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Outcome-Level Evaluation Guide - UNDP


Annex 1. Sample Table of Contents for an Inception Report 31 Annex 2. Example of an Evaluation Matrix 32 Annex 3. Semi-Structured Interview Guide 36 Annex 4. Preparing Interview Summary Sheets 48 Tables and figures Table 1. An Example of Mapping UNDP Activities, Outputs and Intermediate Results 24 Table 2.

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Advanced Excel: Pivot Tables


The source data for a pivot table can come from outside the Excel workbook. Your data source is chosen from the Create PivotTable Dialogue box which was shown earlier in Figure 3. At that time we created the pivot table in a new worksheet but within the same workbook. This time we will pull data

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Army National Guard and Army Reserve The Active Guard ...


Table 2–3: Nonwaivable disqualifications for entry in the AGR Program, page 7 Table 2–4: Qualifications for subsequent duty in the AGR Program, page 8 Table 2–5: Waivable disqualifications for subsequent duty in the AGR Program, page 9 Table 2–6: Nonwaivable disqualifications for subsequent duty in the AGR Program, page 10 Glossary

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Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ... United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) resident . UNFPA Polices and Procedures Manual Office Supplies and Furniture Policy 01 February, 2010 2 representatives/UNFPA representatives, and to chiefs of liaison offices, hereafter collectively referred to as “heads of office”. ...

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TM-U220 Technical Reference guide - Epson


Appendix A, “Comparison table for TM-U220/U210/U300.” Comparison table for replacing TM-U210/ TM-U300 with the TM-U220. Appendix B, “How to Install the Printer on a Wall with the WH-10.” Installation instructions. Appendix C, “Power Supply Unit.” Describes the external dimensions and specifications of the power supply units.

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Bridge Design Manual - LRFD (LRF)


Supplement Table 3.4.1-1 with the following: Supplement Table 3.4.1-2 with the following: All load effects during an assumed fracture event due to both per-manent and assumed transient loads shall be amplified by a factor of 1.20 to simulate the dynamic effects of a fracture on …

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Codes of Practice for Skilled Workers - GOV.UK


Back to Table of Contents . Table 2: Occupations skilled to NQF level 6 . Any Tier 2 applicants can be sponsored for jobs in these occupations. Occupations skilled to NQF level 6 SOC 2010 Job Title 1115 Chief executives and senior officials 1116 Elected officers and representatives 1121 Production managers and directors in manufacturing

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Guidelines for Project Proposals 2008


illustration should have a name and be formally introduced in the text. Illustrations consist of figures and tables. Figures include photographs, drawings, diagrams, and graphs. Each figure should have a stand-alone caption, and the key points and features should be labeled. Tables are arrangement of words and numbers into rows and columns.

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State Aid Manual


Table of Contents Created May 2015 (Revised January 2021) State Aid Manual Page 2 of 230 Table of Contents Chapter ... B. Administrative Variance Approval A. General Requirement 1. Where a Local Public Agency (LPA) has determined that a variance from Minnesota Rules

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Tratamiento de aguas residuales en México


bertura y la calidad de los servicios de agua po-table, alcantarillado y saneamiento, se estableció como meta alcanzar el 65% de tratamiento de las aguas residuales recolectadas en las redes Marco Normativo y 1 avances hasta el 2006 Los beneficios de contar con agua de

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GrantPrideCo Drill Pipe Data Tables - OilProduction.net


*2” Longer than standard. While every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the tables herein, this material is presented as a reference guide only. The technical information contained herein should not be construed as a recommendation. Grant Prideco cannot assume responsibility for the results obtained through the use of this material.

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Chapter 2 Design for Shear - Engineering


The compressive strut capacity of concrete is reached if Vn/(bwd) = 10.0√fc’. Additional stirrups cannot increase section shear strength, as the concrete strength is considered exhausted when Vn/(bwd) > 10√fc’. Design aid SHEAR 2 consists of 3 tables that may be used to determine shear capacity

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Technical Note - Canare


VSWR Return Loss (dB) 2 9.5 1.5 14 1.2 20 1.1 26 1.05 32 1.02 40 1.01 46.1 R 75 Sending end Sending end Receiving end termination Fig. 2 Limited and Unlimited Length Coaxial Cables Fig. 4 VSWR to Return Loss Conversion Table Characteristic Impedance Imagine a …

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TABLE OF CONTENTS On the Cover National Precast Concrete Association With nearly 1,000 member companies, NPCA serves as the ... eliminate the practice causing the damage. ... repair. This may include adding reinforcement (also known as pinning) and using a build-up ...

