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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) I, II, & III …


Under 34 CFR 75.720(b), all HEERF grantees must submit a HEERF Annual Report. The failure to timely submit a HEERF Annual Report is a violation of the grantee’s Certification and Agreement or Supplemental Agreement and may lead to adv erse action. HEERF Reporting Form . Reporting Schedule Annual Report Due Date Applicable Reporting Period

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INTEGRATED ANNUAL REPORT 2021 - Pick n Pay Investor


The Group’s Integrated Annual Report is drafted by the Group’s Head of Investor Relations, supported by the Group’s reporting team, detailed internal management and Board reports, interviews with senior management personnel, and engagements with key stakeholders. The Group’s Integrated Annual Report is reviewed by the Board’s executive

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Chevron Proxy Statement 2022


before the annual meeting) and obtain a “legal proxy” in order to be able to attend, participate in, or vote at the Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting will be opened for access beginning at 7:45 a.m. PDT o n May 25, 2022. Proponents of the s tockholder proposals included in this Proxy Statement will be given the option to prerecord or call ...

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insured welfare plan that will not file an annual report for next plan year pursuant to 29 CFR 2520.104-20. 4S Unfunded, fully insured, or combination unfunded/fully insured welfare plan that stopped filing annual reports in an earlier plan year pursuant to 29 CFR 2520.104-20. 4T 10 or more employer plan under Code section 419A(f)(6).

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TC18-13 Accounting for Long Service Leave and Annual


Treasury Circular TC15-09 Accounting for Long Service Leave and Annual Leave. Summary: This Circular incorporates the changes arising from the latest triennial valuation of long service leave performed by Treasury’s actuary. Key changes are as follows: • Long service leave on-cost factors applicable to Crown-funded LSL agencies and Agency ...

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SUBSIDIARY ANNUAL REPORT - files.techmahindra.com


SUBSIDIARY ANNUAL REPORT VOLUME - I-II & III. ... Your Directors present their Report together with the audited accounts of your Corporation for the year ended March 31, 2021. Financial Results: For the year ended March 31 2021 USD 2021 INR 2020 USD ... the Financial Statements section of our report. We are required to be independent of Tech ...

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2021 - firstrand.co.za


ANNUAL INTEGRATED REPORT Describes the operational and financial performance and activities of the group. It includes the chairman’s, CEO’s and CFO’s reports, operational reviews, King IV corporate governance disclosures, group summary consolidated statements and notice of the annual general meeting.


LASCO Manufacturing Limited - Lasco Jamaica


Annual Report | 2013 4 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of LASCO MANUFACTURING LIMITED will be held at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel, 17 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10 on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 10:00am. The proposed resolutions are as follows: ORDINARY BUSINESS Ordinary Resolutions 1. Stock Option Plan

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2022 Health Benefit Summary


Once you meet your annual deductible and maximum coinsurance, the plan pays 100% of medical services/claims from Preferred Providers for the remainder of the calendar year; however, you will continue to be responsible for copayments for physician office visits, pharmacy, and other services, up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. 4

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Coillte Annual Report 2020


Coillte Annual Report 2020 2 Cover: Tree Bark - Coillte’s Massy’s Estate, Old Military Road, Jamestown, Co. Dublin. ... Ireland and the UK were closed for much of the second quarter of 2020 as part of tight Covid-19 restrictions. As a result, demand for sawlog and for wood panel

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10 GROUND WATER QUALITY Presence of chemical constituents more than permissible limit (EC, F, AS, Fe, No 3) Presence of nitrate and fluoride in pockets. Type of water Sodium Chloride type 11 DYNAMIC GROUND WATER RESOURCES (2009) IN HAM Annual replenishable Ground water resources 11723 Gross Annual ground water draft 16703

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Annual Report 2020 comprises a Strategic Report, a Directors’ Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2020. In so far as possible, ... Ireland €650m Alternative Performance Measures SSE assesses the performance of the Group using a variety of performance measures. These measures are

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BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. 3555 Farnam Street Omaha, …


PROXY STATEMENT FOR ANNUAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS April 30, 2022 This statement is furnished in connection with the solicitation by the Board of Directors (“Board”) of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (hereinafter “Berkshire” or “Corporation” or “Company”) of proxies in the accompanying form for the Annual Meeting of

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Best Practices for Solar Risk Management - SEIA


management, generally under a monthly-quarterly-annual review cadence: monthly production look-backs, quarterly portfolio summaries, and annual portfolio reviews. These reports incorporate production results, cash management tracking, exposure analysis, offtaker credit updates, and other pertinent information about the health of their portfolio.


