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Annual Reports: Presenting Your Successes

Annual Reports: Presenting your SuccessesC O M M U N I C AT I O N SA Detailed Guide To Creating Professional Annual ReportsLaunched in 1982 by Jim and Patty Ro u s e ,The Enterprise Foundation is a national,nonprofit housing and community d e ve l o p-ment organization dedicated to bringing lastingi m p rove m e n t sto distressed communities. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT LIBRARY This book is part of the Enterprise CommunityDevelopment Library, an i n valuable re f e rence collectionfor nonprofit organizations dedicated to revitalizing andreconnecting neighborhoods to mainstream of many resources available t h rough Enterprise, itoffers industry - p roven information in simple, easy-to-read formats.

Awards, grants, loans and donations your ... programs to the financial highlights of the past year. You must package this diverse mix of information so it comes across intelligently, ... also be a re s o u rc e . 4 Eight Steps to Success. STEP 6 BE ACCURATE — FROM FACTS


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