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From Agriculture to AgTech An industry transformed …


33% of value chain losses, an unfeasible 50%1 yield increase would be neces - sary, while increasing sup - ply chain efficiency by on-ly 5% points has the same effect as a 10% yield im-Consumption-level losses provement. Distribution losses Processing and packaging losses Post-harvest losses Harvest losses Supply chain efficiency Yield efficiency

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Legal Notice No. 34 National Govt Regu


153—Annual statement of losses. 154—Clarification on classification of losses. 155—Claims on damaged or incomplete goods. 156—Investigation of losses. 157 —Writing off of losses. 158—Interest payable on recoverable losses. 159—Right of the Auditor-General. PART XIII—INTERNAL AUDIT AND AUDIT COMMITTEES 160—Mandate of internal ...

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MOSFET Power Losses Calculation Using the Data- Sheet ...


MOSFET Converter Losses 6 2.2 Switching Losses The circuit for the examination of the MOSFET switching losses is presented in fig. 5. It is a single-quadrant chopper supplying an inductive type load. The MOSFET is driven from the driver circuit, providing a voltage U Dr at its output. The MOSFET internal diode is used as a free-wheeling diode ...

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hydraulic grade line and minor losses such as manhole losses, bends in pipes, expansion and contraction losses, etc. Adjust inlet sizes/locations and pipe sizes/location to correct hydraulic grade line problems. Pressure flow design must assure the hydraulic grade line is 0.5 feet or

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Global food losses and food waste - Food and Agriculture ...


power and prices of food) than a supply problem. Improving the efficiency of the food supply chain could help to bring down the cost of food to the consumer and thus increase access. Given the magnitude of food losses, making profitable investments in reducing losses could be one way of reducing the cost of food.

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Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid Batches


along with the power number from the appropriate correlation, the first step is an adjustment for friction losses. These losses are from the loss of usable energy in the form of work though the motor, shaft gearing, and bearings. P Motor = P Delivered / ( 100 – %Losses ) (16)

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USB Power Delivery and Type-C - STMicroelectronics


• Lower on -state conduction losses • Best switching losses • High efficiency with lower design complexity • Ultra small Form factor Flyback Architecture. STL8N80. 800V, 950mOhm, 13nC PowerFLAT5x6. Outstanding Form Factor. Product range example. Power MOSFET PFC & LLC Architecture PFC . V DSS. R

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Estimates of Emissions from Coal Fired Thermal Power ...


data. Large difference between electric power generation and consumption are due to transmission and distribution losses. In India, the losses are extremely high and vary between 30 to 45%. To ensure ‘Power on Demand’,India has envisioned an additional generating capacity of

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U.S. Property & Casualty Insurance Industry


Jul 01, 2019 · After record catastrophe losses in 2017 and above average catastrophe losses in 2018, the market is beginning to show signs of a correction in most lines. eginning in late 2017 and continuing through 2018, the market began to tighten in terms of pricing. According to the most recent market report from The ouncil of Insurance Agents

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Head Loss Calculations - Memphis


Friction Losses ! Generalizing to any shape pipe we substitute the hydraulic diameter for the pipe diameter 23 Pipe Flow − 4τ w D h = dp dz Friction Losses ! At this point, we can introduce another dimensionless ratio, the friction factor, f 24 Pipe Flow − 4τ w D h = dp dz

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Hydraulic Considerations in Pumping System Design


n •Energy dissipated due to friction and turbulence during pump operation •Major Losses (Friction Losses) • Due to friction between pumped water and inner surface of piping • H f = 3.02 L D-1.167 (V/C h)1.85 (Hazen-Williams Formula) where: • L is length of pipe (feet) • D is diameter of pipe (square feet) • V is mean velocity (fps) • C h is Hazen-Williams friction coefficient ...

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Power MOSFET Basics: Understanding MOSFET Characteristics ...


With a large variety of topologies, switching speeds, load currents, and output voltages available, it has become impossible to identify a generic MOSFET that offers the best performance across the wide range of circuit conditions. In some circumstances the on-resistance (rDS(on)) losses dominate, and in others it is the switching losses of the

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2021 Excess Business Loss and Net Operating Loss (NOL)


A net operating loss (NOL) generally means the amount by which your business deductions exceed gross income. An individual, estate, or trust may have an NOL if deduc-tions for the year exceed income. NOLs are caused by loss - es from the following: Trade or businesses (Schedules C and F losses, or Sched - ule K-1 losses from partnerships or S ...

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Both quantitative and qualitative losses occur at all stages in the post-harvest handling system of the distribution chain of perishables (from harvesting, through handling, packing, storage and transportation to final delivery of the fresh produce to the consumer). Factors affecting post-harvest losses vary widely from

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740-NP - Kentucky


• Casualty or theft losses (IRC Sec 165) • Medical care expenses (IRC Sec 213) • Moving expenses (IRC Sec 217) • Gambling losses (IRC Sec 165) (For tax year 2018 only) • Other miscellaneous deductions subject to the 2% floor (IRC Sec 67) The following items can still be claimed as deductions. • Home mortgage interest and points

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Power Factor Testing Nov2005 - Doble Engineering Company


POWER FACTOR TESTING Insulation power factor tests are used to measure dielectric losses, which relate the wetness, dryness or deterioration of transformer insulation. Both factory and field testing are performed to verify the insulation integrity of substation transformers. Power factor testing a two-winding transformer is conducted by

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National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan ...


