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PROJECTION COLOR TV. 46F500 51G500. 51F500 57G500. 57F500. OPERATING GUIDE. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2-3. FIRST TIME USE 4-19. THE REMOTE CONTROL 20-31. Video Audio Ch. Manager Locks ON-SCREEN DISPLAY 32-56. Setup Move SEL Sel USEFUL INFORMATION INDEX 57-63. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Hitachi, Ltd. has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. IMPORTANT. SAFETY POINTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT. YOUR HITACHI TELEVISION. Our reputation has been built on the quality, performance, and ease of Service of HITACHI televisions. Safety is also foremost in our minds in the design of these units. To help you operate these products properly, this sec- tion illustrates safety tips which will be of benefit to you.

projection color tv 46f500 51g500 51f500 57g500 57f500 operating guide important safety instructions 2-3 first time use 4-19 the remote control on-screen display


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