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Fill in only the Past Simple (Simple + Simple) or the Past Progressive (Progressive + Progressive)! Examples: I (to take) took a shower, then I (to get dressed) got dressed and (to leave) left . I (to eat) was eating cornflakes while dad (to read) was reading the newspaper.

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The Auxiliary Verb


Past progressive follows this pattern: WAS OR WERE + PRESENT PARTICIPLE Use the past progressive tense to show either 1) an action or condition that continued in the past or 2) an action or condition interrupted by another. Naomi was hoping for an A in her organic chemistry class. Was = auxiliary verb; hoping = present participle completing the ...

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5. Past Progressive - Estrella Mountain Community …


Past Progressive Tense VS. Simple Past Tense Directions: Read each situation below and answer the following questions. Use your imagination to

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Change of tense - Simple present, past; present, past progressive Construction of simple sentences - Kinds of sentences Usage of appropriate words to express themselves Greetings & Self Introduction Asking & responding to questions Ensure that they have enough time to prepare for each activity – role playing, pictures, Name/ place/ animal ...

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RReaaddThheeoorryy..OOrrgg © 2 01 E n glishFF o rEv ey .O © 22000088 Name_____ Date_____ sExer iExerccisee 2277 Review of simple past tense and past progressive ...

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englisch-hilfen.de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE englisch-hilfen.de – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE . Past Progressive . while • an action happened in the

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Past perfect tense - EnglishForEveryone.org


The Past Tense – Past Perfect There are three aspects of the present tense: = action 1) Simple past 2) Past progressive 3) Past perfect (simple and progressive) _____ The past perfect (simple) tense is used to describe an action that has been completed before another past action. It is also used to describe an action that happened in the

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