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Cultural and Clinical Care for Haitians


January 6 Epiphany (Catholic) January 25 Annunciation (Catholic) April 30 Feeding the Dead (Voodoo) Feeding the Deities May 12 (Voodoo) Notre Dame de Lourdes August 15 (Catholic) All Saints Day –All Souls Day November 1-2 (Catholic) Immaculate Conception Dec. 6 (Catholic) Feeding the Sea Dec 12-14 (Voodoo)

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Approved Hymns for Catholic Funeral Masses


Approved Hymns for Catholic Funeral Masses Saint Aloysius-Saint Jude Parish, Leicester, MA As adopted September, 2015 The following list of sacred hymns is designed to guide families preparing for a Catholic funeral Mass. Only sacred music approved for use in the church by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops will be

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RULES AND REGULATIONS - The Roman Catholic Diocese of ...


tian burial according to the rules and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. Any question of the burial of a non-Catholic member of a lot owner’s family or of any person not entitled to Christian burial, shall be decided by the Pastor. Religious ceremonies other than those of the Roman Catholic Church are not permitted in the Cemetery

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Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework - USCCB


NAB New American Bible. NDC United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. National Directory for Catechesis. Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2005. OS Pope John Paul II. On Reserving Priestly Ordination to Men Alone (Ordinatio Sacerdotalis). Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1994.

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Funeral Liturgy Guidelines - Sacred Heart Parish | Home


If family members or friends read at the Funeral Mass, it is required that they be active, practicing members of our Catholic faith in good standing with the Church. Members of other Christian faiths, or Catholics who are not currently active in our Catholic faith, should not be asked to read at the Funeral Mass.

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CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK 30 Fr. Stephen Salocks St. John's Seminary Brighton Fr. Adrian Milik St. Bridget School Abington 13 Bp. Robert Reed CatholicTV 20 Fr. Frank Sevola Boston Fr. Thomas Macdonald St. John's Seminary ENCOUNTER MONDAY 31 Fr. Michael Sheehan Saint Agnes School Arlington Fr. Joseph Boafo Quincy 14 Fr. John Carmichael Marshfield 21 Bp.

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Three Forms of the Rite of Marriage - Catholic Diocese of ...


First Reading for a Catholic Wedding The first reading in a Catholic wedding is usually taken from the Old Testament. For generation upon generation, Judaism has placed a very high value on marriage and family life, seeing these as central to the practice of the faith. The Hebrew Scriptures (books of the Old Testament) are


Exploring My Power and Privilege TOOLKIT


2 See Different operated in the following school boards: Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), Peel District School Board (PDSB), Durham Catholic District School Board (DCDSB), York Regional District School Board (YRDSB) and York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) 3 For example, Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education

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Program of Priestly Formation - USCCB


Given at the offices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, the District of Columbia, on the 4th day of August, in the year of our Lord 2006, the Memorial of St. John Vianney. • William S. Skylstad Bishop of Spokane President United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Monsignor David J. Malloy General Secretary

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A National Overview of Child Marriage Data and Law


when the Roman Catholic Church took over marital regulation and “marriage became a more clearly and rigidly defined institution.”3 Catholic regulation outlawed polygamy, incest, and ... binary option of either going to school or getting married early. ...

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Community Information Bulletin - dpcdsb.org


Extraordinary lives start with a great Catholic education. February 3, 2022 . The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) will be providing students with their Term One report cards through their DPCDSB student email accounts from February 10-15, 2022.

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ROMAN CATHOLIC FUNERAL READINGS – Ordinary Time The selection of passages from the Bible is an important part of planning a funeral ceremony, as we want to turn to God's word for wisdom and comfort in this time of loss. The Word of God is at the heart of our Christian celebration of faith in this

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The Holy Bible, Catholic Public Domain Version


The Holy Bible Catholic Public Domain Version Old Testament ** The Book of Genesis ** [Genesis 1] {1:1} In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. {1:2} But the earth was empty and unoccupied, and darknesses were over the face of the abyss; and so the Spirit of God was brought over the waters. {1:3} And God said, “Let there be light.”

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Thank you for downloading the all new 2022 Traditional ...


Roman Catholic Calendar. Starting this year the calendar is from the pre-1950 missal, specifically based on the St. Andrew Daily Missal published in 1945 with NO revisions. This reflects the Genuine Catholic faith before the errors of Vatican II were introduced. Unlike in the past vestment colors should now be accurate

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Feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita


Feb 02, 2022 · Feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human Trafficking February 8, 2022 ~ Office of Justice and Peace; Catholic Online The Catholic Church celebrates the feast day of St. Josephine Bakhita on the 8th of February each year, her life was a journey from slavery to freedom and faith.

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An Overview of the Indian Residential School System


· St. Mary’s (Kenora, St. Anthony’s) located in Kenora, operated by the Catholic Church. · Shingwauk located in Sault Ste. Marie, operated by the Anglican Church. · Spanish Boys’ School (Charles Garnier, St. Joseph’s, Wikwemikong Industrial) located in Spanish, operated by the Catholic Church.