Indiana Section AWWA Annual Conference 2022 Technical …


Indiana Section AWWA Annual Conference 2022 Technical Program Break - Visit the Exhibit Hall Restoration of Obsolete Pumps to Like New Condition (Jim Kennedy and Terry Thorne, ... *This schedule is subject to change Legislative and Regulatory Update Moderated by Scott Miller, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC

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Salary Increase Administration Process


Salary Range:The institutionally approved pay range for a position, usually designated by a minimum salary amount and a maximum salary amount. Process and Procedures Annual Merit Increases • Each year, the Office of Fiscal Affairs issues a salary administration statement that provides guidelines for awarding salary increases for that fiscal ...

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Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide for Government Documents


Kellogg, which was Read before the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Florida Horticultural Society at Orlando . January 3 (Calendar Day, January 4), 1935. 74th Cong., 1st sess., 1935.

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Global Fund Guidelines for Grant Budgeting and Annual ...


4. The guidelines should be used in conjunction with the Operational Policy Manual. The Operational Policy Manual provides an operational framework for managing Global Fund grants2, whereas these guidelines provide more in-depth guidance on the core requirements for budgeting and financial reporting. 5.

  Guidelines, Annual

Budget Preparation Guidelines


to this guidance will facilitate timely review and approval of a budget request. Salaries and Wages . For each requested position, provide the following information: 1) name of staff member occupying the position, if available; 2) annual salary; 3) percentage of time budgeted for this program; 4) total months of salary budgeted; and 5)

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Today’s Danaher portfolio looks dramatically different than it did when I joined the company almost 30 years ago. We have strategically evolved our platforms, acquiring ... track record and our growth profile in the last several years, adding a number of innovative, growth-oriented businesses—including Nobel Biocare, Pall, Phenomenex

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RICS professional standards and guidance, UK Home survey ...


annual sum paid to the landlord/freeholder that goes towards the repair and maintenance of shared facilities (for example, shared gardens, hallways and lifts). Residential property survey This comprises an inspection, report and advice of the condition of residential property. Single Survey Scotland An objective report containing an assessment

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Schedule of Rates, Fees & Other Charges | FY2022


Annual Memberships Full Golf Membership - Individual $ 6,000 Full Golf Membership - Spouse or Other Immediate Family Member $ 4,000 ... Conference Room $125/hour Banquet Room $300/hour, 6 hour minimum, $300 per additional hour ... – General Schedule of Rates All RECenters Room Size Less than 300 square feet $ 40 300 – 600 square feet $ 50 ...

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2021 NFL SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED - nflcommunications.com


respective divisions the previous season. The AFC was determined to be the home conference for the 17th game in 2021. The NFL’s 102nd season begins with the league’s annual primetime kickoff game, as the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Dallas Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium on Thursday, September 9 (8:20 PM ET ...

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annual, sick, long service, parental, and training education and study leave but shall not be paid where the monetary value of leave is paid out on termination of employment. The drawing rights shall not be taken into account for the calculation of any entitlements or public sector superannuation purposes.

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Related Party Disclosures


AASB 108 Accounting Policies, ... annual leave and paid sick leave, profit-sharing and bonuses (if payable within twelve months of the end of the period) and non-monetary benefits (such as medical care, housing, ... including long-service leave or sabbatical leave, jubilee or other long-service benefits, long-term disability benefits and, if ...

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Accounting for Employee Entitlements


(b) requires that employees' entitlements to wages and salaries, annual leave, long service leave, sick leave, non-monetary benefits, medical benefits, retirement, termination, retrenchment and redundancy payments be recognised as liabilities in an employer's financial statements where the employer has a present obligation based on

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Evolving Together - download.hlcommission.org


Jul 01, 2020 · Annual Conference 2 Schedule of Conference Services 2 Stay Connected Peer Corps Program (April 2) General Program (April 2–5) 12 Saturday 13 Sunday 37 Monday 61 Tuesday Keyword Index 1 2 3 65 11. postsecondary education will be explored by authors and other experts in the field. As always, we will hear from our member

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Preparing All Teachers to Meet the Needs of English ...


• Children who score below English proficiency levels determined by each state are identified as ELLs and are entitled to appropriate services and instructional programs and funding until they demon-strate English proficiency on the states’ annual assessment. • By federal law, classroom instruction must be modified to meet the

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2013 Annual Evaluation Review, Linked Document E maintenance work in order to improve project sustainability.1 In a separate discussion, where the sustainability of outputs and outcomes, especially in the road sector, was deemed less than likely, DEC members were of the view that, given the volume of ADB resources going into the road sector, ADB

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Englsih HL Grade 6 2012 - Western Cape


ANNUAL NATIONAL ASSESSMENT 2012 GRADE 6 ENGLISH HOME LANGUAGE TEST MARKS: 50 TIME: 1½ hours ... Grade 6 9 English HL ... Microsoft Word - Englsih HL Grade 6 2012.doc Author: NSC181 Created Date: 5/23/2012 2:32:03 PM ...

