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STOP MOTION - Teach Animation

STOP MOTIONStop MOTION is a powerful Animation technique that makes staticobjects appear to be moving. Creating stop MOTION draws attention toplacement, framing, direction and speed of movement. There aremany types of stop MOTION techniques, in both 2-D and 3-D media,such as: hand drawing, cel, cut-paper, sand, and best projects result from strong ideas. To generate stronger ideasit is worthwhile to engage students in critical viewings of Animation , and encouragebrainstorming and synthesis of ideas. Feeling ownership of the concept will help keepstudents interested and dedicated throughout the Animation students brainstorm ideas they need to write down their thoughts to determinewhat interaction and action will take place.

Stop Motion Tips: • The quality of the art in storyboards isn’t very important, but a well-executed storyboard is the best of all planning devices.


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