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Additional Protocol II: Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and Relating to the Protection of Victims of Non-international Armed Conflicts, June 8, 1977, 1125 U.N.T.S. 609. Additional Protocol III: Protocol Additional to …

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ABM Clinical Protocol #3: Supplementary Feedings in the ...


ABM Protocol ABM Clinical Protocol #3: Supplementary Feedings in the Healthy Term Breastfed Neonate, Revised 2017 Ann Kellams,1 Cadey Harrel,2 Stephanie Omage,3 Carrie Gregory,4,5 Casey Rosen-Carole,4,5 and the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine A central goal of The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine is the development of clinical protocols for managing

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Guidance for the format and content of the protocol of non ...


summary should be provided in the corresponding section of the protocol and reference should be made to Annex 1. Annexes can be added to provide documents referred to in the protocol. The text in green italics is intended to guide the reader on the principal points to be considered for writing that section of the protocol.


Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Switches Data Sheet


that includes advanced Layer 3 features such as Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), and IPv6 routing such as OSPFv3 and EIGRPv6. All software feature sets support advanced security, QoS, and management features.

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Introducing Network Design Concepts - Pearson


Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) page 11 Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol page 11 Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) page 11 full-mesh page 11 partial-mesh page 11 hot-swappable page 13 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) page 13 convergence time page 14 switch block page 17

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LIN Protocol and Physical Layer Requirements


LIN Protocol and Physical Layer Requirements Because the whole idea of LIN is to be a simple, cost-effective communication interface, a dedicated communication controller is not implemented. Rather a microcontroller is programmed with the LIN protocol, and used to drive the communication to the transceiver via the serial interface. This ...

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IHC staining protocol - Abcam


IHC staining protocol Paraffin, frozen and free-floating sections . 2 IHC staining protocol Contents ... Most antibodies will be used in IHC-P at a concentration of 0.5–10 μg/mL. The primary antibody should be raised in a species different from the tissue being stained. Eg if you had mouse tissue and your primary antibody was raised in a

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PRISMA 2009 Checklist


24b Indicate where the review protocol can be accessed, or state that a protocol was not prepared. 24c Describe and explain any amendments to information provided at registration or in the protocol. Support 25 Describe sources of financial or non-financial support for the review, and the role of the funders or sponsors in the review. Competing

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Jan 01, 1998 · A Protocol and an exchange of notes with an attached Memorandum of Understanding accompany the Convention and provide clarification with respect to the application of the Convention in specified cases. The Protocol, which is an integral part of the Convention, elaborates on the meaning of certain terms used in the Convention. The exchange of ...

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European Medicines Agency Policy Publication Clinical Data ...


summaries (generally submitted in module 2.7) and the clinical study reports (generally submitted in module 5, “CSR”), together with appendices to the CSRs no. 16.1.1 (protocol and protocol amendments), 16.1.2 (sample case report form) and 16.1.9 (documentation of …

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Grandstream Networks, Inc.


The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is a Layer 2 discovery protocol defined in the IEEE 802.1ab. ... Configuring LLDP via Configuration File For GXP21xx color, GXP17xx, GXP16xx, GXV32xx, DP750, GXW42xx, GVC32xx and GAC2500 series, administrator can edit following P …

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Data Communication and Computer Network - …


A network of networks is called an internetwork, or simply the internet. It is the largest network in existence on this planet. The internet hugely connects all WANs and it can have connection to LANs and Home networks. Internet uses TCP/IP protocol suite and uses IP as its addressing protocol. Present day, Internet is widely implemented using ...

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Chapter 18: Variable Frequency Drive Evaluation Protocol


RMS Root mean square RTF Regional Technical Forum TMY Typical Meteorological Year VAV Variable air volume VFD Variable frequency drive VSD Variable-speed drive ... This protocol is also not intended to address conditions where there is significant interaction with other end uses, such as heating or cooling. For example, VFDs on refrigeration ...

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Clinical Trial Protocol


Clinical Trial Protocol Doc. No.: c01765254-09 EudraCT No.: BI Trial No.: 2011-002766-21 1199.33 BI Investigational Product: BIBF 1120 (nintedanib) Title: An open-labelextension trial of the long term safety of oral BIBF1120


SOME/IP Service Discovery Protocol Specification


SOME/IP-SD depends on SOME/IP. SOME/IP itself supports both TCP and UDP communications but SOME/IP SD is constraint to use SOME/IP only over UDP (See [PRS_SOMEIPSD_00220]). 5 of 74 — AUTOSAR CONFIDENTIAL — Document ID 802: AUTOSAR_PRS_SOMEIPServiceDiscoveryProtocol

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Obtaining and Admitting Electronic Evidence - Justice


Nov 30, 2011 · TCP/UDP (Transmission Control Protocol / User Datagram Protocol) connection attempt is logged. The logs will show what services are being targeted, which IP addresses are being scanned, where (IP) the activity may be originating, etc. 2 Intruder attempts to exploit known vulnerability The logs will show the exploitation of a known vulnerability.

