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Four Point Bending Test [formules] - UMinho

THEORY OF THE. FOUR Point DYNAMIC Bending TEST. PART I: GENERAL THEORY. Author: Pronk P-DWW-96-008. ISBN-90-3693-712-4. Edition: December 2006. Disclaimer The Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division (DWW) of the Rijkswaterstaat has collected the data in this publication using the latest scientific and technical knowledge. Errors may nevertheless occur in this publication. The Kingdom of the Netherlands takes no responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of using these data. PREFACE. This document contains the background, theory and interpretation procedures of the FOUR Point DYNAMIC Bending TEST. The 4 Point dynamic Bending test is used for the investigation of pavement material properties like stiffness modulus and fatigue characteristics.

2.4.6 DWW Specifications pp. 24 2.5 First order approximation of the solution expressed in an infinite series of sine’s pp. 25 Chapter 3: Dynamic Bending of an Elastic Beam (Accounting only for the mass of the beam) 3.1 General pp. 32 3.2 Dynamic solution in case _ = L pp. 34


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Transcription of Four Point Bending Test [formules] - UMinho

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