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3. keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire. 4. keep the weapon on safe until you intend to fire. 1 safety rules 1. treat every weapon as if it were loaded. 2. never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot. 3. keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire. 4.

  Safe, Keep

It is cruel to keep animals in cages. - NAP


It is cruel to keep animals in cages. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps you can think of ideas for both sides of this topic. Write to convince a reader of your opinions. • Start with an introduction. An introduction lets a reader know what you are going to write about. • Write your opinions on this topic.

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Five keys to safer food Prevention of Keep clean Foodborne ...


Keep clean • Wash your hands before handling food and often during food preparation • Wash your hands after going to the toilet • Wash and sanitize all surfaces and equipment used for food preparation • Protect kitchen areas and food from insects, pests and …

  Clean, Keep, Keep clean

Loader Safety Talk - Occupational Safety and Health ...


Keep loaded bucket facing uphill when driving. Be alert for overhead powerlines, obstructions, uneven ground, and holes in the ground. Keep away from the edges of banks and slopes. LOADING & UNLOADING Only operate controls when seated on the tractor. Slowly and steadily raise and lower loader arms. Drive in straight line when loading and unloading.

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A guide to keeping business records


a record of the assets and liabilities of your business a day by day record of all sums of money received and expended by your trade, profession or business together with supporting details of the receipts or payments. You must also keep records relating to all your business assets and liabilities at the end of each year, including:

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Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Avoid breathing vapor. Keep container closed. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling. Label First Aid: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with plenty of wate r for at least 15 minutes.

  Data, Keep



Safe Storage Conditions: Store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards. Keep container tightly closed and properly labeled. Granular material is slightly hygroscopic; ground material is very hygroscopic. Store in a cool, dry area. Keep separated from incompatible substances (see below or Section 10 of the Safety Data ...

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Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/ physician. Specific treatment (see supplemental first aid instructions on this label). IF INHALED: Remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.

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個人、家居與環境衞生守則 - Centre for Health ...


Keep the toilet rim clean. Flush the toilet and wash hands after using the toilet. Keep it clean for your benefit and the benefit of others. • Wash hands with liquid soap, then dry with a clean towel/tissue paper or a hand dryer. Do not use communal towels. • Be considerate. Do not make the floor wet when washing your

  Clean, Keep, Keep it clean

New Holland PDF Parts and Service Oil - CNH Industrial


itors keep sludge from forming and keep the oil flowing to critical parts. MULTI G is compatible with commonly used seal and gasket materials. This helps reduce oil leaks from seals that can harden, shrink or swell - extending seal life. USE

  Holland, Keep, New holland, Flowing, Keep the oil flowing

Label-Taurus SC 53883-279 MASTER 11-4-11 3 - …


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Caution/Precaución Si usted no entiende la etiqueta, busque a alguien para que se la explique a usted en detalle. (If you do not understand the label, find someone to explain it to you in detail.) (See attached label for additional precautionary information and complete Directions for Use).

  Directions, Children, Reach, Keep, Keep out of reach of children

How to Keep Your Health Information Private and Secure


There are laws that protect the privacy of your health information held by those who provide you health care services. But as it becomes easier to get and share your own health information online, you need to take steps to protect it. This applies whether you are downloading a copy of

  Health, Information, Your, Private, Secure, Keep, Keep your health information private and secure

Promoting Positive Peer Social Interactions


suggestions to keep children’s play interesting (e.g., “You two ... autism, conduct problems, and ... For those wishing to learn more about the topic, the following resources provide more information: Dunn, J. & McGuire, S. (1992). Sibling and peer relationships in childhood.

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To maintain healthy ears once the wax has cleared, olive oil drops, used once a week, can help lubricate the ear canal and keep the wax soft. HOW TO ADMINISTER THE OLIVE OIL DROPS 1. Warm the bottle of oil to skin temperature and check this on the surface of your wrist 2. Lie down on your side with the ear requiring drops facing upwards 3.


Conductivity - Gov


The salts come from rocks that have been broken down by water flowing over them, ... not be able to keep water in their bodies. Fish and animals that live in saltier water such as in the ... For example, oil does not conduct electricity well, so water pollution by oil would not be detected by measuring water conductivity. Low Conductivity (0 to ...

