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Application Submission Job Aid Reference Guide

Job Aid Reference Guide RoleDecember 2022 Version SubmissionEntity UsersTableof ContentsTableof ContentsTitle | 2 Step-by -step directions in the case that multiple applications are submitted under the same solicitation27 Handling Duplicate SubmissionsHow an Application can be accessed and edited by multiple Application SubmittersLocate an Application : Multiple Application Submitters19A description of how to locate and manage an Application if only one Application Submitter will enter data and submitLocate an Application : Single Application Submitter15An explanation of the Application Submission process and the role of the Application SubmitterApplication Submission8An exploration of JustGrants and a description of the systemWelcome4 Tableof ContentsTableof Contents(Cont.) Application Submission | 330An Application has multiple sections; this chapter describes the common sections in most applicationsComplete Application Data Entry107 Application SubmissionAfter the data is entered, the Application submitter can perform an error check to locate and correct errors prior to submission115 Recall ApplicationAn Application can be recalled prior to the JustGrants deadline to update and Submission | 5 OverviewWelcome to JustGrants!

Application Submission. This overview of application submission will get you up to speed with this guide and those involved. Page 3. Welcome. ... JustGrants is brand -new system software. What you will be using is the . initial release. Using this …


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Transcription of Application Submission Job Aid Reference Guide

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