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Clinical Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of ...


and stroke are two to four times more likely for individuals with diabetes. With diabetes being a public ... evidence-based treatment protocol s and approaches using clinical practice data to drive improvement. ... outlines a sample workflow to assist providers in identifying patients for possible prediabetes (Figure 1). 9.

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Cisco Business 250 Series Smart Switches Data Sheet


The redesigned modern web user interfaces reduce the time required to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage the network. Configuration wizards simplify the most common configuration tasks and ... User Datagram Protocol (UDP) relay Relay of broadcast information across Layer 3 domains for application discovery or relaying of Bootstrap Protocol (BootP ...

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Seizure Protocol - Professional Nursing Services


P a g e | 1 Seizure Protocol Before a seizure occurs: 1. Saftey measures should be taken if there is an indication that the person is experiencing an aura before the onset of a seizure, (e.g., have the client lie down). 2.

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The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard - Centers for Disease ...


his study involved a national sample of 93 employers of variable size who agreed to pilot test the survey and provide feedback on the survey’s content and structure. In 2013, four additional modules were developed and tested using a similar protocol as the original validation study. For more information on how the tool

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Documentation of Mandated Discharge Summary …


Study Sample We identified all patients older than 18 years of age who were discharged from a single large ... To optimize abstraction reliability, a standardized protocol was used to train medical record ... 1.0) in length. Stroke patients had the longest [3.6 (1.2)] and cancer patients had the shortest [3.2 (0.5)] discharge summary lengths ...

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Frequentist and Bayesian analysis methods for case series ...


Apr 28, 2020 · the red flag when dealing with small sample sizes and/or weak. 2 signals. We apply the proposed framework to the processing of ... ing complications that can include embolic stroke, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial injury, heart at- ... protocol [4], developed for hospitalized patients by Marik’s

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Drug Therapy Protocols: Enoxaparin


The Digital Clinical Practice Manual is expressly intended for use by QAS paramedics when performing duties and delivering ambulance services for, and on behalf of, the QAS. The QAS disclaims, to the maximum extent permitted by law, all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation,

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ORDER OF PRECEDENCE - U.S. Department of Defense


Secretary of the Air Force Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (see note 5) ... the Office of the Chief of Protocol of the United States, which resides in the Department of ... Department of Defense last distributed its precedence list in 2010. In recent years, the

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Electronic Lodgement Protocol - Australian Securities and ...


where the Data Transmission or Electronic Document is required under the ELP to be Digitally Signed, and ASIC is satisfied that: a. in the case of a Data Transmission, the Digital Signature was created using the Private Key that corresponds to a Public Key in one of Your, or Your Agent's, X.509 Certificates or AUSkey; or b.

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Tracer® SC+ System Controller


• The Tracer BAS Operator Suite is a mobile app that allows you to monitor and manage buildings from virtually anywhere, giving you ... which makes them available for system use through the BACnet/IP communications protocol. Comm2 to BACnet/IP ... Modbus TCP Up to 240 devices Up to 240 devices**

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SAMPLE: Health Education Protocol - Essential Access Health


g. Habilitation or rehabilitation techniques to help the patient reach maximum independence. 4. Education provided is appropriate to the patient’s abilities. 5. Education is coordinated among the disciplines providing care, treatment, and services. 6. The content is presented in an understandable manner. 7.

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System Administrator Interview Questions And Answers


Most outgoing mail servers use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails. The outgoing mail server can belong to your ISP or to the server where you setup your email account. * Incoming Mail Server (POP3, IMAP, HTTP) The incoming mail server is the server associated with an email address account. There cannot be more than one ...

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders


Sep 26, 2018 · Using NADA Ear Acupuncture Protocol for Addiction Treatment By Libby Stuyt, MD. Over 145 CEs of free educational webinars are available. Education credits are FREE for NAADAC members. WEBINAR SERIES In each issue of Advances in Addiction & Recovery, NAADAC's magazine, one

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Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) / Stroke Clinical Pathway ...


Admit / refer Stroke Unit See local or national stroke management guidelines for further details Non-contrast CT Brain If CT: bleed, refer as appropriate If CT: Ischaemia / NAD, Risk Stratify the TIA (see over)?Thrombolysis Candidate Contact Stroke, Medical or ED consultant urgently re: acute imaging See Statewide or local Thrombolysis protocol for

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Lentivirus Protocol - Perelman School of Medicine


O (autoclaved and .22 filter sterilized) 20 μg of DNA per transfection -3 μg Rev, 5 μg gp, 1.5 μg VSV G make up 9.5 μg, the rest is transfer vector . 2M CaCl. 2 2xHBS . 50mM Chloroquine . 1)Check the confluency of the cells. 80-90%. 2)Prepare DNA for transfection, ALL REAGENTS AT ROOM TEMPERATURE

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Jan 01, 1998 · The Protocol, which states that it is an integral part of the Convention, elaborates on the meaning of certain terms used in the Convention. The exchange of notes provides further clarification and will constitute an agreement that will enter …

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Motivational Interviewing: Learning the Basics


Examples where MI has been integrated into treatment protocols include: Peer to peer support in African American churches (Resnicowet al, 2004) Manual for Alaska Native/Native American counselors (Grover, Tomlin & Walker, 2005) Treatment for depression among Latinos (Interian et.al, 2010) Please maintain this slide.