  Keep, Flowing

SAFETY DATA SHEET Hydraulic Oil ISO 32 - Martin Lubricants


Dec 06, 2015 · Remove source of exposure or move person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. Get medical advice/attention if you feel unwell (headache, nausea, drowsiness etc.) or are concerned. Skin Contact: Rinse/wash with lukewarm, gently flowing water and mild soap for 5 minutes or until product is removed.

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K to Grade 2 • Human Body Series The Five Senses


pretty powerful! You use your eyes to see, your ears to hear, your nose to smell, your tongue to taste, and your skin to feel. You’re going to explore how your senses work, and what kinds of information they tell you. You’ll be working with a partner at each station. Be sure to keep track of what you notice on your record sheet! • Seeing ...

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CHAPTER2 Acids, Bases and Salts - NCERT


of blue litmus to red, whereas, bases are bitter and change the colour of ... Hydrangea, Petunia and Geranium, which indicate the presence of acid or base in a solution. These are called acid-base indicators or sometimes simply indicators. ... n Keep them on a clean surface and put a few drops of dilute HCl

  Blue, Acid, Keep, Hydrangea

Juglone (Walnut trees) Tolerance List - Knecht's Nurseries ...


A tree can have a root diameter twice the height of the tree and or the spread of its branches. Keep sensitive plants far away. Many plants are reported to be resistant to the toxic juglone and are capable of growing in close proximity to a walnut tree.


If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child, Understand the ...


of a vaccine-preventable disease in your community, you may be asked to take your child out of school, childcare, or organized activities (for example, playgroups or sports). • Your school, childcare facility, or other institution will tell you when it is safe for an unvaccinated child to return. Be prepared to keep your child home for ...

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Unit Two: My Five Senses - infohub.nyced.org


We use our senses to understand our bodies, learn what they need, and keep us safe. We use our senses to learn about the people, places, objects, and environment around us. We experience and interact with the world differently when our senses, such as vision or hearing, are impaired. Connected Academic Vocabulary

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Workday Business Process Framework


your end users access to process history, or keep that information in the hands of your administrators. In addition, Workday provides prebuilt dashboards to help you visually monitor, optimize, and act on all business processes to ensure they align with performance objectives. Visualizing business process data this way

  Business, Your, Keep

My business's COVIDSafe plan


Your business’s circumstances will determine what needs to be done to meet your work health and safety obligations. You should regularly visit the Safe Work Australia website for further information and continue to plan and adapt as circumstances change. Think about how people interact in your business. How will you keep everyone safe?

  Business, Your, Plan, Keep, Your business, Covidsafe plan, Covidsafe

Closing Out Your Account - California


After you have paid your entire liability (including liabilities resulting from an audit), staff will return any security you have on deposit. It is important to remember that even after providing all required information and closing your account, you must keep your business records for four years. Filing your fnal tax, fee, or surcharge return

  Business, Your, Account, Closing, Keep, Closing out your account, Keep your business

Registering Your Business 2012 - New York City


Keep one copy safe with the business’s other records. You will need a copy of the form to open a business account with any bank. New York State law also requires you to display a copy of the Certificate ... your business. Registering_Your_Business_2012 ...

  Business, York, Your, New york city, City, Keep, Your business

Anticipatory Guidance Provider Guide - Texas Health and ...


§ Keep track of baby’s weight gain. Regular Care/Routines § Clean skin, umbilical cord, circumcision. § Clean mouth with soft cloth 2 times a day. § Wash hands often. § Avoid crowds. § Take temperature by rectum. § Follow skin care tips. § Hold baby’s head, allow tummy time. Healthy Progress § Stroke head or rock gently to calm baby.

  Hands, Keep, Wash, Calm, Wash hands



keep this clause in the agreement and fill in the amount of the initial deposit and the date it must be paid. Rule of Professional Conduct 1.15(a) requires that advances for fees, costs and expenses must be deposited into the attorney’s client trust account. Since an attorney cannot withdraw

  Agreement, Clean, Keep

swa.gov.au/coronavirus Suspected or confirmed case of ...


