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laminates. Cherry Finishes Walnut Finishes Collectors Mocha Harvest Night Owl Praline Sienna Truffle Special Finishes Special finishes can be requested by following the instruction in the general introduction section, page 5. There is a one time charge of $332 list per order.

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Example site observation checklist


Ceiling hangers/grind and services tiles Finishes including 2nd fix 2nd fix services Commence commissioning of services Wall boardings Raised floor/floor finishes Joinery Finishes Commissioning/fit out Integrated commissioning Architectural snag and de-snag Statutory sign offs Handover area (eg remove hoardings)

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7500 SERIES - Norton Door Controls


FINISHES Norton offers waterborne acrylic, polyster powder coat and plated finishes. Custom finishes are available on special order. A sample and approval is required. waterborne acrylic and polyester powder coat will withstand 100 hours of salt spray (ANSi requires 25 hours). * 600 is a special rust-inhibiting prime coat.

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Data Sheet Tolerance for Concrete Surfaces


concrete surface is either not visible, or the surface finish quality is no critical (e.g. footings, concrete frames covered by other finishes). While specifications for “Face step” and “Undulations” for Class 4 finishes are included in AS 3610.11, the tolerances for Class 4 and 5 finishes are generally governed by the

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The colours and finishes shown in this chart may not be available in all profiles or steel gauges. Check with your Vicwest sales representative to confirm colour availability by product. Custom Colours and Paint Finishes are available. Please contact …




included in this group. These finishes are either temporary or semi durable and do not last long. W e will learn more about these finishes further in the chapter . INTEXT QUESTIONS 11.1 1. Fill in the blanks after unscrambling the clues in the brackets: i. The treatment given to fabrics to enhance their appearance, performance or

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Checklist for the Concrete Pre-Construction Conference


Types of finishes • Area 1 • Area 2 • Area 3 • Area 4 b. Special materials for finishes Dry-shake hardener • Rate of application • Procedure to install ... Refer to ASCC Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete b. Slabs-on-grade and floors

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finishes combine to create a stylish . yet cozy environment. Rich yet discreet. Patterned, reflective finishes create . ... and brushed steel are blended with metallic laminates and contemporary lighting designs to speak volumes, but with a cool, quiet voice. These designs are the perfect match for

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PART 1 OF 2 Definition of 30-60-90% Design Process


9) Exterior finishes and color. Finishes should carry 35 year color performance warranty 10) Storage locations of hazardous materials. List any special cabinet or furnishings or spill containment required. 11) Storage systems for materials, parts, and other inventory. Determine waste receptacle size and location for access.

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Solvent-Free Finishes . That Add High Performance, Durability to Your World *Denotes non-standard color. Kawneer Company, Inc. Technology Park / Atlanta. ARCHITECTRA SSTEMS | ENTRANCES FRAMING | CRTAIN WAS | WINDOWS. 555 Guthridge Court Norcross, GA 30092 770.449.5555 kawneer.com

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INSTALLATION MANUAL 126 EXTERIOR FINISHES 14.2 FINISH MATERIALS BRICK Masonry brick or stone can be installed as a finished product onto the EPS material. A corbelled brick ledge form is required for support of the brick or stone. As stated in Chapter 6, section 6.9, the corbelled ledge can support the

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Specifications - images.thdstatic.com


• Various finishes identified by suffix • Magnetix™ technology features an innovative magnetic docking system • Includes rainshower, handshower, hose and magnetic docking system • 60" double interlock spiral hose (metal), for Chrome and Spot Resist Brushed Nickel finishes • 1/2" IPS connection OPERATION

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Formwork and finishes - final.ppt


Formwork and finishes for cast in situ concrete Elaine Toogood BA(HONS) Grad Dip Arch RIBA Senior Architect, The Concrete Centre The Concrete Centre: ... Matt non- shiny surface fi nish to the concrete –less re-use High Quality Birch faced (or other) ply – Matt finish, light timber grain expressed. Often little re- use possible