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Common types of clinical trial design, study objectives ...


Common types of clinical trial design, study objectives, randomisation and blinding, hypothesis testing, p-values and confidence intervals, sample size calculation David Brown . ... • Everything pre-specified in the protocol • Analysis pre-specified in the data analysis plan • Avoids problems of “multiplicity” and “post-hoc”

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CSC358 AW3 Solution


The IP protocol number for UDP is 0x11 hex, which is 17 in decimal value. 7. Examine a pair of UDP packets in which the first packet is sent by your host and the second packet is a reply to the first packet. Describe the relationship between the port numbers in the two packets.


CGNVM DOCSIS 3.0 eMTA WiFi Gateway User’s Guide


A mouse click in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is denoted by a right angle bracket ( > ). For example: means that you should click . Settings. in the GUI, then . Advanced settings. A key stroke is denoted by square brackets and uppercase text. For example: Select . UDP. to use the User Datagram Protocol. Click . Settings > Advanced Settings.

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Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 Series Switches Data Sheet


Industrial partner applications: Ethernet/IP and PROFINET Primary benefits and features Easy deployment: Zero-touch discovery using Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), auto sync to SD card, express setup, and fast boot-up time (60 seconds) to help in migrating to an Ethernet environment without resistance.

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EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG Datasheet - Ubiquiti


IP Protocol Type • Type of Service (ToS) or Differentiated Services (DSCP) Field • Source/Destination MAC Address • EtherType • IEEE 802.1p User Priority • VLAN ID • RFC 1858: Security Considerations for IP Fragment Filtering • Optional ACL Rule Attributes • Assign Flow to a Specific Class of Service (CoS) Queue

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Azure Active Directory, Identity and Access Management ...


the SCIM protocol for account provisioning. Azure AD also acts as the built-in identity and access management system for Microsoft’s SaaS products, including Office 365, Intune, and OneDrive. ... by device registration status, device management status, or device health status (for Windows 10). Azure Active Directory and devices

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CHCDIS008 Facilitate community participation and inclusion


supports they may need 20 1E Work with the person to identify barriers to participation and develop . strategies to overcome these 23 1F Identify and access appropriate resources according to organisation policy . and protocols 30 1G Provide information about available options 33 …


Patellar Tendon Repair Rehabilitation Guideline


Jan 17, 2018 · Proper performance of level 2-4 MPI hip protocol - Full arc knee extension 0-90 degrees Other Activities: -Aquatic program (if available) - including pool walking, and closed ... - Agility drills (4 square, quicksteps) - Proprioception training Other Activities: - Initiate jogging with normalized step down, hip strength and gait symmetry (16 weeks)

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Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN): 2022/23


2020/21 and 2021/22, removed the requirement for trusts to sign formal ... antibiotics for urinary tract infections. These steps require no complex changes or additional investment, and improve diagnosis and ... The NEWS2 protocol is the RCP and NHS-endorsed best practice for spotting the signs of deterioration, the importance of which has been

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Provisioning Guide How to Provision a Polycom Phone


This guide shows you how to provision a Polycom® phone with the minimum settings required to place and receive Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls over IP networks. This document assumes: • You have no prior familiarity with Polycom phones. If you are familiar with Polycom phones, see the Polycom® UC Software 4.0.1 Administrators’

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Model Standing Order and Immunization Protocol Template


regardless of immunocompetenc y status. 9. E. For healthy patients 12–64 years of age and especially for males ages 12– 39 years of age, an 8-week interval may be optimal to balance disease protection and vaccine risk. Adults ≥65 years of age, patients who are immunocompromised, and others who need rapid protection should continue to

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Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 8th edition ...


2.7 Socket Programming: Creating Network Applications 2.7.1 Socket Programming with UDP 2.7.2 Socket Programming with TCP 2.8 Summary Homework Problems and Questions ... 4.3 The Internet Protocol (IP): IPv4, Addressing, IPv6, and More 4.3.1 IPv4 Datagram Format 4.3.2 IPv4 Addressing 4.3.3 Network Address Translation (NAT) ...

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GHTF SG5 Clinical Performance Studies for IVD Medical Devices


Clinical Performance Study Protocol Document that states the rationale, objectives, design and proposed analysis, methodology, monitoring, conduct and record-keeping of the clinical performance study. IVD medical device Refer to GHTF/SG1/N71:2012 Definition of the Terms ‘Medical Device’ and ‘In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Device’.

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Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch Series Management and ...


• IEEE 802.1AB: Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP and LLDP-MED) • Trunk (LAG) support o LAGs: up to 16 LAGs with up to 8 active port members o IEEE 802.3ad: Link aggregation (LACP). Up to 16 candidate ports. o Static Trunks

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Protocol Provision of assistance to victims


The rights of victims to privacy, confidentiality and informed consent in respect of assistance shall be respected. Victims (or their parents/caregivers where appropriate) have the right to

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