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UPLIFT 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk


UPLIFT 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk ... This height adjustable desk has an electric motor and is designed for use in dry work areas only. The desk height is adjustable so that it can be positioned at the most ergonomically suitable height. These desks are

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22C-UM001J-EN-E PowerFlex 400P Adjustable Frequency AC ...


needed to install, start-up and troubleshoot the PowerFlex 400 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive. Who Should Use This Manual? This manual is intended for qualified personnel. You must be able to program and operate Adjustable Frequency AC Drive devices. In addition, you must have an understanding of the parameter settings and functions.

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Low drop fixed and adjustable positive voltage regulators


May 28, 2007 · Low drop fixed and adjustable positive voltage regulators Datasheet -production data Features • Low dropout voltage: – 1.15 V typ. @ IOUT = 1 A, 25 °C • Very low quiescent current: – 5 mA typ. @ 25 °C • Output current up to 1 A • Fixed output voltage of: – 1.2 V, 1.8 V, 3.3 V • Adjustable version availability (VREF = 1.25 V)

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LM317L - Voltage Regulator Adjustable Output, Positive 100 …


Adjustable Output, Positive 100 mA LM317L, NCV317L The LM317L is an adjustable 3−terminal positive voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of 100 mA over an output voltage range of 1.2 V to 37 V. This voltage regulator is exceptionally easy to use and requires only two external resistors to set the output voltage.

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(Note 2): F_2 is adjustable in a range from 10 to 100% of the rated value. (Note 3): The difference between F_1 and F_2 is adjustable in a range of 10% of ... E/P regulator Switch output P_1=P_2=0 : Out of range mode (The switch output turns on when set pressure is achieved.) ON OFF Switch output

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Migration Guide, PowerFlex 700 Drives to PowerFlex 750 ...


PowerFlex 700 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive, publication 20B-TD001 Provides an overview of the PowerFlex 700 AC drive. PowerFlex 750-Series AC Drives Technical Data, publication 750-TD001 Provides technical data regarding the PowerFlex 750-Series adjustable frequency AC drives for a variety of industrial applications.

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LM2575 - 1.0 A, Adjustable Output Voltage, Step-Down ...


1.0 A, Adjustable Output Voltage, Step-Down Switching Regulator The LM2575 series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits ideally suited for easy and convenient design of a step−down switching regulator (buck converter). All circuits of this series are capable of driving a 1.0 A load with excellent line and load regulation.

  Integrated, Voltage, Regulators, Adjustable

LT1965 - 1.1A, Low Noise, Low Dropout Linear Regulator


3.3V to 2.5V Regulator n Output Current: 1.1A n Dropout Voltage: 310mV n Low Noise: 40µVRMS (10Hz to 100kHz) n 500µA Quiescent Current (Adjustable Version) n Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.8V to 20V n No Protection Diodes Needed n Controlled Quiescent Current in Dropout n Adjustable Output from 1.20V to 19.5V n Fixed Output Voltages: 1.5V, 1.8V ...

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RIELLO 40 SERIES - Weil-McLain


B) Align the air tube and attached adjustable collar so air tube is centered in the burner access hole f the o boiler/furnace unit. Mark the center of the two holes in the ADJUSTABLE COLLAR on to the front plate of the heating unit. Then drill ¼ inch (6.5mm) holes through the front plate of the unit, using marks as a guide.

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ICM7555 General purpose CMOS timer - NXP


n Adjustable duty cycle n High output source/sink driver can drive TTL/CMOS n Typical temperature stability of 0.005 % / °C at 25 °C n Rail-to-rail outputs ICM7555 General purpose CMOS timer ... THRESHOLD voltage TRIGGER voltage RESET[1] OUTPUT Discharge switch

  Voltage, Adjustable

DIY GUIDE - Pope Irrigation


INSTALLATION OF LAWN POP-UP SYSTEMS INSTALLATION OF LAWN POP-UP SYSTEMS 5 6 Selecting the Most Suitable Pop-up Sprinkler FEATURES • Fixed spray pattern. • Available in ¼, ½, ¾ or full circle patterns. • Suitable for small lawn areas. • 50mm pop-up height. • Adjustable spray radius. PROFESSIONAL SUITABLE FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM LAWNS 1 ...