3. CLEAN Clean the area where the infected person and their close contacts were working and all common areas they have been. This may mean evacuating those areas. Use PPE when cleaning 4. REVIEW Review risk management controls relating to COVID-19 and review whether work may need to change. Keep employees up to date on what is happening. Remember:

  Case, Suspected, Clean, Keep, Confirmed, Clean clean, Suspected or confirmed case of

How to Keep Your Breast Pump Kit Clean


CS277601A Clean Pump Kit CLEAN BY HAND Place pump parts in a clean wash basin used only for infant feeding items. Do not place pump parts directly in the sink! Add soap and hot water to basin. Scrub items using a clean brush used only for infant feeding items. Rinse by holding items under running water, or by submerging in fresh water in a separate basin.

  Clean, Keep

10 ways to protect our water - Clean Water Action


10. Keep informed. Make sure you receive your annual drinking water quality report from your water provider (also known as a Consumer Confidence Report). If you pay a water bill directly, you should receive it automatically by July of each year. If you rent or live in a condo, you can call the local water provider and ask for a copy to be sent ...

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Figure 2-2. Keep your legs straight without locking your knees. Hold your body erect with your hips level, your chest lifted, and your shoulders square and even. Your arms should hang straight, but not stiff, with the backs of your hands outward. Curl your fingers so that the tips of our thumbs are alongside

  Procedures, Straight, Drill, Keep, Drill and cermony drill procedures, Cermony

Get help and support GCSE PHYSICS - AQA


Keep your skills up-to-date with professional development. Wherever you are in your career, there’s always something new to learn. As well as subject-specific training, we offer a range of courses to help boost your skills. • Improve your teaching skills in areas including differentiation, teaching literacy and meeting Ofsted requirements.


Safety Data Sheet Gasoline, Unleaded


SAFETY DATA SHEET GASOLINE, UNLEADED Page 6 of 14 6 / 14 N-hexane 110-54-3 TWA 50 ppm Engineering measures: Use adequate ventilation to keep gas and vapor concentrations of this product below occupational exposure and flammability limits, particularly in confined spaces. Use only intrinsically safe electrical equipment approved for use in

  Data, Safe, Keep

Safety Data Sheet - Fisher Sci


safe areas. Keep in suitable closed containers for disposal. Reference to other sections: SECTION 7 : Handling and storage Precautions for safe handling: Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing.Follow good hygiene procedures when handling chemical materials. Refer to Section 8.Follow proper disposal methods.

  Sheet, Data, Safe, Safety, Safety data sheet, Keep



The Tower Garden ® is an aeroponic growing system. Do not stand on the Tower Garden ® and take care to keep children from playing on the Tower Garden ®. 2. Follow the safety instructions included with the Tower Garden ® pump. Do not attempt to plug or unplug the pump in rainy or damp conditions. 3. When draining your Tower Garden ®

  Growing, Garden, Keep, Epo tek

How to Design Your Dream Garden - Garden Design


Keep plantings simple “If you want a garden to enjoy with less maintenance, pick a few plants, make sure they’re happy growing there, and allow them to grow. Learn the ability to edit,” says New York City-based land-scape architect Edmund Hollander. He also suggests growing well-chosen native plants because they

  Growing, Garden, Keep

Growing and Caring for Roses - University of Arizona


Growing and Caring for Roses • Overview of types of roses • Cultural practices ... belonging to old garden roses . or modern roses. Miniature roses. Small size, excellent for containers. ... • Keep root ball intact, straighten root bound roots Transplanting Roses in Containers.

  Growing, Garden, Keep, Rose, Garden roses

Sleep strategies for teens with autism - Autism Speaks


1.Wash face 2.Brush teeth 3.Brush hair 4.Draw 5.Read 6.Sleep Having a schedule like this that you and your teen can look at each evening can help him/her keep the same basic order. The bedtime routine should include activities your teen finds relaxing and easy. Post the schedule

  Your, Autism, Keep, Speaks, Wash, Autism speaks

自動運転のレベル分けについて - mlit.go.jp


ACC:Adaptive Cruise Control, LKAS: Lane Keep Assist System レベル3 条件付自動運転 システムが全ての運転タスクを実施するが、システムの介入 要求等に対してドライバーが適切に対応することが必要 *5 ド ラ イ バ ー に よ る 監 視 シ ス テ ム に よ る 監 視

  System, Lean, Keep, Kals, Assist, Lane keep assist system

RV & TRAILER TOWING GUIDE - Ford Motor Company


Feb 03, 2015 · sUpER DUTy® pIckUps – TOUGh kEEps GETTING TOUGhER. 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups set the standard for “Tough” with best-in-class diesel horsepower and torque. A new 31,200-lb. maximum towing capability on F-4501 is not only best-in-class,2 it’s a whopping 8,000 lbs. more than comparable Chevy trucks and 2,200 lbs. more than Ram.

