 2020 minnesota residential code

Design a typical floor joist - University of Alabama


CE 331, Spring 2002 Joist and Frame Design Example 1 / 2 1. Design a typical floor joist for the two -story office building indicated below. 1.1. Calculate the moment due to dead load. ... DL = 3” slab of normal weight concrete LL = 40 psf WL = …

  Design, Floor, Concrete, Typical, Slab, Joists, Design a typical floor joist



rough floor slab 1/2" trap primer connection watts a 200 trap ... structural slab waterproof membrane concrete ductile iron grate sediment bucket vandal proof screws finished floor plywood floor joist soil stone waterproof membrane sub floor heavy duty drain support flange precast construction

  Floor, Concrete, Slab, Joists, Floor slabs, Floor joists



3. Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) and Dense Asphaltic Concrete (DAC) 3 3.1Material 3 3.2 Mix Requirements 9 3.3 Construction Operations 11 3.4Controls 15 Annexure I Outline of AASHTO T 283, “Resistance of Compacted Asphalt Mixtures to Moisture-Induced Damage” 18

  Concrete, Mixtures, Asphalt, Bituminous, Macadam, Bituminous macadam, Asphalt mixtures



concerned with the engineering, design and construction of railroad fixed properties (except signals and communications), and a llied services and facilities. For the purpose of this Manual, RECOMMENDED PRACTICE is defined as a material, device, design, plan, specification, principle or practice

  Chapter, Structure, Concrete, Llied, A llied, Chapter 8 concrete structures and

Introductory Guide to the Common European Framework of ...


The Common European Framework of Reference gives you a detailed description of learner level by skill, ... • Can understandthe main ideasof complex text on both concrete and abstracttopics, including ... Monitoring and Repair Working with Text 39. Notetaking in Seminars and Lectures 40. Processing Text

  European, Repair, Concrete

How To: Outlining a Research Paper Note for students: This ...


from general to specific (abstract to concrete). After you have done a lot of these activities, you are ready to start outlining. (You may need to revisit these activities as you outline, whenever you need to come up with new ideas and material for your writing). Once you are ready to start outlining, follow the guide below.




2. definition of the behavior in concrete terms; 3. identification of contextual factors that contribute to the behavior (including cognitive and affective factors); and 4. formulation of hypothesis regarding general conditions under which the behavior usually occurs and probable consequences that serve to maintain it.

  Assessment, Behavioral, Concrete, Functional, Functional behavioral assessment, Fbas

Bundled bars


Where the concrete at the bottom of a beam over a column carries an excessively large compression load, extra bars lapped for compressive stress transfer will be required there. Development Length of Bundled Bars in Compression (Clauses 8.10.8, 10.7, 13.1.6, 13.1.7)

  Concrete, Columns

V. DESIGN OF WATER MAINS - Charlotte, North Carolina


ductile iron or concrete cylinder pipe. When requested, the Engineer shall submit the calculations of fire flow requirements ... approximately 1000 feet and tied back to the established vertical control ... On pumped lines or in any other application where the potential for water column separation exists, the design engineer shall evaluate the ...

  Concrete, Diet, Columns



how. Fur thermore, the AAR repor t makes concrete and actionable recommendations for changes and improvements that will impact future success in carrying out this task or similar activities. ... presenting the USAID AAR Technical Guidance. I can personally attest to the usefulness and strength of the After Action Review based on my 21

  Guidance, Concrete



lighter beams and slabs; thus reducing their dead load considerably as compared to R.C.C. Structures. Application of Prestressing in building construction also facilitates a larger span between the columns, thus reduces the number of columns. This also makes the structure more versatile for interior planning.

  Structure, Concrete, Slab, Prestressed, Freyssinet, The freyssinet prestressed concrete co



1 (03/20) Safety barrier, vehicle parapet (excluding concrete vehicle parapet), terminal, transition and crash cushion systems should conform to CD 377 (DMRB 2.2.8), the various parts of BS EN 1317 and DD ENV 1317-4:2002. The introduction of these Standards ensures a consistent performance based standard is used in the testing


Chapter 3: Design Loads for Residential Buildings


concrete design and the ASD method for masonry design. For wood design, Chapters 5, 6, and 7 use ASD. Therefore, for a single project, it may be necessary ... proportioning of multiple transient loads that may assume point-in-time values when the load of interest attains its extreme design value. Load combinations are

  Concrete, Proportioning

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