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Diva 010 l Wll l - Lutron Electronics, Inc.


• For 347 V~ installations, use DVTV- with Lutron power pack (PP-347H) See Lutron P/N 369544 at www.lutron.com • Works with all ballasts and drivers that provide a current source compliant to IEC 60629 Annex E.2. • Adjustable high-end and low-end trim for optimal dimming performance. • Power failure memory: should power be interrupted,

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QSE-CI-DMX Control Interface - Lutron Electronics


For more info on control of tunable white lighting, see the Color Tuning with Lutron Controls application note (p/n 048579) on www.lutron.com ® SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL Page

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What is a Lighting Control System? - Lutron Electronics, Inc.


the advancement of light control technologies . All Lutron products are engineered to the highest standards and are rigorously tested before being introduced to the field . All Lutron products are 100% end-of-line tested before they are shipped . Sivoia QED Roller Shade Example

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Hi-lume 1% 2-Wire LED Driver Forward-Phase Control Overview


® Luminaires V2.0 and Lutron Drivers at www.lutron.com for availability dates of compliant products. • LED drivers need to meet certain performance criteria in order for the completed luminaires to comply with Title 24 requirements as detailed in CEC-400-2015-037-CMF. All models meet these performance criteria

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Resi System Comparison - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


HomeWorks QS Wired Link Specifications 100 devices per link 512 zones per link • 2,000 ft. max wire length (consult technical specs for other applicable rules) • Free-wire topology (star, daisy chain, home run, etc.) Standard Lutron 4-conductor cable HomeWorks Clear Connect - Type X Wireless Link Specifications 200 devices per gateway

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Motorized Roller Shades - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


alone solution, or as part of a fully automated system with Lutron Hyperion solar-adaptive technology. The precision controlled electronic drive unit (EDU) is housed inside the roller shade assembly, and wired power and communication are provided via low voltage wiring from either a plug-in, junction-box-mounted, or 10-output power supply.

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GRAFIK Eye QS Control Unit Quick Installation and ...


GRAFIK Eye QS control unit. The GRAFIK Eye QS control unit supplies 3 Power Draw Units (PDUs) on the QS link. Refer to the QS Link Power Draw Units specification submittal (Lutron P/N 369405) at www.lutron.com for more information concerning PDUs. 1234 12 ABC 123456LN A: CCI SIG Example: Emergency lighting interface (maximum 1) Note: The GRAFIK ...

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Caséta Wireless Motion Sensor - Lutron Electronics, Inc.


Installation Overview Sensor Setup • For more information, please see the Caséta Motion Sensor Quick-Start Guide (P/N 0301931) at www.lutron.com. Sensor Placement • The mounting height of the sensor should be between 6 ft and 8 ft (1.6 m and 2.4 m). • For smaller rooms, detection may be improved by placing

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Phase-Adaptive Power Module SPEC (369835)


• May be used to dim incandescent, halogen, electronic low-voltage, magnetic low-voltage, neon / cold cathode. ... information, see Application Note #516 (Lutron P/N 048516) at www.lutron.com ... 3 Use PHPM-PA- models for incandescent/halogen dimmers and set the

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Lutron Hi-Lume 1% EcoSystem (LDE1) Lutron Hi-Lume 1% 2-Wire 120 V (LTEA) M 3 120–277 V 347 V 5 03 06 12 25 ≤ 3 ft ≤ 6 ft ≤ 12 ft ≤ 25 ft 3 Specify run length in 2' nominal increments. Important: Row lengths cannot be modified on site (factory installed endcaps & joiners). 4 Integrated driver with mounting, power feed, suspension ...


QSE-IO Control Interface (369374) - Lutron Electronics, Inc.


(Wiring diagram is not applicable to: -500R, -1000R, or -2000R models) NOTE: Refer to Spec Submittal #369653 LOS-CDT Series on www.lutron.com for wiring details regarding Models -500R, -1000R, and -2000R for wiring the dry contact output from LOS sensors to the QSE-IO (e.g. 7 wire Occ Sensor with photocell)

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Radio Powr Savr Wireless Occupancy / Vacancy Cenilig Sensor


• Sensor setup is available as a service by Lutron. For more information see the Sensor Layout and Tuning service document (Lutron P/N 3601235). Sensor Placement • To detect motion, the sensor requires line-of-sight of room occupants. The sensor must have an unobstructed view of the room. DO NOT mount behind or near tall

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Lutron Hi-Lume 1% EcoSystem (LDE1) Lutron Hi-Lume 1% 2-Wire 120 V (LTEA) M 3 120–277 V 347 V 5 03 06 12 25 ≤ 3 ft 10 ≤ 6 ft ≤ 12 ft ≤ 25 ft 3 Specify run length in 2' nominal increments. 4 Important: Row lengths cannot be modified on site (factory installed endcaps & joiners). Integrated driver with 10 mounting, power feed, suspension ...