20. Damages, losses and needs assessed OCD 21. Economic activities restored, and if possible strengthened or expanded Agency to be determined based on the affected sectors 22. Houses rebuilt or repaired to be more resilient to hazard events; safer sites for housing National Housing Authority (NHA) 23.


Spring Barley Growing Guide 2020 - Strutt & Parker


losses that are likely to occur and to limit potential damage to the rotation carrying on into harvest 2021. As such, it will be important to keep focussed and grow the best performing crops, to take full advantage of any market price increases that may occur in the volatile months ahead. Spring barley market outlook 2020

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Chapter 6 Livestock Nutrition, Chapter 6 - USDA


and diet, fecal losses can be from 10 percent in milk fed animals to 60 percent for animals on poor quality diets. Figure 6–2 Energy functions Table 6–1 Gross energy values of feeds Feeds GE, KCAL/G Corn grain 4.4 Wheat bran 4.5 Grass hay 4.5 Oat straw 4.5 Linseed oil meal 5.1 Soybean oil meal 5.5 Gross energy Heat increment Total heat ...

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Lesson 15: Induction Motor Testing: Lock-Rotor and No-load ...


Use no-load power to find rotational losses. 3/24/2021 5 Lesson 15_et332b.pptx 9 Example 15-1: Following data is taken from no -load, locked rotor, and DC tests of a 3-phase, wye connected 40 HP, 60 Hz, 460 V, induction motor with a rated current of 57.8 A. The locked -rotor

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Power Electronics Introduction - UNLV


losses at high frequency. • Fewer copper winding turns are needed to produce the same flux density. – An increase in frequency permits a large increase in power capacity. – For the same power capacity, a high frequency transformer is much smaller, cheaper, more efficient and lighter than a 60 Hz transformer. Example:

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2021 Cyber Insurance Market Update - gallagher


own potential losses from the retrocession insurance market. These new cyber insurance structures will be in focus in 2021 as fears of aggregation risk, which is of particular concern and illustrated in cyber catastrophe scenario models, begin to mount. In addition, we have seen one major cyber insurance carrier impose sublimits

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Pressure drop in pipes


Pressure drop in fittings.... Head Loss in Fittings is frequently expressed as the equivalent length of pipe that is added to the straight run of pipe as shown below. This approach is used most often with the Hazen-Williams or Manning’s equations. The approach does not consider turbulence and subsequent losses created by different velocities.

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Request for Motor Vehicle Administration Records


r Certified copy of Maryland title for export of vehicle. r Registration ... Shall further indemnify the Motor Vehicle Administration for and against any and all losses, damages, judgments, liabilities, or similar costs and expenses which arise in whole or part out of acts or omissions by the client with respect to laws restricting access to ...

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Account from time to time, and to deal with other incidental and ancillary acts, things and deeds. CERTIFIED TRUE COPY I hereby certified that the above resolution was duly passed by the Board of Directors of ... Any losses to third parties, or Broker caused due to misrepresentation, wrong commitment, negligence, fraud or wilful misconduct by ...

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Lecture 11: PEST - DEFINITION, CATEGORIES, CAUSES FOR OUTBREAK, LOSSES CAUSED BY PESTS PEST - Derived from French word ‘Peste’ and Latin term ‘Pestis’ meaning plague or contagious disease - Pest is any animal which is noxious, destructive or troublesome to man or his interests

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You may be required to incur losses according to the terms . of the loan. Furthermore, if you rely on the return generated by the securities you have purchased to cover the payments on the loan you may become unable to repay the loan. Once you have taken out a loan: Notify your representative if your financial position changes. For example ...

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In general, the design of precast prestressed concrete girders includ following: establish bridge geometry, select girder section and materials, calculate loads load effects, determine prestressing force and losses, perform flexural design , shear design, check anchorage zone, and estimate camber and deflection .

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Geologic Hazards: Risks and Mitigation - Utah


erage for generally excluded losses by adding them to an existing policy by endorsement or by the purchase of a separate policy. A difference in conditions policy provides coverage for some otherwise excluded perils and is also known as a catastrophe policy. Multiple types of commercial property policies are available; however, earth movements ...