  Guide, Installation, Adjustable

450 & 453 Series - Emerson Electric


Head and Cap Aluminium alloy Bearing Self-lubricating metal Cushioning Seals PUR (polyurethane) Cushioning Pneumatic, adjustable from both sides with captive screw Piston Rod Hard chrome plated steel Rod Nut Galvanised steel Piston Ø 32 to 80 mm POM (polyacetal) Ø 100 light alloy fitted with an annular reed magnet Piston Seals PUR ...

  Heads, Adjustable

The new generation Scania


There is also an adjustable version, where the angle can be adapted either by manual or electrical operation. Side air deflector Fitted at the rear of the cab, the side air deflectors are available in 12, 45 or 53 cm. Side skirts The side skirts improve both aerodyna-mics and fuel consumption. They also function as a complement to the under-




Use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator (Holley® P/N 12-803) if it is higher than 7 psi. 11. Recheck to assure all existing vacuum hoses are attached properly. Plug any fittings not used. 12. With the engine at operating temperature, set the idle speed to the manufacturer’s specifications (see page 12 for idle adjustment). 13.

  Adjustable, Holley

LT1963A - 1.5A, Low Noise, Fast Transient Response LDO ...


an adjustable device with a 1.21V reference voltage. The LT1963A regulators are available in 5-lead TO-220, DD, 3-lead SOT-223, 8-lead SO and 16-lead TSSOP packages. 3.3V to 2.5V Regulator n of their respective owners. Protected by U.S. Patents including 6118263, 6144250.3.3V to 2.5V Logic Power Supplies

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14b Adjustable Height W-beam (3 Hole Post) 43 09-01-2015 15 Midwest Guardrail Shift Post Detail 44 06-01-2017 . 6 CRASH CUSHIONS 61 . ... 9b MGS Typical Layout for Cut Slopes and Terminal System End 30 06-01-2017 . 10 Guardrail on …

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EE 340 Spring 2011 - UNLV


a 3-phase rectifier (mounted on the shaft) and fed into the ... The adjustable resistor R adj controls the field current and, therefore, the rotor magnetic field. Equivalent circuit of a synchronous generator A synchronous generator can be Y- or …


SX 3000 SERIES - Crown Equipment Corporation


3 Power Electric 4 Operator Type Walkie 5 Load Capacity Max lb kg 3000 1361 6 Load Center in mm 24 600 ... 30 Width Across Forks Adjustable Min/Max in mm 10-30.93 253.6-785.6 31 Headlength* in mm 34.02* 869* ... 40 Travel Speed w/wo Load mph km/h 3.42/3.73 5.5/6.0

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Schneider Electric Altivar 32 Programming Manual


for Selection, Installation and Operation of Adjustable-Speed Drive Systems.” DANGER HAZARD OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, EXPLOSION OR ARC FLASH • Read and understand this manual before installing or operating the Altivar 32 drive. Installation, adjustment, repair, and maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel.

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PXIe-4464 Specifications - National Instruments


the PXIe-4464 that directly connects the LO terminal to the chassis ground. Without ... negative input and chassis ground), each channel independently software-selectable ... 1 Digital filter delay is compensated to 0 ns by default and adjustable in software. 0.1 1 10 100 –10 –9 –8 –7 –6 –5 –4 –3 –2 –1 0 1 Input Frequency (Hz)

  Terminal, Adjustable, Negative

NE555 Description Pin Assignments - Diodes Incorporated


control-voltage terminal. When the trigger input falls below the trigger level, the flip-flop is set, and the output goes high. ... • Adjustable duty cycle ... Applying a negative-going trigger pulse simultaneously to RESET and TRIG during the timing interval …

  Terminal, Adjustable, Negative

E-58H power unit service manual - Meyer Products


the negative terminal of the vehicle’s battery. THEORY OF OPERATION FUNCTIONS Refer to Figures 1-1 through 1-4 (pages 6 thru 9) for ... PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE NON ADJUSTABLE OPENS at 2000 + 50 P.S.I. ENERGIZED NOT ENERGIZED NOT ENERGIZED C "B" CHECK VALVE-6-FIGURE 1-1.

  Terminal, Adjustable, Negative, Negative terminal

M-Series Power Steering Service Manual - R.H. Sheppard


rotation stops, the actuating valve returns to its neutral position. Relief valve plungers or adjustable stops are used in the bearing cap and cylinder head. When the plungers are adjusted properly, they will unload the hydraulic system if the wheels are in a full turn to either direction.