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Battery Testing, Analysis and Design - Energy


Nov 15, 2012 · Energy Storage R&D 118 FY 2013 Annual Progress Report IV.A Cost Assessments and Requirements Analysis IV.A.1 Core BatPac Development and Implementation (ANL) Kevin G. Gallagher, Paul A. Nelson, Shabbir Ahmed & Dennis W. Dees Argonne National Laboratory 9700 South Cass Avenue Argonne, IL 60439-4837 Phone: (630) 252-4473; Fax: …

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• Conduct regular external annual assessment in Grades 3, 6 and 9 • Introduce the teaching of English as a subject, from Grade 1 • Reduce the overload in the intermediate phase by reducing the number of subjects to six • Ensure that teacher training is strengthened • Re-assert the role of textbooks and develop a national catalogue of ...

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Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ...


1. He or she must maintain current membership by the payment of annual dues; 2. His or her name and address is entered on the list of members; and, 3. He or she has voting rights to regularly elect the board of directors, officers, executive committee, or similar body that conducts the affairs and management of the organization.

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Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)


Membership Criteria: Students who wish to join the local student chapter may do so free of charge. Students may also join the SHRM national student membership at an annual membership fee of $35, giving them additional access to almost all of the available resources on the SHRM website — the same site professionals use. Current Dues/Fees:

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For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020 ... but are not limited to, statements concerning the following: • the impacts of COVID-19 or other future pandemics on our business, results of operations, financial position and cash flows; ... The forward-looking statements made in this Annual Report on Form 10-K speak only as of the date on ...

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Assisted Living Job Descriptions


01 CEO/PRESIDENT‐‐Responsible for all operations of the facility or facilities. Hired by the Board of Directors, reports to Board ... prepares the annual budget. May also be called Controller. 04 DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES‐‐Plans, ... non‐professional who administers medication under the supervision of a nurse, consistent with

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The Kids Online Safety Act of 2022


media platforms perform an annual independent audit assessing risks to minors, their compliance with this Act, and whether the platform is taking meaningful steps to prevent those harms. Opens up black box algorithms: The bill provides academic researchers and non-profit


Scheduled GAIN Reports (by report name)


Agricultural Biotechnology Annual October Algeria Algiers ... Exporter Guide December Ireland Dublin Exporter Guide December Israel Tel Aviv ... Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Country Report December Caribbean Basin: Barbados Miami ATO Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards Country Report December Chile ...

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Tesla Annual Report 2021 - StockLight


Feb 08, 2021 · the components for our retrofit solar energy systems from multiple sources to ensure competitive pricing and adequate supply. We also design and manufacture certain components for our solar energy products. In 2019, we commenced direct customer and channel partner sales of the third generation of our Solar Roof, which combines premium glass roof

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elsewhere in the proxy statement; therefore, you should read the entire proxy statement carefully before voting. We first released this proxy statement and the accompanying proxy materials to shareowners on or about April 6, 2022. Annual Meeting Information DATE & TIME Wednesday, May 18, 2022 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time LOCATION Meeting live via the ...

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Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21 - fca.org.uk


Our 2020/21 Annual Report gives updates on what we have delivered and achieved over the past year. It demonstrates how we have targeted our resources to respond to the pandemic, while also delivering the best results for consumers, firms and markets against our strategic and operational objectives set by Parliament.

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97 Annual report on remuneration 109 Directors’ report 114 Directors’ responsibility statement 115 Independent auditor’s report ... Ireland and the Isle of Man. 1 As at year-end 25 February 2021. A unique approach NUMBER OF ROOMS 1 78,718 +0.2% NUMBER OF ROOMS IN PIPELINE1 12,256 (5.8)%

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ANNUAL REPORT 2021 - cms.norden.com


and paternity leave. Returning capital to shareholders and welcoming bond investors Following very strong full-year results and a strong balance sheet, the Board of Directors proposes a dividend of DKK 18 per share, representing 54% of the Adjusted Result. This is line with our dividend policy return-ing minimum 50% of the annual adjusted result.

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Annual Report 019 2 - BAE Systems


to the British Army through a joint venture with Rheinmetall. H Typhoon and Hawk manufacture and capability development Manufacture of Typhoon major units and final assembly of aircraft. In Qatar the contract signed in 2017 to provide Typhoon and Hawk aircraft along with a bespoke support and training package is progressing to plan. Expansion

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