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Basel Committee on Banking Supervision - Bank for …


Physical risks Economic costs and financial losses resulting from the increasing severity and frequency of: • extreme climate change-related weather events (or extreme weather events) such as heatwaves, landslides, floods, wildfires and storms (ie acute physical risks);

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Catastrophe Modeling Industry acceptance soars New models emerge Models come under extreme scrutiny Katrina Northridge Andrew Iniki Hugo Iwa WTC Ike Losses in billions, adjusted to 2013, source: PCS Joplin Sandy

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IET Wiring regulations BS 7671 18th edition - ABB


data losses, intermittent outages and shorter . equipment lifetimes (see Figure 01). Where continuous operation of electronic systems . is critical, for example in hospitals, banking and most public services, degradation must be avoided by ensuring these transient overvoltages, which occur between L-N, are limited below

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Productivity Losses and How they are Calculated


presenteeism. If someone dies before their retirement age, this is known as loss due to premature mortality. Traditionally, lost productivity has focused on paid work. However, there is increasing recognition that people’s unpaid productivity, through roles such as caring for children or relatives, household tasks, and volunteering,

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Lecture Notes - Centurion University


LECTURE NO. 1 PEST - DEFINITION, CATEGORIES, CAUSES FOR OUTBREAK, LOSSES CAUSED BY PESTS . PEST - Any organism that cause significant and economic damage to crops, stored produced and animals”. - A pest is any organism which occurs in large numbers and conflict with man’s welfare, convenience and profit

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HMRC Company Losses Toolkit - GOV.UK


result in non-allowable expenditure being incorrectly claimed or calculated. Conversely ... with generally accepted accounting practice form the starting point for the computation of ... For example adjustments are normally required for expenditure that is capital or not incurred wholly and exclusively for business purposes.

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Edison International Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2021 …


5 SCE estimates its wildfire mitigation and PSPS have reduced probability of losses from catastrophic wildfires by ~65-70%1,2 1. Baseline risk estimated by RMS using its wildfire model, the location of SCE’s assets, and SCE reported ignitions from 2014-2020.

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Power Inductors 101 - Farnell


converter with 2.9 a ripple at 300 khz and 1 mhz switching frequencies vishay ihlp material dcr (m ) rated current (a) 20 % saturation current (a) total losses (mw) buck converter max. temp. (°c) 300 khz 2.9 a ripple 3.3 μh-01/-a1 28 6.0 13.5 2.10 125-11/-1a 25 7.0 6.5 2.00 125-51/-5a 26 8.3 6.8 2.30 155 1 mhz 2.9 a ripple 1.0 μh-01/-a1 9 11 ...

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Power Transformer Factory Test using IEEE Standards


Control (auxiliary) losses X Others Single phase excitation test X Future reference List of tests . 9/24/2013 4 7 Routine Design Others Remark No load loss and excitation current X X Performance ... Switching impulse X Dielectric test Applied voltage test X Dielectric test Induced voltage with or without partial discharge measurement X Dielectric

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A Tutorial Introduction to Switching Converters


The conversion mechanism generates losses and heat which must be evacuated Electrical source Dc-dc conversion Power amplifier Noise source ... The switching approach uses a power switch either open or closed The linearapproach: oefficiency is poor ogood noise performance oacceptable when ...

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Larger losses and 17 adaptation costs are observed for sectors with high climate exposures, including tourism, fisheries, and 18 agriculture (high confidence) and outdoor labor (medium confidence). Disaster planning and spending, 19 insurance, markets, and individual and household level adaptation have acted to moderate effects to

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Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program-Plus (WHIP+) …


wildfires, and related conditions. The Further Consolidation Appropriations Act signed December 20, 2019, added drought ... and is set to reflect the decreased costs incurred by producers when the crop is not harvested or is ... 2018 crop year losses will be paid at 100% of the calculated payment For the 2019 and 2020 crop

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ASU 2016-14 Illustrative Financial Statement Example


placed with high credit quality financial institutions. Big National Charity, Inc. has not experienced, nor does it anticipate, any losses with respect to such accounts. Contributions receivable – Unconditional promises to give that are expected to be collected within one year are recorded at net realizable value.

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Electro-hydraulic Valves - A Technical Look


We have been producing electro-hydraulic servo valves since 1951. Since then, our experts have had countless discus- ... • Low internal leakage losses • Low energy consumption in center position • Dynamics mostly independent from supply pressure • Higher forces than proportional solenoids, thus higher

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will remain consistent through the pipe lifetime and long radius bends reduce frictional losses. In all other cases the probable flow rates and pipe sizes required should be calculated using a recognized method such as that in BS 8558: 2015. The Plumbing Engineering Services Design Guide published by The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and

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Hydraulics Trouble Shooting Guide - Advanced Fluid Systems


losses 1. cooling performance of the assembly (or installation) insufficient in relation to the installed power or the operating time. 2. pressureless circulation not provided (or does not switch on) during long working breaks (with pump still running) 3. insufficient hydraulic fluid in the installation 4. coolant valve fails to switch

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HY-8 User Manual (v7.5) - Aquaveo


4. The Utah State University exit loss equation was added as an option when computing outlet losses 5. Modeling of plastic pipes 6. Research was conducted relating to sequent depth computations for hydraulic jump computations 7. Several improvements and fixes were made to the HY-8 report generation tools. 8.

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Eddy Current Losses in Transformer Windings and Circuit


4. Circuit inductance: Inductance is a meas-ure of an electrical circuit's ability to store magnetic energy. Equating the energy stored in the field from (3) with the same energy in circuit terms: W = \Lf = \ILO N2fA/e L = ILO N2A/e (4) Skin Effect Figure 1 shows the magnetic field (flux lines)

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