  Valves, Heads, Adjustable

FITTINGSTUBE High-Flow, Manual Gas Pressure Regulators


Gas Pressure Regulators HF Series Compact size with flow rates up to 200 std L/min Maximum inlet pressures up to 500 psig (34.4 bar) Manually adjustable outlet pressure up to 150 psig (10.3 bar) 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body for ultrahigh-purity applications

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source of compressed air. The apparatus may incorporate an adjustable continuous flow valve (regulator) which may be carried by the wearer. Exhaled and excess air flows into the ambient environment. A compressed air supply tube connects the wearer to a supply of compressed air. The maximum length of the compressed airline is 10 metres.

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The AP2114 is CMOS process low dropout linear regulator with enable function, the regulator delivers a guaranteed 1A (Min) continuous load current. • Low Dropout Voltage (3.3V): 450mV (Typ) The AP2114 features low power consumption. The AP2114 is available in 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V regulator output and 0.8V to 5V adjustable

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Adjustable DSP filter frequencies. • High speed Digital Automatic Gain Control (AGC). • A second independent sub-receiver for the 144 MHz and 430 (440) MHz bands (FM and AM mode only). • A built-in Antenna Tuner for HF/ 50 MHz band. • A built-in 9600/ 1200 bps TNC for DX Packet Cluster Tune (P.C.T.) and Sky Command II+ operations.


Workplace Inspection Checklist


If desks are adjustable, can the adjustments be easily made? Is there enough space on each desk for the work required? Is the height of desks appropriate for the main tasks performed, e.g,. keyboarding? Are items in constant use within easy reach? Are workstations/desks stable and undamaged? ...

  Adjustable, Height, Desk

Workstation ergonomics self-assessment


Desk Achieved Yes No Adjust the desk so that the top surface is just below elbow height (relax shoulders and bend elbows approximately 90 degrees). Source: Officewise – A guide to Health& Safety – WorkSafe Victoria If the desk is not adjustable, raise the height of the chair and use a footrest big enough for both feet to

  Assessment, Self, Ergonomic, Adjustable, Workstation, Workstation ergonomics self assessment, Height, Desk

Description Pin Assignments - Diodes Incorporated


cell, and other standard power sources. The output voltage is adjustable from 0.6V to the input voltage. The AP3428/A employs internal power switch and synchronous rectifier to minimize external part count and realize high efficiency. During shutdown, the input is disconnected from the output and the shutdown current is less than 1μA.

  High, Switch, Power, Current, Descriptions, Adjustable, Power switch

Quad Buck Regulator Integrated Power Solution Data Sheet ...


Feedback Bias Current I FB1 0.1 μA Adjustable voltage SW1 Pin High-Side Power FET On Resistance R DS(ON)_1H 50 mΩ Pin-to-pin measurement Current-Limit Threshold I TH(ILIM1) 5.2 6.9 8.6 A R ILIM1 floating 2.6 3.8 5.0 A R ILIM1 = 47 kΩ

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The series of regulators are monolithic integrated circuits that provide all the active functions for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving 3A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, and an adjustable output versions.

  Integrated, Regulators, Adjustable



PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio (Note 8) f = 1KHz, I OUT = 100mA 60 65 dB f = 10KHz, I OUT = 100mA 45 t ST Start-Up Time V OUT = 3V, C OUT 200= 1µF, R L = 30Ω µs û7 A VOUT û9287 Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient I OUT = 100mA, -40 °C≤ T A ≤ +85 ±130 ppm/°C T SHDN Thermal Shutdown Threshold 150 °C T

  Power, Supply, Dropout, Ratios, Fixed, Adjustable, Rejection, Rsrp, Power supply rejection ratio psrr, Low dropout adjustable and fixed

AZ1084C - Diodes Incorporated


5A LOW DROPOUT LINEAR REGULATOR Description ... The fixed versions integrate the adjust resistors. It is also available in an adjustable version which can set the output voltage with two external resistors. The AZ1084C series is available in standard packages of TO263, TO263-2, TO252-2 (3), TO252-2 (4) and TO252-2 (5). ...

  Linear, Dropout, Fixed, Regulators, Adjustable, Low dropout linear regulator, Az1084c

E100 Electronic Motor Overload Relay Basic Motor Control ...


