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International GAAP Holdings Limited Model financial ...


Global IFRS and Corporate Reporting Leader Veronica Poole ifrsglobalofficeuk@deloitte.co.uk Key contacts IFRS Centres of Excellence Americas Argentina Fernando Lattuca arifrscoe@deloitte.com Canada Karen Higgins ifrsca@deloitte.ca Mexico Miguel Millan mx_ifrs_coe@deloittemx.com United States Robert Uhl iasplus-us@deloitte.com Asia‑Pacific …


Climate-related Disclosures Prototype - ifrs.org


IN1 [Draft] IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standard SX Climate-related Disclosures (IFRS SX) sets out the requirements for the identification, measurement and disclosure of climate-related financial information. IN2 The objective of [Draft] IFRS SX is to require entities to provide information about their

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Luxembourg GAAP compared to IFRS - assets.kpmg


the differences between Luxembourg GAAP and IFRS — especially for the benefit of investors. The purpose of this publication is to provide a brief overview of the key differences and similarities between the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) that apply to investment funds in Luxembourg and IFRS. It is based on the IFRSs in

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Guide to annual financial statements – Illustrative ...


applying IFRS for some time – i.e. it is not a first ‑time adopter of IFRS. For more information on adopting IFRS for the first time, see Chapter 6.1 in the 14th edition 2017/18 of our publication Insights into IFRS . Users and regulators have shown a growing interest in the possible impact of

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Illustrative disclosures for investment funds


Interest Rate Benchmark Reform – Phase 2 (Amendments to IFRS 9, IAS 39, IFRS 7, IFRS 4 and IFRS 16) (the Phase 2 amendments) issued in August 2020 (see ‘Standards covered’ below) are effective from 1 January 2021. The Fund early adopted the Phase 2 amendments in 2020. Except for the Phase 1 amendments, the Fund has no transactions that ...

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AP21B Primary Financial Statements - IFRS


The IASB is the independent standard-setting body of the IFRS Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation promoting the adoption of IFRSs. For more information visit www.ifrs.org Page 1 of 28 IASB Agenda ref 21B STAFF PAPER September 2017 IASB Meeting [March 2017] Project Primary Financial Statements

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Share-based payments – IFRS 2 handbook


IFRS 2 . Share-based Payment. The Board concluded that no further amendments to IFRS 2 are needed. It felt the . main issues that have arisen in practice have been addressed and there are no significant financial reporting problems to address through changing the standard. However, it did acknowledge that a key source of complexity is the variety

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Acquisition of Josemaria Resources Taking Lundin Mining to ...


The non-IFRS measures are intended to provide additional information and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with IFRS. These measures do not have any standardized meaning prescribed under IFRS, and therefore may not be comparable to other issuers.


for Small and Medium-sized Entities (SMEs) IFRS for SMEs


30 foreign currency translation 192 31 hyperinflation 198 32 events after the end of the reporting period 201 33 related party disclosures 204 34 specialised activities 208 35 transition to the ifrs for smes 213 appendix a: effective date and transition 219 appendix b: glossary of terms 220 derivation table 241 approval by the board of the ifrs for smes issued in july 2009 243

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Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities IFRS 12


(IFRS 12) is set out in paragraphs 1–31 and Appendices A–D. All the paragraphs have equal authority. Paragraphs in . bold type. state the main principles. Terms defined in Appendix A are in . italics. the first time they appear in the IFRS. Definitions of other terms are given in the Glossary for International Financial Reporting Standards.

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The implementation of IFRS 9 impairment requirements by ...


The implementation of IFRS 9 impairment requirements by banks. ... 17 June 2016 . 17 June 2016 2. 17 June 2016 3 1 Key areas of focus for those charged with ... As banks, regulators and auditors gain more experience with IFRS 9, new challenges and new insights may emerge. We expect that practices

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Disclosure Requirements in IFRS Standards—A Pilot


when developing and drafting disclosure requirements in IFRS Standards in future (proposed Guidance). The Board has applied the proposed Guidance to develop proposed amendments to the disclosure sections of IFRS 13. Fair Value Measurement. and IAS 19. Employee Benefits. The Board is publishing this Exposure Draft to obtain feedback on both

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First Impressions: IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts (2020 edition)


1 IFRS 17 at a glance 2 1.1 Key facts 2 1.2 Key impacts 4 2 Overview 5 3 When to apply IFRS 17 6 3.1 Scope 6 3.2 Separating components from an insurance contract 20 4 Initial recognition 27 4.1 When to recognise a group of contracts 27 4.2 Insurance acquisition cash flows 28 5 The general measurement model – Overview 30

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ASPE - IFRS: A Comparison - BDO Canada


ASPE - IFRS: A Comparison | Financial Statement Presentation 5 Changes in liabilities arising from financing activities must be disclosed separately from changes in other assets and liabilities Conclusion In general, the principles relating to accounting for subsidiaries and consolidation under ASPE and IFRS have a lot of similarities.

