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The impact of office design on business performance

C1 The impact of office designon businessperformanceC1 Foreword1 Introduction: Why office design matters2 Acknowledgements41 Setting the context: how the world of work is changing52 The challenge of measurement143A framework for analysis, organisation and application194 Research methodology and character315 Research findings: efficiency356 Research findings: adaptability and flexibility407 Research findings: staff performance438 Findings on external expression559 Conclusions and recommendations62 Appendix 1: Case Studies66 Appendix 2: References76 Contents1In a 2003 survey by Management Todaymagazine, virtually all(97 per cent) of those responding said that they regarded theirplace of work as a symbol of whether or not they were valued bytheir employer. Yet only 37 per cent thought that their offices hadbeen designed with people in mind , and no less a third said thatthey were too ashamed of their offices to bring back colleaguesor clients.

4 Published by the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment and the British Council for Offices, May 2005. Based on original research by DEGW, the Centre for Building






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Transcription of The impact of office design on business performance

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