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4 General Service Solenoid Valves 3/2


Solenoid Enclosures Nominal Ambient Temp. Ranges AC: 32˚F to 125˚F (0˚C to 52˚C) DC: 32˚F to 104˚F (0˚C to 40˚C) Note: Some stainless steel constructions are rated -40˚F (-40˚C). See note in specifications table. Refer to Engineering Section for details. Approvals CSA certified. UL listed General Purpose Valves. Meets applicable CE ...

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Table pratique d’équiantalgie des opioïdes forts dans la douleur cancéreuse par excès de nociception (ratio calculé à partir du passage par la morphine orale) 1 morphine orale = 1/2 morphine SC = 1/3 morphine IV - Délais action approximatifs de morphine LI : Per os : 40 mn, SC : 20 mn, IV : 10 mn.

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Motor guide | February 2014 Low voltage motors Motor guide


10 1.2 IEC low voltage motor ranges 10 1.2.1 Standard induction motors ... 103 8.3 Conversion factors 108 9. Ordering 109 9.1 Selecting a motor 111 9.2 Online tools ... The table below shows the correlation between equipment groups, EPLs, zones, and protection types used in motors.

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Unit 2 Test Study Guide: Atomic Structure and the Periodic ...


Unit 2 Test Study Guide: Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table 1. What is an atom? Give the definition. An atom is the building block of all matter. It is the basic particle from which all elements are made. 2. Define molecule, and give 3 examples of molecules. A molecule is the combination of two or atoms held together through a chemical bond.

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Introduction to Marine Safety - U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary


Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction and Learning Objectives 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Learning Objectives 1.3 Review Questions and End of Course Exam 2.0 Marine Safety 2.1 Coast Guard Missions and Structure 2.2 The Importance of Marine Safety Regulations and Enforcement 2.3 The Marine Safety Program 2.4 Marine Safety Manual (MSM)

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B. The Current Judicial Review Scheme under the REAL ID Act of 2005 1. Expanded Jurisdiction on Direct Review In May 2005, Congress amended the Immigration and Nationality Act

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Pharmacology for Nurses: Basic Principles


records of each dose given and the amount of each Best Practices Nurses are required to keep controlled substances in secure, locked locations, administering them only to patients with valid prescriptions or physician's orders. 6 CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Pharmacology TABLE 1˚1 Controlled Substances Categories Designated by the U.S. Government

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Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data


Feb 21, 2020 · agencies is estimated at 615.3 million acres, as shown in Table 1. Other agencies are presumed to encompass about 20 million acres of federal land, although this estimate is rough. The estimate of 640 million acres generally excludes lands in marine refuges and national monuments and ownership of interests in lands (e.g., subsurface minerals,




TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 2 DESIGN AIDS AND TYPICAL DETAILS FILE NO. TITLE 24.TOC Chapter 24 – Seismic Considerations 25.TOC Chapter 25 – Parapets / Rails / Medians / Sidewalks 26.TOC Chapter 26 – Environmental Permit Sketches 27.TOC Chapter 27 – Intentionally Left Blank 28.TOC Chapter 28 – Bridge Jacking and Blocking ...

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Statistical concepts are encountered in television and radio broadcasting, as well as in magazines and newspapers. Modern newspapers, ... Relative Frequency and Subjective Probability Definitions. ... F Table. Logic Behind a One-way ANOVA. Sum of Squares, Mean Squares, and Degrees of Freedom for a One-way ANOVA. ...

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d. charts, tables, graphs e. newspaper ads 96. TEACHING TECHNIQUES THE NATURAL APPROACH IN THE CLASSROOM ... Before you begin each unit or lesson:" have a detailed outline or script of the elements that you will teach, the various combinations and recombinations of elements, zany commands, and a strategy for varying from individuals to small ...

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Opioid Conversion Table - AAFP Home


conversion factor = 1.5) à 120/1.5 = 80 mg/d 4. Decrease dose by 25% à 25% of 80 = 20 à 80 – 20 = 60 5. Divide by interval (q 12 hours) à 60/2 = 30 The starting dose of extended release oxyco-

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Project-level Monitoring GUIDANCE FOR CONDUCTING ... - …


Table of Contents i ... UNDP United Nations Development Programme UNDP IEO UNDP Independent Evaluation Office. iv Introduction and Summary Highlights Introduction and Summary Highlights This document provides guidance for undertaking Midterm Reviews (MTRs) of United Nations ...

