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Position Classification Flysheet for Instructional Systems


-- apply engineering data and specifications as the basis for the job analysis where new ... In planning, coordinating, and developing components of instructional design based on the findings of occupational analysis, employees -- ... U.S. Office of Personnel Management 7. Instructional Systems Series, GS-1750 TS-104 May 1991

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PPAT Assessment Glossary - Educational Testing Service


Instructional decision making . The use of student achievement data to support the choice of instructional strategies used. This can be done before, during, or after a lesson. Instructional strategies . The approaches and techniques used by the …

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Grade Level Guide for Instructional Work


Grade Level Guide for Instructional Work TS-90 March 1989 This classification guide provides general criteria for determining the grade level of non-supervisory instructor and instructional specialist work. This work is performed in a wide range of education and training programs operated by Federal agencies.

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Improving Math Performance (PDF) - ed


this instructional approach and has been using the program for over ten years. Our teachers are well trained in its instructional strategies and how to implementation daily lessons. They also understand the need to supplement the program in certain areas, as well as the value of the hands on learning components. Finally, the ‘Home Links’


Culturally Responsive Teaching - Education Northwest


educators to choose effective instructional practices and curricular materials. Research on curriculum and instructional practices has primarily focused on White middle-class students, while virtually ignoring the cultural and linguistic characteristics of diverse learners (Orosco, 2010; Orosco & O’Connor, 2011).

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teaching critical thinking and Problem solving skills


Second, few instructional materials provide critical thinking resources (Scriven & Paul, 2007). Some textbooks provide chapter-based critical thinking discussion questions, but instructional materials often lack additional critical thinking resources. Third, both teachers and students have preconceptions about the content

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Substantive Change Policy and Procedures - SACSCOC


• Awarding dual or joint academic awards. • Re-opening a previously closed program or off-campus instructional site. • Adding a new off -campus instructional site/additional location including a branch campus. • Adding a permanent location at a site at which an institution is conducting a teachout -

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20 Academic Calendar (rev. 09/28/2021) AUGUST 2022


wide meetings, and staff/professional activities Note: Academic deans will set up the schedule to meet instructional minutes requirements based on state statute and rules The following holidays and college closures will result in differences in instructional days depending on …

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Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts


English language arts is an essential part of a comprehensive PK-12 education for all students. Through English language arts, Wisconsin ... and reading foundational skills. To this end, Wisconsin Standards for English Language Arts result in the following: ... instructional materials, and various instructional techniques. In short, standards ...

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Khan Academy Instructional Support Videos and Exercises ...


1 HiSET® Math Khan Academy® Instructional Support Videos and Exercises The HiSET® program has identified videos and exercises available at www.khanacademy.org to support HiSET Math test preparation. The Mathematics test …

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Teaching the Whole Child - Center on Great Teachers & …


Teaching the Whole Child Instructional Practices That Support SEL in Three Teacher Evaluation Frameworks 2 To aid this critical work, this Research-to-Practice Brief aims to do the following: 1. Identify the teaching practices that promote student social-emotional learning,

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Instructional Material Complementing FEMA 451, Design Examples Seismic Load Analysis 9 - 31 Diaphragm Flexibility • Untopped steel decking and untopped wood structural panels are considered FLEXIBLE if the vertical seismic force resisting systems are steel or composite braced frames or are shear walls.

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The Dilemma of Advanced Mathematics: Instructional Approaches ... with support from the Eurasia Foundation in the form of a grant presented to the ... earnestness to look on the Khan Academy website (https://www.khanacademy.org), where they will find all the classroom

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techniques, instructional strategies that actively engage students in the learning process, and timely, high-quality feedback. Standard IV. The teacher fulfills professional roles and responsibilities and adheres to legal and ethical requirements of the profession.

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2022 Instructional Leadership Conference Program


and professional learning for data-based decision making, practical goal-setting methods, student goal-setting visuals, and progress monitoring tools using Google Classroom. This session will provide schools with a toolbox of strategies to begin the process of improving overall Tier I achievement! GSCI Focus: Supportive Learning Environment

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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Questions and …


M ulti-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Ideally, intervention should be provided as soon as a child displays an instructional need. Beginning the intervention as soon as a gap in learning or performance is being displayed, increases the likelihood that the student will

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School Start Times The Children, Youth, & Families Office ...


neighboring systems, delaying school start times so that adolescents begin their instructional day later provides numerous benefits to the students and their broader community alike. Benefits of Sleep Scientists are still discovering new benefits of sleep. Research has suggested that sleep is vital to almost all areas of human functioning.

