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Table of Contents Page i Table Contents 6. Residential 1. 1. Scope .. 1. Summary of Requirements by Space Type .. 4. Residential Luminaire Requirements .. 5. Related Documents .. 5. Certification to the Energy Commission .. 7. Self-Contained Lighting Controls .. 7. Lighting Control Systems .. 8. Qualifying LED as High Efficacy .. 9. Ballasts for Compact Fluorescent Luminaires .. 9. Requirements for Residential 10. Permanently Installed vs. Portable Luminaires .. 10. Residential High Efficacy Luminaires .. 11. Residential Low Efficacy Luminaires .. 11. Residential Hybrid LED 13. GU-24 14. NO Permanent GU-24 Adaptors .. 15. LED Must Be Certified to Qualify as Residential High Efficacy .. 15. C. Integrated LED lamp with GU-24 base.

Table of Contents Page i Table Contents 6. Residential Lighting.....


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