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Setting a research question, aim and objective


and setting the limits by revealing the boundaries of the study and highlighting the type of data to be collected (White 2009). Quantitative research questions These tend to be precise and can be categorised as descriptive , comparative or relationship (Table 1). Words such

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Typical Roof Truss Design Spans


Roof Truss Spans Every TrusSteel roof truss is a custom design based upon the unique load, span, bearing, use, and code criteria of a particular project. The load / span tables shown below demonstrate only a tiny subset of the possible combinations available with TrusSteel CFS roof trusses. Typical Roof Truss Design Spans General Notes:

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International Code Requirements for Windows & Doors


design loads of concern for vertical glazing are design wind load and im-pact resistance. Skylights and sloped glazing are also subject to snow load and dead load. Wind Loads—Tables R301.2(2) and R301.2(3) of the 2012 IRC give the design wind loads for glazed open-ings, based on the design wind speed of the specific location where con-

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Iowa Early Learning Standards - 3 - Iowa Department of ...


Table of Contents . ... Administrative Consultant, Bureau of Standards and Curriculum, Iowa Department of Education . Tonya Weber, Head Start, Early Head Start, and CACFP Director, New Opportunities, Inc., Carroll . Amanda Winslow (ECI PD Early Learning Co-Chair), Early Childhood Education Program Consultant, Shared Visions, ...

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In designing the report format and style the following target audience characteristics should be ... It is important to present the data in various tables, charts, and graphs to facilitate effective communication with the intended reader. These findings, or extract of the business market ... to support effective business decision making to ...

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Sales and Marketing Policies, Procedures, and Forms


Mar 05, 2007 · Sales & Marketing Policies, Procedures, and Forms Manual Bizmanualz.com 000 Table of Contents Page 2 of 12

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Federal Procurement Data System Product and Service Codes ...


Jun 28, 2019 · If two codes covered the same service, one code was retained and the other was end dated. The ended codes can no longer be selected in FPDS, but the legacy data are retained. The summary table above provides the number of changes. Appendix 1 provides a detailed list of codes. 7. PSC Category Management Alignment: Governmentwide Category Management

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Loss-on-Ignition Standard Operating Procedure


Core ID, Interval_Top, Interval_Bottom, and Weight_wet in LOI data table, if not already entered at the time of crucible weighting. a) If samples will be sent in for Lead-210 dating, pull the required samples while you have them out (and sorted) and segregate them for …

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Concrete Mix Design


From Table 11.9, the first estimate of density of fresh concrete for 20 mm maximum size of aggregate and for non-air-entrained 3concrete = 2355 kg/m The weight of all the known ingredient of concrete Weight of water = 185 kg/m3 Weight of cement = 394 kg.m3 Weight of C.A. = 992 kg/m3 Weight of F. A. = 2355 – (185 + 394 + 992)

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Understanding the Illinois Size & Weight Laws


load thereon either independently or any part of the weight of a ... The following table denotes maximum gross weights for vehicles on highways which have been designated as Class I, II, Or III based on the Illinois Bridge Formula. ... Gross weights for 5 and 6 axle vehicles apply to combinations only. For vehicles not in combination (straight ...

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Supplemental Grant Application Instructions


table of contents part ii supplemental instructions for preparing the protection of human subjects section of the research plan, and human subjects research policy


Introduction to Radio Systems


Table 1-1 Radio Frequency Spectrum Band Name Frequency Range Example Communication Use Extremely Low Frequency 3–30 Hz Submarine communications ... FM and television broadcasting Ultra High Frequency 300–3,000 MHz Television broadcasting, cellular radio, and wireless LANs

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TABLE I. Schedule for corrosion resistance properties of unpainted chemical films. Corrosion Resistance Inspection Class Aluminum Alloy To Be Conversion Coated Salt Spray Exposure (Hours) Qualification 1A 2024-T3, 7075-T6 1/ 336 3 6061-T6 168 1A 2024-T3 168 Conformance 3 6061-T6 168

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Post - Tensioned Concrete Design For ACI 318-08


A 2 2Area 2 A' c 2 2 Post-Tensioned Concrete Design Table 1-1 List of Symbols Used in the ACI 318-08 Code cp Area enclosed by the outside perimeter of the section, in A g Gross area of concrete, in A 2 l Total area of longitudinal reinforcement to resist torsion, in A o Area enclosed by the shear flow path, sq-in A oh Area enclosed by the centerline of the outermost closed

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February 2021 B-vi . 4. Past Persecution .....121 5. Future Persecution.....121

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Table 406.2 Energy Credits (2015 Code)


Table 406.2 Energy Credits (2015 Code) OPTION DESCRIPTION CREDIT(S) Estimated Cost 2c AIR LEAKAGE CONTROL AND EFFICIENT VENTILATION 2c: Compliance based on Section R402.4.1.2: Reduce the tested air leakage to 1.5 air changes per hour maximum and All whole house ventilation requirements as determined by Section M1507.3 of the

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