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READ CAREFULLY! HERCULINER will bond to all prepared,clean,thoroughly dry surfaces. On sound-painted surfaces,paint must be fully dried or cured to manufacturer’s specifications. The solvents in HERCULINER will not soften or attack properly dried or cured paint. GENERAL DIRECTIONS Always clean the surface of all oily or waxy contaminants

  Read, Carefully, Carefully read, Herculiner



INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully the instructions on the reverse side and supply information requested on both sides of this form. Use additional sheet(s) if necessary. See reverse side for additional instructions. FORM APPROVED OMB NO. 1105-0008 1. Submit To Appropriate Federal Agency: 2. Name, Address of claimant and claimant’s personal ...

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please read carefully

Please read the instructions carefully before completing ...


Please read the instructions carefully before completing authorization request. Complete all applicable fields. All Prior Authorization requests must either be faxed on this template or be submitted through the Web Bill Processing Portal (https://owcpmed.dol.gov). Fax with supporting medical documentation, including the Claimant ID on all pages.

  Instructions, Read, Carefully, Instructions carefully

Version 5 - BEASTX


• Please read the following instructions thoroughly before the first use of your MICROBEAST PLUS and setup the system carefully according to this manual. Allow sufficient time for the setup procedure and check each step carefully. Watch for a mechanically clean and proper build of your helicopter. A wrong

  Manual, Watch, Before, Read, Carefully

Know Your Distributor (KYD) Application Form ARN : Please ...


Please read instruction given in 6(i) above carefully 5. Please affix most recent colour photograph and sign across the photograph. GUIDELINES FOR FILLING UP THE KYD APPLICATION FORM CHECKLIST (Before submitting this form, please go through the following checklist) 1. Please ensure that the form is completed in all respects and signed by you. 2.

  Please, Before, Read, Carefully, Filling, Please read



in such a situation, you have the right to decide not to start dialysis. Before making a decision, however, you should discuss your thoughts carefully with people you trust and seek advice from your doctor or other healthcare provider, family member(s), your lawyer or others who have your best interests at heart. This booklet has been written

  Choose, Dialysis, Before, Start, Carefully, You choose not to start dialysis

TL-SG105E/TL-SG108E/TL-SG108PE TL-SG1016DE/TL ... - TP-Link


If you need service, please contact us. ... Please read this guide carefully before operation. 1.1 Intended Readers This Guide is intended for network managers f amiliar with IT concepts and network terminologies. ... 802.1Q VLAN: Set the 802.1Q Tag VLAN mode. ...

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please read

Dell S3221QS Monitor User's Guide


Read these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on product. • Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss. Adjustment of the equalizer to maximum increases the earphones and headphones output voltage and therefore the sound pressure ...

  Guide, User, Dell, Read, Carefully, Monitor, S3221qs, Dell s3221qs monitor user s guide



PACKAGE LEAFLET – INFORMATION FOR THE USER Furosemide 40 mg Tablets (Furosemide) Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again. If you have further questions, please ask your doctor or your pharmacist.

  This, Leaflet, Carefully, This leaflet, This leaflet carefully

Alfa Laval SRU Rotary Lobe Pump Product Leaflet


The pump is carefully engineered to provide reliable performance, trouble-free operation and superior energy ef Þciency for demanding applications. It is an excellent choice for duties that require contamination-proof pumps to meet high standards of hygiene, low-shear and low-pulsation operation.

  Leaflet, Carefully, Alfa, Laval, Alfa laval sru

The Florida Bar


PLEASE READ THESE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS . Please read all instructions carefully before completing the inquiry/complaint form. If the form is not properly completed it may be returned for correction. You may submit up to a total of 25 pages including the inquiry/complaint form and exhibits.