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Comparative data to inform instructional decisions


*CCR benchmarks are projections in growth from grade 9. Higher achievement Lower achievement To help provide context to MAP® Growth™ normative percentiles, this document includes multiple College and Career Readiness (CCR) benchmarks, including those from ACT® , SAT®, and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced) .

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Early Childhood Education Professional Development ...


support activities designed to prepare individuals for work with and on behalf of young ... 2 “A decision-making process that integrates the best available research evidence with family and professional ... and instructional aides (handouts, audiovisuals, and other components of instruc-

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Implementing Effective Professional Learning ... - SEDL


to hold collegial conversations with peers during PLC meetings. Participants are provided with a scenario, form triads, and take turns playing each of the three following roles: (1) a presenter who describes an aspect of instructional practice or student learning; (2) someone who asks the presenter questions, using

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Structured Literacy and Typical Literacy Practices


instructional activities that are common in SL programs. Fit for Students with Dyslexia SL is especially well suited to students with dyslexia because it directly addresses their core weaknesses in phonological skills, decoding, and spelling (Moats, 2017). Although most students with dyslexia do not have core weaknesses in higher levels of ...


The PPAT Assessment Task 1 Handbook


instructional capability of pre-service teachers prior to receiving their teaching license. This assessment evaluates teacher candidates on their ability to have an impact on student learning as stated in the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and …


SOCIAL STUDIES 3 - Jefferson Parish Public Schools


Teachers must create instructional opportunities that delve deeply into content and guide students in developing and supporting claims about social studies concepts. In grade 3, students explore what makes a place unique as they examine the geographic, historic, cultural, governmental, and economic characteristics that make Louisiana unique.

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WIDA Performance Definitions - Speaking and Writing …


At each grade, toward the end of a given level of English language proficiency, and with instructional support, English language learners will produce… Level 5 Bridging • Multiple, complex sentences • Organized, cohesive, and coherent expression of ideas characteristic of particular content areas • A variety of complex grammatical ...

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March 2016 Using Sheltered Instruction to Support English ...


and language objectives, instructional strategies (with suggestions for specific content areas), and assessment of content learning. It concludes with a list of resources to help teachers support students through sheltered instruction as they develop their English proficiency and master grade-level academic content.

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Grade 3 Mathematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards Table of ...


instructional tool for teachers and then as a reference for all students. The cards are designed for print use only. Table of Contents Number and Number Sense Number Line Round Less Than Greater Than Equal To Place Value Position Fraction: Models for one-half/one-fourth Fraction: Models for two-thirds Fraction: Models for five-sixths


PSSA Grade 6 English Language Arts Item Sampler


in delivering focused instructional programs aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards (PCS) . ... The permission to copy and/or use these materials does not extend to commercial purposes . ... ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS TEST DIRECTIONS FOR READING PASSAGES AND QUESTIONS

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Inquiry-based Learning - Pennsylvania State University


instructional (see Figure 1) that is based on the perceived knowledge, skills, and abilities of your students with respect to the inquiry process. Jill L. Lane Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence Penn State 301 Rider Building University Park, PA 16802 www.schreyerinstitute.psu.edu 7-15-2007

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Supporting Students with Reading Disabilities


Effective instructional practice for students with a learning disability is a combination of direct instruction, strategy instruction, and time for rehearsal and practice. Effective reading requires strength in building meaning using cues and conventions of language, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.

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STEM Program List Revision 508 - Veterans Affairs


Mar 17, 2021 · in the Department of Education’s Classification of Instructional Programs taxonomy within the two-digit series containing biological or biomedical science, physical science, science technologies or technicians, computer and information science ... residency, agriculture or natural resources science programs, or a related field. In general ...

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orm Instructional Manual DMV-349 - NCDOT


ii Revisions August 25, 2011 Added contributing circumstance codes of 35, 36, 37 and 38 to 14-Contributing Circumstances, Driver 1 – First to block 14 Added picture of unit block from DMV-349 to the 20-Commercial Motor Vehicle section Added D.L. Class to Driver Information section Removed the word “Status” from 38-Alcohol/Drugs Test header

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Teaching the Whole Child: Instructional Practices That


student social and emotional development. When students engage in SEL, they develop the social and emotional competencies (i.e., skills, attitudes, and knowledge) needed to be ready for and successful in college, careers, and life. Such competencies include understanding oneself, collaborating with others, reflecting on personal and collective

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CFS Student Manual


with your branch of service’s policy. Instructional techniques will be reviewed to reinforce further the techniques that have been modeled. 2. Information and Referral: This topic is woven throughout the course and most topics will include sources of help. Guest speakers are invited from common referral resources such as the Navy-Marine

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Explain Instructional Rating Form to Students. DO-4 ... from one RUAF to another RUAF, modified, or a major assembly was replaced. The "Account Serial Number" column refers to the ... MCO P11262.2_ and MCO P11240.106_ govern load testing and annual condition inspections (ACI) for tactical and garrison mobile equipment (GME); the results of the ...

