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China Accounting Alert - EY

China Accounting Alert August 2016. This edition of China EY publications Accounting Alert introduces Applying IFRS: A closer look at the new leases standard some EY publications on IFRS, The IASB issued IFRS 16 Leases earlier this year, which requires lessees to and provides a summary of recognize assets and liabilities for most leases on their balance sheets. This could the recent developments in have implications for entities' finances and operations and may require new IFRS and news about financial processes and controls, or adjustments to existing ones, to identify and account reporting in Mainland China for leases. This edition of Applying IFRS discusses how IFRS 16 is applied and is intended to help companies consider the effects of adopting it. Preparers and users of financial statements are encouraged to read this edition of Applying IFRS. carefully and consider the potential effects of the new standard.

China Accounting Alert. This edition of . China Accounting Alert . introduces some EY publications on IFRS, and provides a summary of the recent developments in


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