dimming functionality, occupancy sensing, and multi-zone daylight harvesting working with Quantum ®, Energi Savr Node™, and Energi TriPak using EcoSystem® communication protocol. Lutron Hi-Lume EcoSystem - 1% Dimming (LH1) Lutron Model #LDE1 A two-way digital network that enables on/off and dimming functionality, occupancy sensing, and

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Automated Shades Residential Consumer Brochure


With Lutron, you have the power to do that. The press of one button can shape the lighting in a space to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity. The Lutron difference Roller shades Palladiom roller shades Roller shade fabrics Drapery track system Horizontal sheer blinds Wood blinds Honeycomb shades Kirbé vertical drapery Roman shading ...

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Maestro 0-10V dimmer sensor - Lutron Electronics


technology with cross-correlation—won't leave you in the dark Lutron sensors detect fine motion better than other PIR sensors • Provides exceptional prevention of false-ons and false-offs • Superior sensitivity—recognizes the difference between fine human motion and background noise Movements like extending your arms

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Lumea C L Dimmer - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


TM Technology: Advanced Lutron ... 0 W + 600 W 500 W 400 W 1 W – 25 W + 500 W 400 W 300 W 26 W – 50 W + 400 W 300 W 200 W 51 W – 75 W + 300 W 200 W 100 W ... 60 Hz Lighting Load Line/ Hot Black Dimmer Red Red/White Green Neutral 120 V~ 60 Hz Lighting Load 3-Way Switch OR Dimmer Line Side

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Application Note #587 - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


wireless 120-277 0-10 V 1 6 Auto sink / source Linear Yes Vive Maestro RF 0-10V sensor dimmer (MRF2S-8SD010) Clear Connect wireless ... This standard is usually only used with legacy devices because the DMX standard has become the mostcommonly used control standard within the theatrical world. Figure 2: Control as Source

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Dimmer Cross Reference Guide - Leviton


Lutron Caseta Dimmer Decora Smart Wi-Fi® provides easy wireless lighting control with scheduling, remote control, and voice control. The complete product line includes dimmers, switches, smart plugs, fan controls, multi-button keypads, and a Voice Dimmer with Amazon Alexa Built-in. Decora Smart - Caseta Leviton Features No Hub Required

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Setting up Sonos Beam


Connect to smart home or home automation systems Sonos Beam can control devices through skills in the Alexa app. In addition, Sonos has certified partnerships with smart home systems like Wink and Lutron. Based on your setup, commands to control various smart devices throughout your home will work.

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Wallplates and accessories | Designer Claro /Satin Colors


2CC: Gloss color code and Stainless Steel, see pg. 161 4CC: Satin color codes, see pg. 161 *Stainless Steel finish only available as separate wallplate. Match with separate Black (BL) or Midnight (MN) controls and accessories. www.lutron.com | 1.800.523.9466 | 164 Dual dimming tamper resistant 15 A 120/125 V* CAR-15-DDTR-CC2

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048480 Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor CL Dimmer ...


4 Application Note #480 ® www.lutron.com Maestro ® Sensor Dimmer Features in Programming Mode This Maestro ® Sensor Dimmer has features that allow you to customize the unit to achieve your individual needs. The following is an overview of these features: • Timeout • Sensitivity • Auto-ON • Occupied Level

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Setup guide - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


of the desired column until the Light Emitting Diode(s) (LED) begin(s) to flash (approximately 6 seconds). If a keypad column was previously programmed, all of the LEDs in the column will scroll sequentially. If this is the first time a keypad column is programmed, only the top and bottom LEDs will flash alternately. The LED on the Pico

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RadioRA 2 Repeaters - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


over the RF link. 2 The two main repeaters may be connected over Ethernet by one of the following: a. Router b. HUB or switch (only if static IP addresses are being used) c. After PC programming is complete, direct Ethernet connection without a router, HUB, or switch (only if static IP addresses are being used)

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Clear Connect RF Technology - Lutron Electronics


new wireless solution allows us to meet our high standards for quality, state of the art aesthetics, and serve new applications such as individual fixture controllers. Clear Connect Rather than cast our network decision as a binary choice, we built Clear Connect Type X to be a complementary solution to our 434 MHz 15.231-based platform, now

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RadioRA 2 - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


RadioRA 2 devices are available in a wide array of colors, to complement a room’s style. Coordinating receptacles, phone jacks, cable jacks, and other accessories are also available. C Convenience A Ambiance/Aesthetics S Security E Energy Savings Keypads A keypad is a multi-button device that can: ...