  Sheet, Instructions, Please, Before, Read, Carefully, Please read, Please read these, Instructions carefully before

Classic Performance Products Disc Brake Power Steering


Read these instructions carefully and completely before installing your kit! The steps within this guide should be followed in the order in which it is written. Here are a few guide lines to help ensure a safe brake system: Follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure that you will easily pinpoint any trouble spots in

  Guide, Instructions, Before, Read, Carefully, Instructions carefully

Instructions for use: Repatha (ri-PAth-a) (evolocumab ...


2 A Carefully pull the gray needle cap straight out and away from your body. It is normal to see a drop of medicine at the end of the needle. Place the cap in the sharps disposal container right away. Do not twist or bend the gray needle cap. This can damage the needle. Do not put the gray needle cap back onto the prefilled syringe.

  Instructions, Carefully

PFIZER Package leaflet: Information for the patient Depo ...


Package leaflet: Information for the patient Depo-Provera® 150 mg/ml Sterile Suspension for Injection Medroxyprogesterone acetate Please read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine because it contains important information for you. • Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again.

  This, Before, Start, Leaflet, Carefully, This leaflet carefully before you start, This leaflet

RANGE HOODS Installation Guide and User Manual


Carefully inspect all items for damages before accepting delivery. Customer should note any damages on the freight bill or express receipt. Request the name and signature of the carrier’s agent and keep a copy to support your claim. Upon acceptance of items, owner assumes responsibility for its safe arrival. Report

  Guide, Before, Carefully



2 . warnings . these instructions are very important. please read through carefully, and retain for future reference. please read thoroughly before commencing

  Instructions, Before, Read, Carefully



Before commencing, measure both the opening and the door curtain and mark the overlap on the wall to facilitate the fixing of b rackets and guides. 250mm dimensions must be maintained. Shallower headroom’s down to 300mm can be maintained, PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY 1 AFFIXING MOUNTING BRACKETS 2

  Instructions, Before, Carefully, Instructions carefully

Spacepro Sliding Wardrobe Doors Installation Guide - Full


Read carefully through these instructions before you start For safety, mirror doors must not be installed in children’s rooms, walk-through situations such as walk-in wardrobes or where floors can become wet and slippery such as shower rooms. We provide these components with your Wardrobe Doors and Track-Set. Components marked with * are

  Guide, Instructions, Before, Read, Carefully, Carefully read, Instructions before



PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY FOR YOUR PROCEDURE FREQUENCIES AND PROVISIONS. The attached is a list of dental procedures for which benefits are payable under this section is based upon the Current Dental Terminology, (CDT-5), copyrighted 2004, American Dental Association.

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please read

DFEC Durable Medical Equipment Authorization Request ... - …


Please read the instructions carefully before completing authorization request. Complete all applicable fields. All Prior Authorization requests must either be faxed on this template or be submitted through the Web Bill Processing Portal (https://owcpmed.dol.gov). Fax with supporting medical documentation, including the Claimant ID on all pages.

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please read



Please read carefully and keep this information in a convenient place for future reference. WHO MUST FILE You are required to file form ST-3 to report any sales and use tax in this State. Note: You must file a return even if there is no tax due for the period. Enter zero “0” on lines 1 and 3 on the ST-3 if you do not

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please read carefully

Before filling out your rebate application, please ...


Before filling out your rebate application, please carefully review all requirements and the ... Please include a copy of an itemized receipt and/or invoice with your application. Your retailer or contractor can provide ... below indicates I have read, understand and agree to all terms and conditions on this application and acknowledge that ...

  Please, Read, Carefully, Please carefully

TEGRETOL® TABLETS (carbamazepine)


Package Leaflet: Information for the User . TEGRETOL® 100, 200 and 400 mg Tablets (carbamazepine) What you need to know about Tegretol Tablets . Your doctor has decided that you need this medicine to help treat your condition. Please read this leaflet carefully before you start to take your medicine. It contains important information.

  This, Tablets, Before, Start, Leaflet, Carefully, Carbamazepine, This leaflet carefully before you start

STATE OF LOUISIANA Louisiana Secretary of State 5/4/2011 ...


