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Veteran Property Tax Exemption - Maine.gov

Property TAX Exemption APPLICATION For veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States 36 653 and Property Tax Bulletin No. 7 1. Name: _____ 2. Telephone: _____ 3. Date of birth: _____ Email: _____ 4. Mailing address: _____ _____ 5. Description of the Property for which Exemption is being claimed (map, lot, location, etc.): _____ 6. Municipality in which you maintain your permanent residence: _____ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------- 7.

13. Enter a description of the property (map, lot, location, etc.): _____ _____ I hereby apply for an exemption from property tax in accordance with 36 M.R.S. § 653. No property on which I claim tax exemption as a veteran was conveyed to me for the purpose of obtaining exemption other than from my spouse.


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Transcription of Veteran Property Tax Exemption - Maine.gov

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