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Control type: 0-10V - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


0-10V is an analog lighting control protocol. Basically, a 0-10V control applies a voltage between 0 and 10 volts DC to produce a varying intensity level. There are actually two existing 0-10V standards. They are not compatible with each other, so it is essential to understand which type is required. The original 0-10V control was used for ...

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Sivoia QS / Sivoia QS Wireless Roller 64 Motorized Shade


Lutron Roller 64 shades utilize the ultra-quiet, precision controlled Electronic Drive Unit (EDU). The Sivoia QS EDU is housed inside the roller shade assembly and controls the movement of the shade, keeps track of the shade’s position, and adjusts the shade to the user’s

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Pico Wireless Control English - Lutron Electronics


Press and hold the Off button on the Pico wireless control (Figure 2) for approximately 6 seconds. 3. Once the dimmer / switch pairs with the Pico wireless control, the LED(s) on the dimmer / switch and the load will flash 3 times and they will exit Set-Up mode. 4. Repeat steps 1– 3 to pair multiple Pico wireless controls with a

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Color and Engraving Codes - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


• Shade control features (E01 engraving): – Can control Sivoia QS window treatments. – Pressing the Open (or Close) button once will cause the window treatments to move to their fully open (or closed) position. Tap any button (regardless of function) to stop a shade that is in motion. – Three (3) programmable preset buttons.

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Sivoia QS Smart Panel Power Supply - Lutron Electronics


SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL Page ob Name: ob Number: Model Numbers: Sivoia QS QSPS-10PNL Smart Panel 085335d 2 04.10.20 Specifications Power • Input: 120 - 240 V~ 50/60 Hz 10 A

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Maestro PRO LED+ Dimmer - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


SPECIFICATION SUBMITTAL Page ob Name: ob Number: Model Numbers: 3691112g 3 04.27.20 Maestro Phase-Selectable Dimmer Wallbox Controls Operation F A S S Service Switch • F A S S IMPORTANT NOTICE: • F A S • F A S S • F A S S • F A S • Tapswitch – Tap on to favorite level – Tap off – Tap twice for full on – Press, hold and ...

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QS Sensor Module Features - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


daylight sensor (up to 10 per QSM) Pico wireless control (up to 10 per QSM) 1 Up to 4 wired inputs total (of any type). 2 Up to 16 wired daylight sensors total per EcoSystem link. Radio Powr Savr occupancy / vacancy sensor Vive wireless receptacle QSM (Connected to Quantum, GRAFIK Eye QS, or ESN standalone) A single Radio Powr Savr

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BUY - hubbellcdn


Color Tuning Technology ... • 83 CRI standard or optional 90 CRI for color sensitive applications CONTROLS • Optional SpectraSync™ offers two modes ... LV Lutron Vive Attached FCJS POWPAK Fixture Control (RF only for 0–10V drivers) 6, 16, 17, 18, 19

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QSE-CI-NWK-E Control Interface (369373)


control interface counts as 1 device and 0 zones. • Each QSE-CI-NWK-E control interface consumes 2 Power Draw Units (PDU) on the QS link. Refer to the QS Link Power Draw Units Specification Submittal (P/N 369405) at www.lutron.com for more information. • The maximum wiring length for the QS link is 2000 ft (610 m). Environment

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Wiring and Power Guidelines - Lutron Electronics Company


another Hybrid Repeater (wireless), or wired to the RF Link on another Hybrid Repeater. Each Hybrid Repeater can be powered by the RF link on the processor (24VDC) or by a 9VDC plug-in transformer. The three main power and wiring options are: 1. Wired to RF Link for power and communication 2. Wired to RF Link for communication, locally powered 3.

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DIN Panels and Accessories - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


– QSPS-DH-1-75 or QSPS-DH-1-60 • Feed-through, MCB and RCBO panels available. • Panels extensively tested to ensure optimal thermal performance with ... PD-64-DOOR: 485 mm x 1 613 mm x 40 mm (19.09 in x 63.88 in x 1.56 in) EcoSystem and DALI feeds PD4-36: 1 position pre-wired to install a second MCB and RCBO breaker for ...

