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Installation and Operation Handbook Contents MODEL 2216e TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER . INSTALLATION AND OPERATION HANDBOOK. Contents Page Chapter 1 OPERATION .. 1-1. Chapter 2 INSTALLATION .. 2-1. Chapter 3 ACCESS LEVELS .. 3-1. Chapter 4 TUNING .. 4-1. Chapter 5 CONFIGURATION .. 5-1. Chapter 6 USER CALIBRATION .. 6-1. Chapter 7 ALARM CONFIGURATION .. 7-1. Appendix A UNDERSTANDING THE ORDERING CODE .. A-1. Appendix B SAFETY & EMC INFORMATION .. B-1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION .. B-6. Appendix C ADDRESS .. C-1. Appendix D VALVE POSITIONER .. D-1. Appendix E LOAD CURRENT MONITORING E-1. Appendix F RETRANSMISSION F-1. This product is covered by one or more of the following US Patents: 5,484,206 and 5,793,754; Additional patents pending. PDSIO is a registered trademark of Eurotherm. INSTANT ACCURACY , SSRx Load Doctor and SSRx Enhanced Load Doctor . are trademarks of Eurotherm.. HA026639 Issue 1 Jul-99.

Installation and Operation Handbook Contents HA026639 Issue 1 Jul-99. Applies to 2216e Controller software versions 3.03 i MODEL 2216e


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Transcription of MODEL 2216e TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER - Soliton

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