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Ives Finishes Chart - Allegion


603 2C Zinc plated Steel 604 2G Zinc plated/dichromate sealed Steel 632 US3 Bright brass plated, clear coated Steel 638 US5 Satin brass plated, blackened, satin relieved, clear coated Steel 639 US10 Satin bronze plated, clear coated Steel 640 US10B Dark oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed finish Steel 645 US24 Bright nickel plated, clear coated Steel

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May–June 2022 Assessment Window 1DT0


fabricate, construct and assemble a high-quality ferrous and/or non-ferrous metal prototype . 2.8 Appropriate surface treatments and finishes that can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals for functional and aesthetic purposes . Paper 1DT0/1B . 1.2 .

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Jan 27, 2022 · LAWSON v. PPG ARCHITECTURAL FINISHES, INC. Opinion of the Court by Kruger, J. 7 In 2003, the Legislature amended the Labor Code’s whistleblower protections in response to a series of high-profile corporate scandals and reports of illicit coverups. (Stats. 2003, ch. 484, § 3, pp. 3518–3519.) Specifically citing “the recent spate

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Apr 29, 2009 · inexpensive substitute for stone. Made from concrete, the exposed face is finished to resemble rock face ashlar or other stone finishes. Stucco Stucco is an inexpensive, non-structural, cement-based material used for walls in many historic districts. Historically, stucco was applied, in two or three coats, to wood or masonry structural walls.

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FUL-THANE® 2K URETHANE - Premium Protective Coatings


All OEM finishes, as well as properly prepared metal, fiberglass, plastic and fully cured previously painted surfaces. SURFACE PREPARATION: Before sanding, wash with soap and water and remove wax and grease with Nason ® 441-05™ Silicone and Wax Remover or 481-75™ Aerosol Cleaner (use locally permitted cleaner in regulated

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division 09 - finishes discipline architectural 093013 ceramic tile n 10/31/97 architectural 093016 quarry and paver tile n 10/31/97 architectural 093033 architectural 092900 gypsum board n 04/30/19 architectural 092216 non-structural metal framing n 07/05/18 architectural

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finishes should be non-glare. 3. Reflectance value of paints, vinyl coverings, laminates, and other finish materials should be selected to enhance ambient illumination and the illumination at working surfaces. The following values are recommended: Ceilings 70-90% Walls 40-60% Floors 30-50% Desktops 35-50% Chalkboards 20-30% B. Floors: 1.

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Smooth & Hammered finishes). Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint is a single pack air-drying coating which delivers a decorative, corrosion resistant finish. Hammerite is fast drying and can be recoated after 4 hours. The specially selected resins impart a …

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Specifications - Moen Incorporated


Metal construction with various finishes identified by suffix • 1/2" IPS connections OPERATION • Lever style handles • Maximum handle rotation angle is 90˚ to full on for either handle • Hot side counterclockwise to open (clockwise to close)

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Architectural Woodwork Standards doors 9


MAterIAls For opAque FInIsHes Medium density overlay, MdF or Hardboard. These provide the optimum paintable surface for architectural doors. close Grain Hardwood. Extra preparation will be required by the finisher as there will be grain show through, open appearing veneer joints, and other wood characteristics when using this product for a




finishes. 3. Front Casters and Back Handle - (single seat) - add $120 list 4. Tablet Arm: - 14"dia - Specify Tablet Arm option (TBL) or right (TBR); laminate or veneer add $444 list, solid surface add $399 list for eachtabletarmspecified.FormaterialofferingseeZiva tabletopselectiononpage364.




moroccan concrete™ colorbody ™ & glazed porcelain & ceramic mosaic with stepwise ™ technology floor usage material pricing special features floor wall countertop shower floor exterior stepwise ™truedge made in the u.s.a. large format mosaic/ deco encaustic finishes: matte colorbody™ porcelain floor tile mc50 off white mc51 taupe mc52 ...

