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€Molière’s€Life J - Shakespeare Theatre Company

Moli re'. s Life J ean-Baptiste Poquelin (later known as Moli re). Moli re acquired a long roster of enemies both political and artistic. Moli re then embarked on several plays about obsessive jealousy, including The School was baptized on for Husbands (1661), his first huge hit. These plays, January 15, 1622; his which feature grasping older men attempting to attain parents, Jean Poquelin young women, would prove strangely prophetic. and Marie Cress , Around this time, Moli re and Madeleine began to live were stolid French apart; in 1662, he married her beautiful daughter middle-class. His father Armande (passed off as Madeleine' s sister . ). Moli re'. s was a master tapissier, enemies whispered that Armande, some 20 years what today might be younger than the playwright, was his own daughter.

J ean­Baptiste Poquelin€ (later known€ as€ Molière) was€ baptized€ on January€ 15,€ 1622;€ his parents,€Jean€Poquelin and€ Marie€ Cressé,


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