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The 4-Day Training Week By Ben Wisbey


The 4-Day Training Week By Ben Wisbey You have all probably heard of the saying 'less is more', but is this really true? Well there are many cases when reducing the amount of running you are doing can lead to

  Training, Week, Wisbey, Day training week by ben wisbey

indusTri >> By Ben Wisbey What is EPOC?


indusTri >> What is EPOC? Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is a physiological measure of the oxygen consumed in excess of resting requirement

  What, Cope, Wisbey, What is epoc, Wisbey what is epoc

Training for a 10k Event1 - Endurance Sports Training


Training for a 10k Event By Ben Wisbey Introduction Many runners set their sights on running the marathon as they feel they have no speed, and are therefore not suited to shorter races, such as 5 and 10km’s.

  Training, Wisbey, Training for a 10k event1, Event1, By ben wisbey

Half Marathon Training Program - Endurance …


12-week Half Marathon Training Program By Ben Wisbey Introduction The half marathon is often the intermediate goal for those runners looking at

  Training, Programs, Week, Half, Half marathon training program, Marathon, Week half marathon training program by ben wisbey, Wisbey

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