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centralized lighting 5000/6000/7000 control …

87centralized lighting 5000 / 6000 /7000control system lutron World Headquarters: lighting control System How to Lay Out a SystemDesign TipsGP Dimming Panels are available with Main Lugs, Main Breakers,or Dual-Tap Main separate Power Panel is required for each voltage type (120V, 220-240V, 277V, 230V, 100V) and feed type (Normal or Emergency).Multiple circuits can be controlled per ballasts are required to dim fluorescent more information on lutron Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts, see pg. Panels can be distributed throughout the building to reduce wire than 512 zones requires a multiple processor GRAFIK 7000 7000 should also be selected if graphical control is the project requires up to 128 zones, a GRAFIK 5000 system should be selected;up to 512 zones, a GRAFIK 6000 is appropriate; and a GRAFIK 7000 may be used for applications containing 64 to over 16,000 zones.

www.lutron.com Lutron World Headquarters: 1.610.282.3800 Centralized Lighting Control System Overall Wiring Window treatment and lighting zones can be incorporated


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