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An Alphabetical List of Diocesan and Religious Priests of ...


S.A.C. Society of the Catholic Apostolate S.C. Brothers of the Sacred Heart S.C. Servants of Charity ... Moore Catholic High School Inc.; [E] Winter Park, FL San Pedro Spiritual Development Center. ... KY St. Mary of the Woods. Abinader, ...

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Chancery Bulletin Vol. 7, No. 3.1 | March 1, 2022


Mar 01, 2022 · Catholic and Christian by Alan Schreck Catechetical Leader Information Being in the Presence of Jesus Please take the students in the Catholic Schools and Parish Faith Formation Programs to spend time in silence with Jesus. The schools and parishes who have this practice are finding

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3 STATIONS OF THE CROSS COMPOSED BY SAINT ALPHONSUS LIGUORI THIS BOOKLET IS DEDICATED to the parishioners of Holy Trinity Catholic Church Stations Book.indb 3 …

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In recognition of the challenges imposed by conducting examinations in pandemic conditions, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) courses have relied on Culminating Performance Tasks, or CPTs to determine the 30% final assessment for student marks. The purpose of the final assessment is to

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CLB-Referenced Online Resources for Teaching Settlement Skills


Produced by the Toronto Catholic District School Board, English for Financial Literacy is an instructor’s resource for teaching financial literacy concepts and skills in LINC and adult ESL programs at CLB levels 1 to 8. Volume 1 – CLB 1-2 Volume 2 – …

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Designated Employer List


Diocese of Saint John (Roman Catholic Bishop of Saint John) Diplomat Restaurant (Fredericton) Ditech Testing DJ Marine Fishing Supplies Ltd. Dolma Food Inc (Moncton) Domaine La Vallée de Memramcook Inc Domino's Pizza Fredericton (100-220 PEI Inc.) Do-Nguyen Restaurant / …

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Valid/ Invalid Baptisms - Tribunal of the Diocese of ...


Old Roman Catholic Church Baptism/Confirmation recognized . Old Roman Church Valid Baptism . Orthodox (see Eastern above) Baptism/Confirmation recognized . Pentecostal Churches [use Unitarian formula] Without Valid Baptism. People's Church of …

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Registered Lobbyists Page 1 March 10, 2022 - West Virginia


Harrisburg, PA 17101 (717) 303-7064 Topics: Natural Gas Exploration and Production Represents: EQT Corporation Barker, Kaylen 113 Tick Ridge Circle ... Roman Catholic Diocese/Wheeling-Chas. Registered Lobbyists March 10, 2022 Page 6 . Brown, Bob 1615 Washington St East Suite 300 Charleston, WV 25311 (304) 344-2679 Topics:

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QUICK GUIDE - Peel Region


Catholic Family Services of Peel Dufferin 905-450-1608 905-897-1644 Dufferin Child & Family Services Children’s Mental Health Service 1-888-940-0584 519-941-1530 Elizabeth Fry Society of Peel-Halton For female offenders, including anger management 905-459-1315 www.efrypeelhalton.ca Family Services of Peel

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Cycle C - St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church Picayune MS


4 Gospel - Luke 6:17, 20-26 Last week we heard Simon’s call to be a follower of Jesus; with all the implications of being a follower which, in Luke’s gospel is absolute renouncement.


The History of the Christian Bible - original bible


7) Section seven examines and refutes counter arguments that may be put forward in response to the arguments in this article. 8) Section eight examines the key underlying cause of violence that has plagued both Catholic and Protestant Christianity, and how this is connected to the foundational Christian beliefs and scriptures.

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How to Read the Bible - d1bsmz3sdihplr.cloudfront.net


The previous pages list books included in the "standard" Bible or Protestant Bible containing 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books. Whereas the Hebrew Bible is centered solely on the TaNaK alone, Orthodox and Catholic Bibles include second temple period writings in addition to the Old and New Testaments. HEBREW BIBLE Mishnah TaNaK Talmund

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The Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire …


Calgary Catholic Separate School Board generously supported the research. Mary Hodges, Alice Aylott, Laurie Kennedy, Maureen Mahon, Michelle Lorimer and Helen Soucie provided valuable technical and editorial support. Finally and not least, thank you – Susan -- for all your contributions to this and much of my work, and for adjusting


Bible 101: A Basic Introduction to the Word of God


The Old Testament The Old Testament closely parallels the scriptures of the Jewish faith (although the Catholic Old Testament contains additional books that are not part of the official Hebrew Scriptures). The Jewish people are called Hebrews, Israelites, Judeans, and Jews at various times in the Old Testament. The Old Testament prepares us for ...

