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Combo Washer-Dryer Parts Breakdowns - Splendide

Page 2 to 3 Model and S/N Designators2002 / 2004 Models 'M' and Pre 'M' ModelsPage 4 to 192002 / 2004 ModelsSplendide 2000S (WD2000S) Splendide 2100 (WD2100)Comb-o-matic 6200 (WDC6200 CEE)Comb-o-matic 5200 (WDC5200)Page 20 to 46087919A01) Splendide 2000 (WD802M)114388+) WD2000 SComb-o-matic 2000 (SWD1054M)Comb-o-matic 2000 (WDC1024M) Comb-o-matic 6000 (WDC1025 MCEE)Comb-o-matic 6000 (WDC1025M) Comb-o-matic 6000 (WDC1025)Comb-o-matic 6100 (LWD1054M)Page 47 to 56 Pre 'M' ModelsSplendide 2000 (WD802) Splendide 2000 (WD804) Splendide 2000 (NBR5000)15650 SE 102nd Ave. Clackamas, Oregon - Hours: M-F, 7am-5pm PSTC ombo Washer-Dryer Parts BreakdownsIMPORTANT: Always contact a Splendide Technician at 1-800-356-0766 ext. 5 (503-656-2280) to verify the correct part before ordering. Splendide Combo Washer-Dryer Parts BreakdownsLast Updated: 7/7/2008To speed the repair process, ALWAYS have the Model and Serial No. ready when you call Westland Housing Upper & Lower (406 - 601)114388 Heater Housing Upper & Lower (602+)WD2000 SSplendide 2002 / 2004 ModelsModel/Serial No.

087919A Heater Housing Upper & Lower (406 - 601) 114388 Heater Housing Upper & Lower (602+) WD2000S Splendide 'M' and Pre 'M' Models Model/Serial No. Designators






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Transcription of Combo Washer-Dryer Parts Breakdowns - Splendide

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