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Exposure Draft: Supplier Finance Arrangements - ifrs.org


Proposals in this Exposure Draft. The proposals in this Exposure Draft are intended to complement the requirements in IFRS Standards that apply to reverse factoring and similar arrangements (as explained in the Agenda Decision). The proposed amendments to IAS 7. Statement of Cash Flows. and IFRS 7. Financial Instruments: Disclosures

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Accounting implications of the war in the Ukraine


prepared in accordance with IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER and Swiss CO. In the following sections, some of the key accounting questions are answered with reference to IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER (FER) and Swiss CO (CO). The impact on financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2021 will depend on entity-specific facts

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Share-based payments – IFRS 2 handbook - assets.kpmg


standard was in July 2000 when the G4+1, which included the predecessor of the Board, the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC), issued a discussion paper on the topic. The debates resulted in mandatory requirements for share-based payment transactions – i.e. IFRS 2 – being issued in 2004.

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Training Calendar


practices and experience” ... tax implications of international financial reporting standards (ifrs) 11th – 14th jan, 2022 12th – 15th july, 2022 n190,000 5 applying ifrs techniques for organizational growth and ... best practice in financial accounting, reporting and

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Swiss GAAP FER vs. IFRS - Deloitte


Swiss GAAP FER vs. IFRS | Modular structure of Swiss GAAP FER 5 Modular structure of Swiss GAAP FER Swiss GAAP FER is structured in a modular way. It is based on a framework of principles that apply to all organisations, but its recommendations vary with the size of the organisation and its business activities. Companies with less than CHF

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Earnings per Share IAS 33 - ifrs.org


liability and equity instrument, and provides guidance on applying those definitions. IFRS 13 . Fair Value Measurement. defines fair value and sets out requirements for applying that definition. Measurement Basic earnings per share. An entity shall calculate basic earnings per share amounts for profit or loss

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Due Process Handbook - IFRS


IFRS FOUNDATION DUE PROCESS HANDBOOK. 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 2. OVERSIGHT 2.1 Mission 2.1 Areas of responsibility 2.8 Process 2.9 Communication 2.15 3. PRINCIPLES 3.1 Transparency 3.2 Full and fair consultation 3.42 Accountability 3.76 4. TECHNICAL WORK PLAN 4.1 Five-yearly consultation on the Board's work plan 4.3 Research programme 4.8

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point in the free cash flow valuation Mark s Using the forecast cash flows, the following value can be calculated: FY2021 R’000 FY2022 R’000 FY2023 R’000 FY2024 R’000 FY2025 R’000 EBIT 10 340 11 513 12 795 1 Add back IFRS 16 depreciation 1 400 1 400 1 400 1 Deduct market-related rental adjusted for

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Accounting Advisory Insights into IFRS 16


Consolidated statement of cash flows For the year ended 31 December (expressed in thousands of currency units, except per share amounts) IAS 1.51(c) IAS 1.51(d-e) Notes 2019 2018 IAS 7.10 Operating activities Profit before tax X X Non-cash adjustments X X Net changes in working capital X X Net cash from operating activities X X IAS 7.10 ...

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Illustrative Annual Accounts - Deloitte


and annual accounts of undertakings, and the Law of 10 December 2010 relating to the introductio n of IFRS. Luxembourg has also implemented EU Directives such as the Fair Value Directive, the Modernisation Directive or the Transparency Directive. The amendments sometimes raised questions on the interpretation and application of some new concepts.

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Financial and Operating Results Supplementary Financial ...


Non-IFRS Financial Measures 1 Asia 18 Local Markets 19 ... Constant currency measures are calculated using the average currency and period end rates, as appropriate, in effect in the comparable period. ... which include the unwinding of the discount for Other financial liabilities of $15 million post-tax, $17 million post-tax, $13 million post ...

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Revenue for Telecoms - KPMG


1.4 Portfolio approach 17 2 Step 1: Identify the contract with a customer 19 2.1 Criteria to determine whether a contract exists 19 ... yet to begin your implementation of the new requirements, we urge you to start ... IFRS entities January 1, 2018 (with early adoption permitted for any annual period)

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20. IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards 21. Ind AS Indian Accounting Standards as notified under the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 22. IRDA The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority established under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India Act, 1999 23. Limited Liability Partnership

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framework compliant with European Community Directives considering the IAS/IFRS adopted under European Union Regulations. In recognition of the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Spain, the law also empowered the government to supplement the General with text adapted to Accounting Planthe disclosure requirements of SMEs.

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บทความ เรื่อง แนวทางการวัดมูลค่ายุติธรรม …


Reporting Standard 13: Fair Value Measurement - IFRS 13) เพื่อลดความซับซอน มีการเป Wดเผยข aอมูล การวัดมูลคายุติธรรมที่มีความโปรงใส และมีความสอดคลองกันระหวาง ...

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A Roadmap to Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures ...