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Vive Wireless Hub - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


energy usage. • Integrated multi-color LED provides feedback on what mode the hub is in. • Connects directly to any smartphone, tablet or computer using built in Wi-Fi. 2.4 GHz 802.11b / g. using WPA2 Security. • Each hub presents a dashboard of devices and areas which it controls. • If all the hubs on a job are networked using Ethernet,

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Power Draw Units (PDUs) on the QS Link


QS DMX Interface -2 QS Sensor Module (QSM), not including attached wired sensors (see Sensors and Control Devices that Consume PDUs on the following page for more information)-3 500-13538 Rev.A QSE-CI-AP-D +1.800.523.9466 www.lutron.com Programming Interface 3/8 in (8,5 mm) 5 in-lbs (0,5 N •m) Energi Savr Node Programming Interface -2

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Pico wireless English - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


The Pico wireless control can be used as a handheld remote, table top control or wall mount control. See the corresponding section below based on the type of installation desired. Handheld remote: Slide the Blank Backplate into the back of the Pico wireless control. Tabletop control: Slide the Pico wireless control onto the Tabletop

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up to 9000 lumens FluxGrid gen 2 2x4 2FGX up to 9000 lumens


May 20, 2021 · DIM Dimming SDIM Step dimming to 40% input power XDIM 9,10 MarkX phase dimming LDE 5 Lutron LDE5 5% dimming DALI DALI F1 3/8" flex, 3 wire 18 gauge 6' F2 3/8" flex, 4 wire 18 gauge 6' F1/D 3/8" twin flex, 3 wire 18 gauge 6' for dimmable luminaires F2/5W 3/8" single flex, 5 wire 18 gauge 6' for dimmable luminaires

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Mirada Medium Wall Sconce (XWM) - lsicorp.com


DIM - 0-10v Dimming leads extended to housing exterior IMSBT1- Integral Bluetooth™ Motion and Photocell Sensor max 8-24’ mounting height 4 IMSBT2- Integral Bluetooth Motion and Photocell Sensor max 25-40’ mounting height 4 Button Type Photocells PCI120 - 120V PCI208-277 - 208 -277V PCI347 - 347V Lutron Limelight Controls

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QS Link Power Supply SPEC (369886) - Lutron Electronics


• Surface mount using screws, or mount on DIN rail • Use an IP20 (minimum) rated consumer panel or breaker panel with integrated DIN • The device must be mounted horizontally (connection terminal blocks on top). DIN Rail Mounting: Snap onto DIN rail. To remove, pull out tabs with screwdriver and lift off. Surface Mounting:

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EcoSystem Digital Ballasts - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


EcoSystem compact ballasts provide high-performance dimming for any compact fluorescent application, including within an EcoSystem Lighting Control System. EcoSystem compact ballasts offer 100% to 5% dimming, providing both energy savings and lighting flexibility. Features • Continuous, flicker-free dimming from 100% to 5%

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Lutron Connect Bridge - Lutron Electronics Company Inc


pairing with the Lutron Connect App. 4. Use the Lutron Connect App to control and monitor the system through the Lutron Connect Bridge. The “Add” button will be used for pairing the app to the Bridge. Dimensions Measurements shown as: in (mm) Front View 1.19 (30.2) 2.75 (69.9) Top View 2.75 (69.9) 2.75 (69.9) Connections Back View “Add ...

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Lutron Connect Bridge SPEC (369975)


home requires an Apple TV with tvOS 10.0 or later or an iPad with iOS 10.0 or later set up as a home hub. 3 A working internet connection, Lutron Connect Bridge, Lutron Connect App 2.0 or newer and Sonos app are required. 4 A working internet connection, Lutron Connect Bridge, and Lutron Connect App 3.0 or newer are required.

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Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro Spec Submittal ...


369816g 5 06.27.19 Lutron g ® SPECFCATO SBMTTAL Page RF Range (Smart Bridge / Smart Bridge PRO) 30 ft (9 m) maximum Dimmer Shade Connections (Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO) Ethernet Pin Numbering Power Jack (to adapter)

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Lutron Roller 100


Lutron Sivoia QS Roller 100 Chassis Specification 086106b 8 05.11.17 A common roller shade application is the use of two fabrics on one window, typically a sheer and a blackout. Fabric unrolls closest to glass. Minimum pocket size is 7 in deep X 11 in high (178 mm X 279 mm). Bracket Options continued... Dual Mount 6.5 in (165 mm) 9.0 in (229 mm ...

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Lutron Integration Protocol GUIDE (040249)


Note to Integrator: Operation characters are not used in any other location in the protocol command string. Therefore, the driver can search for these characters to determine the start of a new command string. Command Types Operation characters will be followed by command types . The two most common commands are: OUTPUT and DEVICE .

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Lutron Residential and Commercial Systems Rules


• Supports up to 16 zones of control per loop. • Quantum Vue allows control of individual addresses. Interface Rules • DMX interface supports 32 output DMX channels. Up to 16 DMX interfaces per QS link. – 1 Quantum zone = 1 channel for intensity (value of 1–100) OR 3 channels for RGB control (value of 1–100) OR 1 channel for integration

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