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WHAT IS THE TRIDUUM? - Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu


from the Old Testament chosen from the law and the prophets and two readings from the New Testament, namely from the Apostle Paul and from the Gospel. Thus, the Lord meets us once again on our journey and, “beginning with Moses and all the prophets” (Lk 24:27) opens up our minds and hearts, preparing us to share in

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prayers and devotions that took place in Jerusalem during the Great Week. Over time,the practice ofobserv-ing Holy Week spread throughout the Christian world, with prayers, historical re-enactments and spe-cial liturgies. During the Middle Ages, the celebration of the Easter Vigil gradually fell out of practice. The important days ofthe week were

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Traditional Latin Mass MISSAL - Maternal Heart


Traditional Latin Mass MISSAL Latin-English Ordinary of the Mass of the Roman Rite, 1962. The 1962 Solemn Mass of the Latin Rite expresses the fullness of Catholic worship, the fruit of 2000 years of organic liturgical development. It is the "normative" Mass for Sundays and Feast ... responses during the prayers at the foot of the altar are ...

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St. Joseph, pray for us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray ...


Monday, March 28, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. at Saint-Viateur Church, 154 Mabel Street, Limoges. Please remember Réjean, Deacon André and their family in your prayers. FROM THE CCCB Catholic Bishops of Canada invite all Canadian faithful to join Pope Francis and to pray for peace in Ukraine: Pope

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May–June 2022 Assessment Window 1RA0


Christian eschatology: divergent Christian teachings about life after death, including the nature and significance of resurrection, judgement, heaven, and hell and purgatory, with reference to the 39 Articles of Religion and Catholic teachings; how beliefs about life …

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Stations of the Resurrection - St Gregory's Roman Catholic ...


of the Risen Lord from Easter to Pentecost. Fourteen "Stations of Light" have been identified. The Official Vatican prayerbook for the Jubilee Year 2000, Pilgrim Prayers, includes a Via Lucis along with the traditional Via Crucis. Both of these complementary devotions

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BENEDICTION - Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas


St. Teresa of Avila describes prayer as that of a close sharing between friends. Our conversations with the Lord are often motivated by a desire to give thanks, to praise, to ask for something for ourselves or others, or to seek forgiveness. These are all forms of prayer, all seeking, as King David asked, “…a clean heart create for me, God…

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365 Day BIY Reading Plan - d2y1pz2y630308.cloudfront.net


The remaining “supplemental books” of the Bible are then contextualized within the storyline of the 14 narrative books. • Divides the Bible into 12 time periods, identified by different colors, which serve as “chapters” in Salvation History. How to Use the Reading Plan: This reading plan covers the entire Catholic Bible in 365 days.

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North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and …


Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School Deborah Carroll Branch Head Early Intervention, Division of Public Health NC Department of Health and Human Services Kathryn Clark ... Teresa Smith Preschool Coordinator Beaufort County Schools Susan …

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Ideas for school events and activities - National Science Week


involved in National Science Week. Your participation can be as simple as a display in the school ... For special schools Mackillop Catholic College students ran activities for our students - giant bubbles, rats, stick insects, robots (dancing, soccer, search and rescue), explosions and the Van de Graaff generator. We also set

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Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity - KofC


Faith Activities a. Refund Support Vocations Program - direct contributions to students studying to become priests or postulants. b. Church Facilities - construction, repairs, remodeling, memorial gifts, etc. c. Catholic Schools/Seminaries - donations, grants, equipment, etc.

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Political Developments in Europe 1450-1750


Many in England wanted the Anglican Church to abandon Catholic-inspired rituals; these people were called Puritans (wanted to “purify” the Anglican Church)- led to religious tension Like the rest of Europe, warfare was a constant theme in England during the 16th-18th centuries


School Year Calendar 2022-2023


In consultation with the School Year Calendar Committee, Toronto Catholic District School Board and other neighbouring Boards it was recommended that Winter Break will be scheduled from December 26, 2022 – January 6, 2023. The Key Dates (Appendix B) have been reviewed by the Board’s Equity team.

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Masses B ULLETIN St. Rose Lima


Catholic Church B ULLETIN 2 Bayview Avenue Massapequa, NY 11758 St. Rose Lima 2 BAYVIEW AVENUE MASSAPEQUA NY 11758 516-798-4992 www.srolchurch.org Of Sunday, February 20, 2022

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Understanding ESL Learners: Assessment


ESL system principal, Calgary Board of Education; Janet Pittis, ESL consultant, Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division, and all members of the ESLC who made suggestions and contributions. • retelling • response journals • anecdotal records • comprehension questions • reading strategies checklists • reciprocal teaching

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Timeline of Bible Translation History


The Douay Old Testament is added to the Rheims New Testament (of 1582) Making the First Complete English Catholic Bible; Translated from the Latin Vulgate (80 Books). 1611 AD: The King James Bible Printed; Originally with All 80 Books. The Apocrypha was Officially Removed in 1885 Leaving Only 66 Books. 1782 AD:

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St Marys Catholic Church was completed and the first mass was said on 3 November (this was the second church build on the site). 1861 • The telegraph office in Ipswich was first opened on 13 April 1861. • The telegraph line between Ipswich and Brisbane was completed.

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Catholic House Blessing - stjohnstmary.net


Catholic House Blessing Adapted from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers ... pp. 297-301 . The blessing of the home is a popular Epiphany custom. Using blessed chalk, many households mark their entrance door with the current year and with the inscription CMB, the initials of Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the traditional names of the magi ...

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