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Miseducating Teachers about the Poor: A Critical …

Teachers College Record Volume 110, Number 12, December 2008, pp. 2497 2531 Copyright by Teachers College, Columbia University0161-4681 Miseducating Teachers about the Poor: A Critical Analysis of Ruby payne s Claimsabout PovertyRANDY BOMERU niversity of Texas at AustinJOEL E. DWORINU niversity of Texas at El PasoLAURA MAYG eorgia State UniversityPEGGY SEMINGSONU niversity of Texas at ArlingtonBackground/Context: This is the first research study to examine the content basis of payne sin-service teacher education program, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, though oth-ers who have reviewed the book have agreed with our analysis.

2498 Teachers College Record existing research about low-income individuals and families. This study of Payne’s work provides administrators and teachers with an evaluation of the reliability of Payne’s claims.


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Transcription of Miseducating Teachers about the Poor: A Critical …

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