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ALMS COURSE LISTING - United States Army


army office of general counsel annual ethics training u.s. army hqda ogc, army office of ... complex assembly manufacturing solution (cams) (lmp_jml_mnt_303_dl) ... instructional design basic course (idbc) united states army combined arms

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Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) Guidance


Apr 12, 2021 · place instructional practices tied to student learning at their center. This system can then be used to: improve the preparation ... the Assembly and Senate passed the New York State Budget for 2015-16 and signed into law a revised annual professional performance review system for teachers and principals as Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2015, which ...

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New York State Testing Program Grade 6 Common Core …


with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P-12 Learning Standards in ... the 2016 NYS Grade 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics test materials for review, discussion, and use. ... Short-response questions are designed to assess New York State P-12 Reading and Language Standards.

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Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching


7. Evaluating student reading, writing, speaking, and listening to identify specific strengths and/or areas for improvement or instructional focus 8. Evaluating student reading, writing, speaking, or listening to classify students’ level of literacy development 9. Analyzing student reading, writing, speaking, or

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U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Department of Education


proficient in English and to participate equally in the standard instructional program within a reasonable period of time. School districts can choose among programs designed for instructing EL students provided the program is educationally sound in theory and effective in practice. [OCR-00086]

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New York State Testing Program Grade 4 Common ... - …


Grade 3-8 English Language Arts . Released Questions from 2016 Exams . Background . In 2013, New York State began administering tests designed to assess student performance in accordance with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P-12 Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA).

  Language, Instructional, Arts, Language arts

2019 Grade 6 English Language Arts Released Questions


Grades 3–8 English Language Arts Released Questions from 2019 Exams Background In 2013, New York State began administering tests designed to assess student performance in accordance with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P-12 Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA).

  Language, Instructional, Arts, Language arts

2019 Grade 3 English Language Arts Released Questions


Grades 3–8 English Language Arts Released Questions from 2019 Exams Background In 2013, New York State began administering tests designed to assess student performance in accordance with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P-12 Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA).

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The ABCDs of Writing Instructional Objectives Bloom's ...


A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. New York: Longman. ... Longmans, Green. 3 Krathwohl and Bloom’s Taxonomy of the Affective Domain Krathwohl and Bloom's 1964 taxonomy of the affective domain describes several categories of affective ... commitment. The individual ...

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MSJC 2021-2022 Academic Calendar


Aug 18, 2020 · • Instructional Days: January 18 – May 25 • Presidents’ Weekend Holiday: College Closed February 18 – February 21 • Spring Break: Classes Not in Session March 2 8 – April 3 • Classified Staff Development Day: March 30 • Spring Break Holiday: College Closed April 1 • Final Exam Week: May 19 - May 25

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JCCC Catalog - Academic Year 2021-2022


An Academic Achievement Center instructor is available to work with the student to establish specific instructional goals, administer tests and provide individualized instruction as needed to complete the student's program. This course does not fulfill degree requirements. 20 hrs./semester AAC 090 Individualized Study (1 Hour)

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Teaching and Learning Framework - Los Angeles Unified ...


Social Awareness in an effort to support the needs of the whole child. As the foundation for instructional practices in LAUSD, the Teaching and Learning Framework also acts as a guide for teachers to analyze, reflect upon and improve their teaching practice independently, with colleagues, and/or with their administrator as part of the classroom ...

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2021 Grade 7 English Language Arts Released Questions


Grades 3–8 English Language Arts. Released Questions from 2021 Tests. Background. In 2013, New York State (NYS) began administering tests designed to assess student performance in accordance with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P–12 Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA).

  Language, Instructional, Arts, Language arts

2021 Grade 4 English Language Arts Released Questions


Grades 3–8 English Language Arts. Released Questions from 2021 Tests. Background. In 2013, New York State (NYS) began administering tests designed to assess student performance in accordance with the instructional shifts and rigor demanded by the new New York State P–12 Learning Standards in English Language Arts (ELA).

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to-face in a classroom (Gaudine & Moralejo, 2011). The outcomes of the instructional design process (Baker, 2010; Kim & Hannafin, 2011), as defined by the educator, who dictates the interaction and engagement with the students while promoting regular communication, are essential to facilitate online teaching-learning success (Carter, Hanna,

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