  Company, Getting, Motor, Tough, Ford, Keep, Ford motor company, Pickup, Tougher, Pickups tough keeps getting tougher

COVID-19 Business Manual - Utah


Jan 20, 2022 · • How to clean different surfaces • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for cleaning staff • Cleaning after a positive case of COVID-19 Protect your operations • Engineering and ventilation controls • Recommendations for specific areas and spaces at your workplace • Sick leave • Staffing and work schedules • Keep operations going

  Clean, Keep

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19


Mar 19, 2020 · – Keep promoting the message that people need to stay at home even if they have only mild symptoms of COVID-19 – Display posters with this message in your workplaces. Combine this with other communication channels commonly used in your organization or business 1 Ordinary medical masks rather than N95 masks

  Your, Workplace, Getting, Ready, Keep, Getting your workplace ready

Keep Colorado Wild Pass - Colorado Parks and Wildlife


What access to state parks does the Keep Colorado Wild Pass provide? Coloradans with a Keep Colorado Wild pass will have access to all Colorado state parks. However, park capacity limits will still apply so park entry is not guaranteed, as is the case with current state park annual passes. Current camping fees, event rental fees, fishing ...

  States, Park, Access, Wild, Wildlife, Pass, Colorado, Keep, State park, Colorado parks and wildlife, Keep colorado wild pass



keep out of reach of children . read safety directions before opening or using . ... important: read the attached leaflet before using this product . net contents: 10kg, 15kg or 20kg . apvma approval no: 68613 / 112317 . ... read safety directions before opening or using .

  Safety, Directions, Children, Before, Read, Reach, Keep, Keep out of reach of children, Keep out of reach of children read safety, Read safety directions before

Keep with the vehicle at all times. - ExpressLane


Keep with the vehicle at all times. Temporary Tag Number_____ Type of Plate: _____ VIN:_____ Vehicle Make:_____

  With, Vehicle, Time, Keep, Keep with the vehicle at all times



KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CAUTION ... hyacinth hydrangea iceplant imitari impatiens India hawthorn iris ivy Japanese aucuba ... Bermuda grass blue grass fescue . 6 St. Augustine grass zoysia grass MIXING AND APPLICATION Apply BotaniGard 22WP using hand-held, ground spray equipment and/or low-volume ...

  Blue, Keep, Hydrangea



have multiple options to choose from, including periodic payments, lump sum payments, rollovers, and guaranteed lifetime monthly income (like your Pension Plan benefit). Before you decide to roll your DROP benefits out of the FRS, you should carefully compare fees to …

  Your, Pension, Options, Drop, Keep, Your pension, Keep your drop in the frs

Substances in TE Connectivity (TE) Products


Polyether ketones (PEEK) and Polyphenylene oxide (PPO). BPA is also a precursor to the flame retardant tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) and may be found at residual levels in resins that use TBBPA as a flame retardant. Furthermore, BPA can be used as an antioxidant in plasticizers and as a polymerization inhibitor in Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Swagelok Hydrogen- Compatible Gaseous Tube Trailer


Tubing, Valves, and Accessories catalog, MS-02-472, for additional information . Valve AFS Alternative fuel service (AFS) ball valve, 1/4-turn, PEEK seats Refer to Swagelok Alternative Fuel Service (AFS) Ball Valves catalog, MS-02-303, for additional information . FKB Medium-pressure trunnion-style ball valve, PEEK seat

  Tubing, Keep, Swagelok

Dionex AS-AP Autosampler Operator's Manual


• All-PEEK™ flow paths, compatible with aqueous and reversed-phase eluents, safe from metal contamination • Carousel and moving-needle design to guarantee reliable sampling from a variety of vial sizes and well plates • 10 mL polystyrene sample vials with wide openings for large-volume injections and trace analysis


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