Comparing IFRS Standards and U.S. GAAP ... 3.2.8 Step 7 — Classify the Fair Value Measurement Under the Fair Value Hierarchy and Prepare Disclosures 61 Chapter 4 — Unit of Account 62 4.1 Introduction 62 4.2 Unit of Account Prescribed by ASC 820 64

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IFRS 9 - Expected credit losses - PwC


Nov 2013 IFRS 9 on Hedge Accounting Jan 2018 IFRS 9 E ffective Date Nov 2012 ED on C&M Limited Amendments to IFRS 9 Oct 2010 C&M of Financial Liabilities and Derecognition July 2014 IFRS 9 Final Standard March 2013 ED Financial Instruments: Expected Credit Losses Nov 2009 ED on Impairment Jan 2011 Supplementary Document on Impairment

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IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements - PKF


IFRS 10 Consolidated Financial Statements 2 IFRS 10 - effective date IFRS 10 shall be applied for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2013. An entity shall apply those amendments made to IFRS 10 with regards to Investment Entities for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2014. Early application is permitted.

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IFRS 16 Valuation Impact What you need to know now


IFRS 16 Valuation Impact | What you need to know now Introduction The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued IFRS 16: Leases in 2016. The standard is effective for financial periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019. IFRS 16 replaces the previous leases standard, IAS 17: Leases, and sets out the

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IFRS 8 – 2021 Issued IFRS Standards (Part A)


IFRS 8 should be read in the context of its core principle and the Basis for Conclusions, the . Preface to IFRS Standards. and the . Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting. IAS 8 . Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors. provides a basis for selecting and applying accounting policies in the absence of explicit ...

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IFRS/US GAAP/Luxembourg GAAP: A comparison for


IFRS 9, IAS 39 and IFRS 7), applicable from 1 January 2020 (early adoption permitted), which amend s some of the existing IFRS requirements for hedge ... levels of the fair value hierarchy;and •Changes in unrealized gains and losses …

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IFRS 16 Discount Rates - Deloitte


A guide to the incremental borrowing rate | Assessing the impact of IFRS 16 “Leases” Background IFRS 16 was issued in January 2016 and it is required to be adopted for periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019, with early adoption

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Company Financial Reporting Standard State owned companies Full IFRS, but in the case of any conflict with any requirements in terms of the Public Finance Management Act, or other applicable national legislation, the latter prevails Public companies listed on an exchange Full IFRS, but in the case of any conflict with the

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IFRS 16 – 2021 Issued IFRS Standards (Part A)


(IFRS 16) is set out in paragraphs 1–106 and Appendices A–D. All the paragraphs have equal authority. Paragraphs in . bold type. state the main principles. Terms defined in Appendix A are in . italics. the first time that they appear in the Standard. Definitions of other terms are given in the Glossary for International Financial Reporting ...


IFRS 9 and expected loss provisioning - Executive Summary


In July 2014, the IASB issued International Financial Reporting Standard 9 – Financial Instruments (IFRS 9), which introduced an “expected credit loss” (ECL) framework for the ... current conditions and forecast information, and to update the amount of ECLs recognised at each ... In October 2016, the BCBS released for public comment a ...

  2016, Update, Ifrs, July

IFRS compared to Ducht GAAP :An overview - assets.kpmg


2.6 Basis of accounting 17 2.7 Fair value measurement 18 2.8 Consolidation 20 2.9 Business combination 23 2.10 Foreign exchange translation 26 ... 6.0 IFRS 9 - Introduction 74 6.1 Financial Instrument - Scope and definitions 74 6.2 Derivatives and embedded derivatives 75

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IFRS 16 Leases - GOV.UK


IFRS 16 also contains disclosure requirements for lessees. Lessees will need to apply judgement in deciding upon the information to disclose in order to meet the objective of providing a basis for users of financial statements to assess the effect that leases have on the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of the lessee.

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IFRS 12 Disclosure of Interest in Other Entities - PKF


Teak Limited Retail of widgets England 60% Non-wholly owned Willow Limited Manufacture of widgets Australia 100% Wholly owned Details of non-wholly owned subsidiaries that have a material non-controlling interest are disclosed in note 20.2. 20.2 Details of non-wholly owned subsidiaries that have material non-controlling interests

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IFRS 9 Expected Credit Loss and COVID-19 - KPMG


and central banks around the world have stepped up their efforts to mitigate the economic fallout, COVID-19 is expected to have a very considerable impact on the economy; global supply chains are being interrupted, falling consumer spending causes businesses to lose revenue (the resulting layoffs will reinforce and worsen the drop in

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IFRS 16 Contrats de location


(b) à des contrats de location dont le bien sous-jacent est de faible valeur (selon les explications des paragraphes B3 à B8). 6 Le preneur qui choisit de ne pas appliquer les dispositions des paragraphes 22 à 49 à des contrats de location à court terme ou à des contrats de location dont le bien sous-jacent est de faible valeur doit

  Locations, Ifrs, Contrat, Ifrs 16 contrats de location

Why and How to Use Sources Sought Notices and RFIs as a ...


Why some opportunities disappear after being listed as a SSN or RFI How to respond to a SSN or an RFI The down-select result Common mistakes made, and what to avoid in responses How to position a firm before and after responding How to flip it to a sole source award Follow up steps after responding

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