E100 basic model has two user-adjustable trip class settings of 10 and 20. Optional accessories and expansion modules can extend the functionality of the E100 overload relays, enhancing motor overload protection while maintaining a cost-effective solution. Additional Capabilities with Accessories: • Jam & Ground Fault Protection

  User, Model, Adjustable

High-Current Low Dropout Regulators - Microchip …


Aug 15, 2018 · packages. The MIC2975x 7.5A regulators are available in a 5-pin TO-247 package. The 1.5A, adjustable output MIC29152 is available in a 5-pin power D-Pak (TO-252) package. For applications with input voltage 6V or below, see MIC37xxx LDOs. Package Types MIC29150/300/500 3-Lead TO-220 (T) (Top View) TAB 3 OUT 2 GND 1IN TAB 3 GND 4 OUT …

  High, Current, Dropout, Regulators, Adjustable, High current low dropout regulators

Micropower, 3-Axis, ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g Digital Output MEMS ...


Adjustable threshold sleep/wake modes for motion activation . Autonomous interrupt processing , without need for microcontroller intervention , to allow the rest of the system to be turned off completely . Deep embedded FIFO minimizes host proce ssor load . Awake state output enables implementation of standalone, motion activated switch

  Output, Adjustable

LM2576 - 3.0 A, 15 V, Step-Down Switching Regulator


• On−Card Switching Regulators • Positive to Negative Converter ... (shown as terminal 6 in case outline drawing) is connected to Pin 3 1 5 ... Vin = 12 V for the 3.3 V, 5.0 V, and Adjustable version, Vin = 25 V for the 12 V version, and Vin = 30 V for the 15 V version. ILoad = 500 mA.

  Terminal, Regulators, Adjustable, Negative

LM1117 - 800 mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulator


Regulator LM1117, LM1117I The LM1117 is a low dropout voltage regulator with a dropout of 1.2 V at 800 mA of load current. The LM1117 is available in an adjustable version, which can set the output voltage from 1.25 to 13.8 V with only two external resistors. In addition, it is available in five fixed voltages, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V.

  Voltage, Regulators, Adjustable, Voltage regulator

Voltage Regulators (Design and Building)


, two-transistor voltage regulator, variable voltage supply, Darlington pair usage, positive adjustable voltage regulator, negative voltage regulator, and over-current protection. Finally, the circuit design is tested after Part Eight is completed. You may work ahead if you like, but do not fall behind. Part One – Transistor Device ...

  Voltage, Regulators, Adjustable, Voltage regulator, Voltage adjustable regulator

Transition-mode PFC controller - STMicroelectronics


very precise adjustable output overvoltage protection ... voltage regulator uvlo internal supply 7v +-2.5v r1 r2 r s q - + driver starter +-zero current detector disable 2.1 v 1.6 v vcc 8 1 23 4 zcd vcc inv comp mult cs gd 7 5 gnd 6 25 v 40k 5pf 15 v starter stop …

  Voltage, Regulators, Adjustable, Voltage regulator

3 V to 28 V Input, 8 A, 12 A microBUCK DC/DC Converter


frequency. This regulator produces an adjustable output voltage down to 0.6 V from 3 V to 28 V input rail to accommodate a variety of applications, including300 kHz, 500 kHz, 750 kHz, and 1 MHz computing, consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial. SiC437’s and SiC438’s architecture delivers ultrafast

  Regulators, Adjustable

LM2675 SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Converter High Efficiency …


regulator, capable of driving a 1-A load current with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and an adjustable output version. Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are simple to use and include patented internal frequency compensation

  Regulators, Adjustable

LM2596 SIMPLE SWITCHER® Power Converter 150-kHz 3-A …


for a step-down (buck) switching regulator, capable of driving a 3-A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices are available in fixed output voltages of 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V, and an adjustable output version. Requiring a minimum number of external components, these regulators are simple to use and

  Regulators, Adjustable

Standard Operating Procedures of Hand Tools


Adjustable Wrench Page 44. Socket Wrench Electrical (Small Gauge) Pages 45-49 Page 45. Double Crimper Page 46. Crimper/Stripper Page 47. Cable Cutter ... Move the blade along the edge until all burrs are gone

  Operating, Standards, Procedures, Tool, Hands, Adjustable, Blade, Standard operating procedures of hand tools

Adjustable Speed Drive Part-Load Efficiency - Energy


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy Washington, DC 20585-0121 manufacturing.energy.gov Printed with a renewable-source ink on paper containing at least 50% wastepaper, including 10% post consumer waste. VFD efficiency decreases with decreasing motor load. The decline in efficiency is

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