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歡迎蒞臨旅遊學院教學餐廳 - ift.edu.mo

1 ! Tripadvisor ( ) 12:30-15:00 14:30 19:00-22:30 22:00 2 There is no love sincerer than the love of food George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1859-1950) Welcome to IFT s Educational Restaurant!

1 歡迎蒞臨旅遊學院教學餐廳! 教學餐廳是學院另一所實習單位,為學士學位課程學生,尤其是酒店管理、 旅遊會展及節目管理、廚藝管理的學生提供實習場地,讓這些未來的酒店 …




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1 1 ! Tripadvisor ( ) 12:30-15:00 14:30 19:00-22:30 22:00 2 There is no love sincerer than the love of food George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright (1859-1950) Welcome to IFT s Educational Restaurant!

2 The Educational Restaurant is another training unit for IFT s bachelor degree students, especially those specialised in hotel management, event management and culinary arts management. IFT encourages Macao s future hoteliers to put theories into practice and trains them up to provide quality service to guests in reality. The Educational Restaurant is one of the best venues on campus for students practice. It offers a unique selection of traditional Macanese and Portuguese dishes with a modern flair that are not to be found elsewhere. We strive to offer an unforgettable quintessential experience of flavours and aromas that have been beautifully created by our F&B Department, including David Wong (Executive Assistant Manager), Hans Rasmussen (Executive Chef) as well as our students who assist the operations.

3 The restaurant has also been recommended by Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand and received the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor. Your patronage to the Educational Restaurant is an incentive to our students to aspire to be the best and to further develop the rich historical culture and tourism of Macau! At IFT, we support organic agriculture, we grow most of our herbs, salad leaves and vegetables for your dining pleasure with love and care. We recycle waste food for fertilizer, we practice crop rotation and we use biological pest control to ensure that the ingredient reaches you in the best of condition. "Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects.

4 Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved." International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Bon Appetit! IFT Food and Beverage Team Operation hours Monday to Friday (closed on weekends and public holidays) Macanese Buffet available every Friday evening Lunch 12h30 15h00 (last order at 14h30) Dinner 19h00 22h30 (last order at 22h00) 3 entradas appetizers risotto de bacalhau com cogumelos selvagens e trufa preta bacalhau risotto with wild mushrooms and black truffle $ wine recommendation: espor o reserva, white salm o fumado a frio no IFT, servido com maionese de caril, ovo de codorniz, ovas de salm o e p o de centeio IFT cold smoked salmon with curry mayonnaise, quail egg, salmon roe and rye bread $ wine recommendation.

5 Muros antigos alvarinho, white tutano com chalotas, salsa, pimenta preta e p o de centeio bone marrow with shallots, parsley, black pepper and rye bread $ wine recommendation: cova da ursa chardonnay, white 4 entradas appetizers mexilh es com chouri o, a afr o-da-india, leite de c co e coentros fresh black mussels with chorizo, turmeric, coconut milk and coriander $ wine recommendation: mateus, ros salada verde com tomate, ervas arom ticas e escolha de temperos green salad with marinated tomatoes, herbs and choice of dressing $ wine recommendation: aveleda, white vieiras com morcela e doce de tomate seared scallops with portuguese black pudding and tomato marmalade $ wine recommendation: murganheira reserve bruto, sparkling terrina de porco preto com trufa preta, pancetta caseira, picles de groselha vermelha e creme de mostarda black pork terrine with black truffle, homemade pancetta, pickled red currant and mustard cream $ wine recommendation: quinta das maias jaen, red 5 sopas soups creme de lagosta com cebolinho lobster cappuccino with snipped organic chives $ wine recommendation.

6 Portal do fidalgo alvarinho, white sopa de batata e alho-franc s com queijo de cabra fresco, trufa preta e tosta melba potato and leek soup with fresh goat cheese, black truffle and melba toast $ wine recommendation: planalto reserva, white 6 de Macau from Macau A cozinha Macaense nica e exclusiva de Macau. Define-se como uma fus o de sabores de Portugal com fortes influ ncias do sul da sia e do mundo Lus fono.

7 Muitos dos pratos resultam da mistura de especiarias e outros ingredientes que os marinheiros Portugueses recolhiam durante a viagem at Macau, e os usavam na tentativa de recriar pratos Portugueses. Os ingredientes e temperos v m de lugares como a Europa, America Latina, Africa, India, Mal sia e Sul da sia, assim como alguns ingredientes de Macau. Macanese cuisine is unique to Macao. It is a blend of Portuguese cuisine with significant influences from Southeast Asia and the Lusophone world. The distinctive dishes are the result of the amalgamation of spices and ingredients the Portuguese sailors collected along the journey to Macao, in an attempt to replicate Portuguese dishes when they arrived in Macao.

8 The ingredients and seasonings of Macanese cuisine include those from Europe, Latin America, Africa, India, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, as well as Macao. 7 de Macau from Macau sopa lacass vermicelli soup with prawns and balich o sauce wine recommendation: portal do fidalgo, white 2017 $ porco balich o tamarindo (concurso de gastronomia macaense 2017) braised pork with shrimp paste, bay leaves and tamarind (macanese cooking competition 2017) $ wine recommendation: muros de melga o alvarinho, white minchi (receita tirada do livro culin ria macaense de jo o ant nio ferreira lamas) minchi, traditional minced beef and pork (from the book macanese culinary by jo o ant nio ferreira lamas) $ wine recommendation.

9 Jos de sousa mayor, red galinha africana com cous cous e malagueta doce grelhada african chicken with cous cous and grilled sweet chili $ wine recommendation: quinta das bag iras colheita, red 8 vegetariano from the garden beringela gratinada com alho, tomate s co, queijo burrata e manjeric o eggplant gratin with garlic, semi-dried tomatoes, burrata cheese and basil $ wine recommendation: mateus, ros risotto de espargos verdes, pur de ervilhas e trufa preta risotto with green asparagus, pea pur e and black truffle $ wine recommendation: quinta dos carvalhais encruzado, white tortellini com espinafres, queijo parmes o crocante, pinh es e molho de ab bora tortellini with spinach, crispy parmesan, pine nuts and sweet pumpkin sauce $ wine recommendation: madrigal viognier, white 9 do mar from the sea arroz de marisco ao estilo do IFT IFT seafood rice $ wine recommendation: p ra manca, white robalo com rabo de boi, maionese de r bano, cebola fumada, alho e molho de espinafres sea bass with oxtail, horseradish mayo, smoked onion, garlic and spinach sauce $ wine recommendation.

10 Redoma reserva, white ouri o do mar com massa cavatelli caseira, queijo parmes o, natas e ovas de salm o sea urchin with homemade cavatelli pasta, parmesan cheese, cream and salmon roe $ wine recommendation: p ra manca, white bacalhau fresco com caldo de bouillabaisse e creme rouille codfish with a bouillabaisse jus and rouille $ wine recommendation: quinta dos carvalhais encruzado, white 10 da terra from the land "mangalica" costeleta de porco mangalica, com crosta crocante, pur de batata, couve flor, ervilha doce e manteiga de toucinho free range "mangalica woolly pork" cutlet with crispy rind, potato pur e, cauliflower, sugar peas and bacon butter $ wine recommendation.

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