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Wilsonart® Laminate Technical Data for Basic Types (#107 ...


Finishes #1 High Gloss A mirror sheen finish which gives a smooth, brilliant appearance. Excellent for any vertical application. Laminates with a high gloss finish can be used for horizontal application only in light use areas. We recommend that it not be used on horizontal work surfaces such as countertops. Glossometer reading: MD and CD 100 ...

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Trussed Rafter - DJR Roof Trusses


of 250 N/m2 is added for the ceiling finishes. Medium Term Loads:For small buildings ie. total floor area less than 200m2 and where roof shape calculations have not been made, the 0 - 30 degrees site snow load is 750 N/m2. This reduces for pitches greater than 30 degrees, reducing to zero at 60 degrees. Short Term Loads:A man point load of 675 N

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Architectural Coatings combine beauty and successful performance as only a 70% fluoropolymer-based coating can. PERFORMANCE TABLE. Criteria Performance AAMA 2605 Meets or exceeds Substrate Aluminum only Pretreatment Multi-stage cleaning and conversion coating Dry Film Thickness 1.2 mils (ASTM D7091) Specular Gloss Low and medium (ASTM …

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Schindler 5500 High-performance and sophisticated ...


high-performance gearless machine is : economical and environmentally-friendly. Variable-frequency control delivers a smooth ride, substantially less vibration. ... Frames for glass panels are available in three finishes. Note: Specifications, options and colors are subject to change. All cars and options illustrated in this brochure

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CSI Divisions / Trades - Sundt


Feb 15, 2021 · 03 48 00 Architectural Precast Concrete 09 00 00 Finishes 12 30 00 Casework ... 25 50 00 Integrated Automation Facility Controls 32 17 23 Pavement Markings 45 20 00 Textiles & Apparel Manufacturing Equip 26 00 00 Electrical 32 18 00 Athletic and Recreational Surfacing 45 30 00 Petroleum & Coal Products Manufacturing Equip

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of Textiles, Government of India and a premier Institute of Fashion Business Education invites applications from the Indian Nationals for the following Group-C posts to be filled ... of production, finishes, equipment, tools and machinery. Lab Assistant (Competency E)

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Arsenic and its compounds Several Metal finishes, stabilizer in plastics, coating, wood preservative Ceramic cook tops, metal alloys DE,T ... pigments, textiles C Dibutyltin compounds Several All applications were part can become a part of consumer product Banned in Europe by 01.01.2012, exemptions according to

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MORGAN PLUS FOUR UK Price List Options


SPECIAL PAINT FINISHES PRICE (INC VAT) Special Solid Colour £1,240.00 Special Metallic Colour £1,865.00 Matte Paint (Surcharge)(1) £495.00 Two-Tone Paint (Surcharge)(2) £1,740.00 Three-Stage Pearl Paint £4,355.00 Paint Protection …

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Safety in gas welding, cutting and similar processes


textiles, rubber, and plastics. Many processes also generate sparks and hot spatter which can also ignite these materials. The following precautions will help prevent fire: ... appoint a fire watch during and after the work finishes. It is normal to maintain

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HOME ECONOMICS SYLLABUS - Caribbean Examinations …


Module 2: Fabrics and Fabric Finishes .....3 0 - 32 . Module 3: Care and Maintenance of Textile Products.....3 3 . SECTION TWO: PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF DRESS ... Clothing and Textiles and Food and Nutrition. The disciplines offered articulate with tertiary level education programmes, which allow students to acquire skills for advanced learning ...