Please type or laser print this form. Be sure it is completely legible. Read all instructions, especially Instruction 1; correct file number of initial financing statement is crucial. Follow instructions completely. Fill in form very carefully; mistakes may have important legal consequences. If you have questions, consult your attorney.

  Instructions, Louisiana, Please, Read, Carefully, Louisiana louisiana

Hoisting Engineers Application -- INSTRUCTIONS -- PLEASE ...


Hoisting Engineers Application -- INSTRUCTIONS -- PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Applications that are incomplete or missing required documents will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant. 1. Submit a legible government issued ID (IE: Driver license or Passport) must be attached to the application. 2.

  Instructions, Read, Carefully, Carefully read

COVID-19 Pre-hospital test instructions


Read this instruction guide carefully. Wash your hands with soap and warm water or hand sanitiser for 20 seconds. 3 1. 20 seconds Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds using soap and warm water or hand sanitiser before handling the test kit to avoid contaminating it.

  Using, Before, Carefully

Graduate Application Instructions


Application Instructions . Thank you for your interest in Iowa State University! Please read these instructions carefully before beginning your application. Admission Criteria . Admission criteria are established by both the Graduate College and by the graduate program. • Iowa State requires a bachelor’s or higher degree from a

  Sheet, Instructions, Please, Before, Read, Carefully, Please read these instructions carefully before

Instructions - United States Courts


About this Booklet of Instructions page 2 Read These Important Warnings Because bankruptcy can have serious long-term financial and legal consequences, including loss of your property, you should hire an attorney and carefully consider all of your options before you file. Only an attorney can give you legal advice about what can happen as a result

  United, States, Instructions, Court, Before, Carefully, United states courts

Patient Instructions for Collecting a Stool Sample


Jul 28, 2016 · Patient Instructions for Collecting a Stool Sample Print new copies from Intranet Last Approved Date: 7/28/2016 Legacy Laboratory Client Services (503) 413-1234 Toll Free (877) 270-5566 Page 1 of 1 Please follow instructions carefully, the quality of your specimen is critical to the accuracy of test results.

  Instructions, Carefully, Instructions carefully

Patient Instructions for Stool collection for Culture ...


Carefully unscrew the cap from the plastic collection container. Do not touch the inside of the lid or container with your fingers. 6. Using the applicator stick, fill the container half full. • Do not add any foreign materials such as toilet paper or plastic wrap. • Collect stool from areas that look bloody, mucousy or watery. 7.

  Instructions, Carefully



LOGISTICARE STUDENT LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS --READ CAREFULLY. ... Video Instructions ONLY: First Time User Video Go to. ... Verify “LEARNER” Name is correct before you clicks the start button. If not correct name, exit course immediately and contact your employer. CTAA will not honor name changes if the program is completed.

  Instructions, Before, Carefully

Information for candidates


3 Read carefully and follow the instructions printed on the question paper and/or on the answer booklet. 4 Do not start writing anything until the invigilator tells you to fill in all the details required on the front of the question paper and/ or the answer booklet before you start the exam.

  Before, Carefully

Welcome to Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah Using this ...


Using this Provider Directory ... providers must meet certain requirements before they can participate in our provider networks. ... Please choose your providers carefully if you’re enrolled in this type of plan. Receiving care away from home Depending on your plan, you and your covered family members may have access to health care ...

  Using, Before, Carefully



please read this software license agreement (“license”) carefully before using the apple software. by using the apple software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. if you do not agree to the terms of this license,

  Using, Before, Carefully, Carefully before using

24 Flush Mount DeFlector Vent: sKMD24F0As - SharpUSA


4. Carefully guide the drawer into the prepared opening. Avoid contact with the sides of the cutout opening and also pinching the cord between the oven and the wall. 5. Slide the drawer all the way back until the mounting flanges touch the cleats mounted in the cabinet opening. 6. Open the drawer. Using the 4 holes on the drawer as a template,

  Using, Carefully

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please complete your application in its ...


of applicable experience in the classification for which you are applying. Carefully read the General Information and Instructions . that immediately precede the application package and follow the specific instructions that are contained throughout the application to help ensure that your application is complete and accurate.