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Starlight Express


Lemoyne Star, which finishes at 9 inches, and the Double Wedding Ring which produces an 11.5-inch block. The cutter and dies are available for checkout any time by contacting me to arrange for pickup. An updated list of dies is available on the web site. If you haven’t tried the can get down to the fun of sewing your creation! ~Cheryl Tomson


Fire Safety Standard Operating Procedure


3.10 – Surface Finishes, Furniture, Textiles. 3.11 - Fire Safety Checks to be carried out with Premises. 4. Staff Responsibilities 4.1 - Staff Responsibilities 4.2 - Premises Manager Responsibilities. 4.3 - Fire Drills and Exercises. 5 Electrical Equipment General Fire Safety. 5.1 – Electrical Equipment General.

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and finishes of the Veneta Cucine models with rear and perimeter frame in Bronzo finish aluminium. Shelves, wine glass rack, hooks or lights can be installed in the grooves. FR ― Boiseries avec panneaux dans les matériaux et finitions des modèles Veneta Cucine avec châssis arrière et périmétrique en aluminium finition Bronzo.

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Commercial Permit Application Requirements: New …


Commercial Permit Application Requirements: New Structures, Remodels, Upfits, Additions & Change of Use ... ramped exits for each entire floor occupant load. ... Finish schedule identifying all interior finishes for all rooms/spaces within project area Ceiling plan layout & details (ceiling heights, type of ceiling, soffits, sprinkler heads ...

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Wallboard Finished Appearance, Managing Expectations ...


Glass curtain walls, large expanses of windows, skylights and high ceilings can flood interior surfaces with strong natural light. ... the level of gypsum board finish achieved prior to the final decoration, and the type of ... Consider the use of drywall texture finishes. Texture-finish products are an excellent method for masking minor ...

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Plaster Systems Brochure (English) - SA920 - USG


Finishes are approximately 1/16 to 3/329 9 thick, and can be smooth troweled, floated or textured. ... and can be ready for further decoration in as little as 24 hours if completely dry. Fast completion can often shorten ... – Glass-fiber-mesh reinforced aggregated portland cement panel

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C-8 Concrete Study Guide - California Contractors State ...


• Placing concrete • Applying finishes • Curing and testing . 4. Post-placement Tasks (5%) • Applying stains and sealers • Stripping forms; repairing, grouting, and caulking concrete . 5. Safety (18%) • Employee safety • Job site safety *Percentages are approximate* Test Site Policy . This is a closed-book examination. No reference

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for Glass decoration


texturized decorative glass at a fraction of the price. Applying Fasara and Crystal glass finishes directly to glass saves time and money, and makes the project go fast and easy. It can be applied on-site with little or no business downtime. Application area's The areas of use of 3M Glass Decorative Films are unlimited: • Offices, banks and ...

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Dave Johnson Sermon: “God Always Finishes what He


Dec 06, 2009 · the work of salvation in our lives, and He is the One who will finish that work of salvation. Moreover, Paul tells us the day this work of salvation will be completed: “the day of Jesus Christ,” in other words, the day of Jesus’ Second Coming. Jesus was born, died, buried, and

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Specifications - Moen Incorporated


Metal construction with various finishes identified by suffix • Includes metal pop-up type waste assembly • Includes optional 3 hole deck plate (escutcheon) • Flexible supplies with 3/8” compression fittings OPERATION • Pivot action lever style handle • Temperature controlled by 100° arc of handle travel FLOW

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CSI Codes - Specialty Detail - CT ABC


Division 9 - Finishes Basic Finish Materials And Methods 9050 Ceiling Suspension 9120 Lath and Plaster 9200 Drywall 9250 Tile and Terrazzo 9300 Acoustical Treatment 9500 Wood Flooring 9550 Stone & Masonry Flooring 9600 Cultured Marble 9610 Soft Flooring 9650 Carpet 9680 Special Flooring and Floor Treatment 9700 Paint Removal 9790 Special ...

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A Guide to Best Practice in the Specification and Use of ...


• Details of any finishes and decoration • Check all relevant drawings • Section 6 - Metal systems for screens and doors • Section 7 – Frameless (butt-jointed) systems Ensure Installation is Correct Check with installer: • Third party certificInation (e.g. FIRAS) • …

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