  Instructions, Complete, Please, Read, Carefully, Carefully read, Please complete

Installation Manual L2 - Valor Fireplaces


This manual contains very important information about the safe installation and operation of the fi replace. Read and understand all instructions carefully before installing and operating the fi replace. Failure to follow these instructions may result …

  Manual, Installation, This, Before, Carefully, Installation manual, This manual, Carefully before

Installation & Maintenance Manual - Montigo


We strongly encourage you to read and carefully follow the instructions laid out in this Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual and retain it for your future reference. Pay special attention to all cautions, warnings, and notices throughout this manual intended to ensure your safety. This manual covers installation, operation and ...

  Manual, Installation, This, Carefully, This manual

Owner’s Manual - Generac Power Systems


• Study all safety information in this manual and on the product carefully. • Become familiar with this manual and the unit before use. • Refer to Installation for instructions on final assembly procedures. Follow the instructions completely. Save these instructions for future reference. ALWAYS supply this manual to any individual that ...

  Manual, System, Installation, Power, This, Before, Carefully, This manual, Generac, Generac power systems

Installation Operation Maintenance Manual - Dekker Vacuum


foundation design. The installer should carefully read this manual before installing the equipment. DEKKER or your authorized dealer can provide start up assistance in most instances for a fee. Contact DEKKER for hourly/daily service rates.

  Manual, Installation, This, Before, Carefully, This manual before

Installation and Operation Manual


Before installing, using or main taining this product, please be sure to read this manual and product warning labels carefully. Failure to follow these instructions may cause this product to malfunction, which could result in injury or damage. Below are important safety precautions that apply to this product:

  Manual, Installation, This, Before, Carefully, This manual

Transformer Installation, Operation, and Maintenance


Inspection during Installation The transformer should be carefully inspected for any damage due to handling after receipt. The nameplate rating on the unit should be checked against the job specifications to ensure installation of the correct transformer. The transformer should be connected only as described on its nameplate.

  Operations, Installation, Maintenance, Carefully, Maintenance and, Transformers, Transformer installation

SHARED BELIEFS: Carefully systematize all the statements ...


the mountain’ (an Akkadian cognate means ‘mountain,’ to which the Hebrew (sad, ‘breast’) is probably related)….The name may originally have depicted God as the sovereign judge, who, in Canaanite style, ruled from a sacred mountain” (pg. 38). 1. This name emphasizes God’s power. The context is that God has the power to bring

  Testament, Mountain, Carefully, Carefully systematize all the statements, Systematize

Cal. 5M82, 5M83 & 5M84 - SEIKO WATCHES


Mar 20, 2018 · E guarde este manual para referências futuras. 13 SPECIFICATIONS ..... 14 3 You are now the proud owner of a SEIKO KINETIC® Cal. 5M82/5M83/5M84. For best results, please read the instructions in this booklet carefully before using your SEIKO KINETIC®. Please keep this

  Manual, Using, Before, Read, Carefully, 825m, 5m83 amp 5m84, 5m83, 5m84, 5m82 5m83 5m84, Carefully before using

TM INCRA IBOX read and follow all of the instructions and ...


read and follow all of the instructions and safety infor-mation in this owner’s manual. by From delicate 1/8” fingers to bold 3/4” joints to exciting new ... Carefully slide the IBOX to the left or right until the blade “kisses” the steel pin plates on the IBOX, Fig. 4 and Detail 4A. Make sure that

  Instructions, Read, Carefully

Instructions - United States Courts


These instructions may help you perform those tasks. If you are filing for bankruptcy without the help of an attorney, this booklet tells you which forms must be filed and provides information about them. You should carefully read this booklet and keep it with your records. Review the individual forms as you read the instructions for each.

  United, States, Sheet, Instructions, Court, Read, Carefully, Carefully read, These instructions, United states courts

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